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    • Category: Education, Electronics, Platform, Software
    • Token: KEP
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 KEP = 1.25 USD
    • Bonus: Pre-Sale Bonus - 30% ICO Bonus - 15-5%
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 62,500,000 USD

Kepler Technologies – AI & Robotics Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain

KEP token is the ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method to invest transparently through the Ethereum blockchain and to access the ecosystem of services provided by the Kepler platform. The adoption of cryptocurrencies will impact the way we do classical and p2p investments in high-tech, Robotics and AI. KEP is poised to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

KEPLER is a platform that provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, connecting exciting Robotics and AI startups with investors while allowing full transparency and traceability of investments. KEPLER’s services include an internal exchange to convert major crypto – and fiat currencies into KEP, a built-in wallet to store and invest easily, an explorer to track investments transparently, tools to connect startups with all the actors involved in the investment sector and templates of smart contracts to run fundraising campaigns.

Token Distribution

The KEPLER platform aims to create a global marketplace platform for investing in robotics and high-tech through a transparent and decentralized portal controlled and managed by investors. Kepler will utilize analytics, data science, and predictive algorithms to provide investors with unique investment opportunities via tokenized assets. The network will ensure liquidity of these tokens by backing them with tangible assets such as lands, construction sites, high-tech lab equipment, products and technical know-how.

The KEPLER platform and KEP tokens are conceived and developed in partnership with MIT’s Global Partners: Tech Park Georgia and GITA (Georgian Innovations and Technology Agency), government backed organizations that would act as intermediary business incubators for the successful startups developed using KEPLER platform. Since its inception, the GITA team has worked with 149+ startups and has proven competency in the ability to forge high-level partnerships between startups, angel investors and venture capital funds.

In partnership with Tech Park Georgia, KEPLER team negotiated the extension of Tech Park Georgia’s facility and creation of KEPLER Lab, incorporating more advanced machinery and infrastructure needed to create advanced prototypes in robotics. Currently over 10 Kepler Platform startups work in Tech Park Georgia’s facility and KEPLER LAB will be the cornerstone for their success. LAB will allow startups to conceive and develop prototypes in one medium, while KEPLER team experts with marketing and finance background will help startups design and polish their finished goods inventory for greater financial exposure.

We live in an era that is increasingly influenced by technological advancements. Their roles and importance in our daily lives have become increasingly more meaningful and, in many cases, inseparable. The 21st century will forever be remembered as the century that ushered one of the most disruptive technologies in the history of mankind: the blockchain. The breakthrough of this technological phenomenon continues to revolutionize all spheres of human endeavors. However, Robotics – one of the branches of disruptive technologies – is still on its way to intervene with the overall process of innovation.

Today, the robotics sector is worth an estimated $80 billion. Analysts predict market magnitude to triple in the short run and long-term prospects to multiply tenfold. Such rapid ‘robotics’ market-place expansion will trigger technological development, while simultaneously increasing consumption, intensifying competition and consequently lowering production costs.

Robots are increasingly becoming integral parts of our everyday lives and are on their way to intervene with the overall process of human innovation. From AI assistants to self-driving cars, drones and even human-likes (Sophia, the first robot to be awarded citizenship, Saudi Arabia), advances in technology open the horizon for new investment opportunities and an electrifying future.Full Cost structure

We, at KEPLER, want to shape the future of humanity together with you, with your direct participation and under your management. Therefore, we created Keplertek, the first AI and robotics ecosystem powered by the blockchain.

Blockchain is a solution that has the potential to transform the industry and is the foundation on Keplertek: Blockchain-powered smart contracts and the adoption of cryptocurrencies is providing transparency, enabling e­ciency and cutting costs.


With traditional investments, money goes through various middlemen, such as government agencies and financial institutions. Blockchain investments are executed directly, reaching the startups instantaneously and at a fraction of the cost.


Thanks to the distributed ledger technology, blockchain investors can track how their cryptocurrency is being used by startups. No record on the blockchain, in fact, can be erased, thereby providing traceable accountability showing the exact flow of any coin in the ecosystem. Startups too can use the blockchain to manage resources, reduce overheads, streamline their supply chain, and waste fewer resources.


Given funded startups fail to fulfill KPIs or other predetermined conditions, smart contracts allow investors to receive their investment back or to redirect it towards more deserving recipients.

Value of the Project


Despite formal guidance still largely absent, Internal Revenue agencies all over the world treat virtual currencies as noncash assets and, therefore, make them eligible to be treated as long-term capital gain property.

Blockchain technology would greatly benefit not only investors, but also startups, by providing increased transparency and traceability of investments. Although the benefits of transparency and the potential of cryptocurrency is clear, startups need time to embark on new blockchain-led technology initiatives, since they are focused on their core businesses: developing prototypes and orienting their businesses to enter consumer markets. However, once they are introduced to new technology, which doesn’t require them to additionally invest in IT development, startups inevitably see the unquestionable benefits it provides.

We at KEPLER see the numerous benefits of applying the distributed ledger technology to the Robotics&AI development ecosystem as highlighted above. Our investors will have more trust in KEPLER platform projects and, consequently, will be more willing to invest.

To stimulate transparency and traceability in the KEPLER ecosystem, we have devised KEP, an ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method for investing transparently through the Ethereum blockchain and to access the KEPLER platform. The adoption of cryptocurrencies will impact the way we invest in the future and KEP is poised to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

Investors buying KEP token can see exactly how it was used throughout its lifecycle.

Keplertek Universe Platform

The following are the types of transparency that can be designed for startup organizations:

  • Track use of funds, from the time money is invested up until its conversion into local fiat currencies.
  • Verifying recipients’ identities and reporting their fund use on the blockchain.
  • Tracking startup administrative costs.
  • Ensuring money earmarked for specific projects, actually gets to those projects.
  • Tracking startup investment policies with the KEPs they hold.
  • Reduction in money-transfer transaction costs through cryptocurrency rather than financial intermediaries.



Giorgi Topuria

CEO / Founder

Givi Dolidze

Vice CEO / Co Founder

Assylbek Momynov

Director - Kepler City

Tika Nadareishvili

Head Of PR

Archil Nasrashvili


Lasha Gabidzashvili

Financial Analyst

Giorgi Kepashvili

North American Representative

Mari Shubalidze

Community Manager

Allan Dacunos

Community Manager

Shajid Mahmood

Community Manager

Vano Tvauri

Lead Developer

Toko Xucishvili

Web Developer

Behzad Anousha

Blockchain Expert

Kepler Technologies Advisors

Mohammad Bozorgi

Kirill Kazakov

Simon Choi

Jason Hung

Reuben Godfrey

Rumen Slavchov

Marketing Advisor


2018 Q1
Acquiring the 550 000 square meters of land to build Kepler Complex from the Government for 1$.
2018 Q1
Approval of design and construction of the lab and Mega-factory by relevant authorities.
2018 Q3
Launching Kepler Platform in Alpha stage.
2018 Q3
Full and comprehensive market research to determine what type of robotics and AI solution to be produced in the initial phase; (the first phase of the research has been done and we have whole list of Robots/Drones ready to be produced).
2018 Q3
Preparing technological designs; including the selection and preparation of machineries.
2018 Q3
Construction of Mega-Factory.
2018 Q4
Launching Kepler Platform.
2019 Q1
Launching the fully equipped Lab.
2019 Q3
Opening Mega-Factory and launching the full production cycle.
2020 Q1
Official opening of Kepler Complex.

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