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URAllowance ICO details

Start Date: 2018-6-30

End date: 2018-9-30

    • Category: Education, Platform
    • Token: URA
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 URA = 0.0000740740740 ETH
    • Bonus: Pre-ICO 30%
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 100,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 30,000 ETH

URAllowance – Join the evolution of family.

In this day and age, with all the technology that we used to stay connected with one another, it is hard to believe the rift between parents and children is drifting farther and farther apart. This familial friction is showing its effects on the way we raise our kids, especially when it comes to the topic of being financially responsible. We, the parents, are often times irresponsible. We make bad decisions too. If we were not taught the importance of responsibility and managing our finances and planning ahead, how then, are we to pass it on to our offspring? By learning with them.

Children nowadays are fine with doing the bare minimum expected of them. This is the habitual behavior that will get them stuck in a low paying job, never improving themselves. We firmly believe with the right guidance, your kids will be the next successful entrepreneurs.

Luckily for our generation, we have been given an amazing set of tools to learn with and to teach with. Blockchain technology has opened new doors for every industry in the world. It makes perfect sense to incorporate it into our daily lives and the lives of our future teachers. Our children.

This can be achieved with the URAllowance platform’s Family-Smart Contracts (FSC).

FSCs can solidify the unity of UR-Family (your family)  while simultaneously embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. OUR future and the future for UR-kids (your kids) will be entangled with them.


The Problem

Problem A.  Families Growing Apart

Families are growing apart. Plain and simple. It seems that family dinners at the table and involvement in day to day activities, even family game night are becoming things of the past. Studies show this behavior is increasing. The results are in the chart below.

Problem B.  Entitlement

All too often, kids want to be given everything and don’t want to work for anything. They will kick, scream, cry and throw temper tantrums. These are just a few examples. The methods a kid will resort to, to avoid washing dishes or to play before homework, are astounding. Basically, they will do whatever it takes to have what they want. Just because they behave like monsters, doesn’t make them such. They are just new to this world and don’t know much except for what they want and what will make them happy at that moment. Most parents have given in to these antics, thrown our arms up in defeat. Enabling this action is a temporary solution but causes major problems in time.Time spent with family

Problem C.  The Counter-Intuitive Parent

Parents, by nature, don’t want to see their kids in pain. So when a child puts that quivering lower lip out and the eyes well up with tears, it becomes quite the challenge not to give in to the thing that will make them happy at that moment.

This reaction from parents seems natural but it is counter-intuitive to our jobs of seeing our children through to adulthood. It is not just our job to get them there, but also to make sure they are equipped with the skills to survive. As hard as it is to admit, most of us could do better. Most of us could use some help.

Problem D.  Are Our Devices to Blame?

We definitely are spending more time on our devices. The time we spend checking our notifications and social media is increasing at an exponential rate. We can see the problem with this but this is also a part of our lives that is not going away. Families should not have to compete with each other’s devices for attention.

Instead of waging war on a family member’s smartphone, let’s explore a more collaborative approach. Survey data displayed as an infographic below.

Could we benefit from an app for

Problem E.  Insufficient Educational Tools and Interest

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. We know this and we are sure you do as well. Insufficient focus on youth involvement in cryptocurrency is surprising.  Kids have so many distractions and their attention spans are shrinking down while their expectations for results are increasing.

This isn’t surprising due to the fact that most kids have a nearly unlimited supply of 2 – 30 minute videos on practically every topic right in the palm of their hands. Grabbing their attention long enough to teach them about cryptocurrency, a topic that most adults are still just figuring out, can be somewhat challenging.

How much do parents pay out in allowance

Parents are glued to their devices tooThe URAllowance Solution

The URAllowance Platform (Web/Mobile App)

We are developing our basic platform. The URAllowance platform (currently under development) it will be the tool that helps parents/teachers/guardians teach kids financial responsibility and give them that sense of pride missing in today’s youth. The URAllowance platform has a two sided user interface (parents and kids) with access to Family-Smart Contracts that are powered by the URA deposited by parents. URAPP will offer our proprietary URSuite of tools for parents to interact with while customizing the perfect financial plan tailored to their needs. Then parents can set tasks and goals for their kids. When these tasks are completed or the goals are met, the Family-Smart Contract releases the funds to the kid’s wallet. The kids then have many options for spending or saving or increasing their earned money.




Chris Butler

CEO/Visionary and Co-Founder

Larron Armstead


Lori Brown

Media and Press

David Drake

Chairman of the Board

Akmal Shubhi

Community Manager

Pavan Bhat

Bitcoin Talk/Bounty Manager

URAllowance Advisors

Ashton Addison

ICO Expert Advisor

Michel Louie

ICO/Blockchain Expert Advisor

Dmitry Machikhin



Q4 2017
Think tank begins. Research and timeline creation.
Q1 2018
Form the company URAllowance and obtain LLC status. Recruit advisors. Publish our pre-Ann thread at the forum. Form the core team members.
Q1 2018
Design website. Structure the URA token. Design alpha UX/UI. Introduce the idea to local schools. Airdrop to the community to raise awareness and build hype. Gather feedback from the communities. Launch bounty campaign. Begin ICO calendar site listings.
Q1 2018
Deliver Alpha UX/UI design to developers. Create Smart Contract. Continue community engagement and increase marketing efforts with interviews and live AMAs with URA Team members and CryptoKid across media outlets. Press releases on major developments. Retain legal counsel.
Q2 2018
Release the prototype of URAllowance platform relatively in line with the beginning of the ICO. Begin the research and development of URWorld in which all the features of the alpha platform will be available in a 3D virtual, social, customizable world.
Q2. 2018
Analyze the Marketing data and adjust the ICO marketing campaign accordingly. Analyze the data and user suggestions from the prototype of URAllowance platform and prepare for the MVP release at the end of the ICO.
Q3. 2018
This is where the excitement begins. Release the URWorld Prototype. Gather reports and suggestions from the community. URWorld MVP release in Q4 2018. Restructure marketing campaign from token sale marketing to product marketing for maximum exposure and adoption. Choose 4-5 popular, influential YouTubers to use URAllowance. Analyze the token data, transaction costs, and usage data to determine if there will be scalability issues with continued usage of the Ethereum Blockchain. If scalability and increased transaction fees pose a threat to the URAllowance ecosystem then we will begin research and development of the URA Blockchain. Integrate with LIX for cross-platform P2P digital assets sales and creation. Explore further synergies between Lix and URA.
Q3 2018
Begin development of URWorld: Mixed Reality Edition in which all the features of the URAllowance Platform and the URWorld 3D virtual experience will be accessible in Mixed Reality. We will begin hiring more developers that specialize in VR/AR/MR. There will be high demand for educational software in the Mixed Reality environment. Q4 - Begin the Microsoft Hololens Integration.
Q3-4 2018
Answer Microsoft's call to action for educational Hololens software. Mixed reality software will be in the highest demand by Q4 2018. We aim to answer Microsoft's CTA before that time. After we present our fully tested, functional software, Microsoft will immediately begin to promote the URWorld: Mixed Reality Edition which will alleviate some of the marketing costs.
Q4 2018
Forever. Continue to improve all three versions of the URAllowance experience. Relocate the URAllowance HQ and expand the support staff. Begin the URA holders think tank for deciding which new frontier to journey to. The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations. We welcome everyone along for the ride.

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