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Kakushin ICO details

Start Date: 2018-6-1

End date: 2018-8-15

    • Category: Investment, Platform
    • Token: KKN
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 KKN = 0.06 USD
    • Accepting: BCH BTC Dash ETH LTC



Since the creation of this world, every living being has been following the 3 essential K’s for the sole purpose of surviving, sustaining & flourishing in environment & ecosystem they belong to. Either you INNOVATE or you DIE.

  • Kaizen =>Kai (change) + Zen (better) => Change for better.
  • Kaikaku=> Kai (change) + kaku (revolution) => Change for revolution.
  • Kakushin=>Kaku (revolution) + Shin (new or innovation)

We believe innovation is not about creating the next mousetrap but solving real problems. Innovation is different from creativity & invention. While creativity & inventions are often solution-centric, successful innovations are inherently problem-centric. In fact, great innovators are indifferent to solutions as long as they solve the problem they are obsessed with.

Our vision

  • Creation of an Ecosystem to promote and nurture innovation& creativity
  • Crypto-currency Trading Platform; Exchange
  • ICO consulting
  • The Marketplace to sell, lease, lean intellectual properties, patents, copyrights, trademarks and products and services directly to investors, manufacturers and/or end user/s.

KES is the key, to unlock the doors of immense opportunities and potential by creating an ecosystem necessary for seekers, researchers, innovators, developers, and inventors. Kakushin Ecosystem will prove to be the perfect environment to give birth, nurture, and flourish an idea/concept into a real and viable product, to be used by consumers.

Since the decentralization of research based infrastructure has already started and the future of R&D is distributed. It is inevitable that the power of R&D would be in everyone’s hands.


Kakushin Ecosystem – A Platform for Innovators and Innovations

Kakushin Ecosystem (KES) creates a synergized place for different audiences that did not interact before, such as inventor, innovators, product designers, manufacturers, technology and innovation enthusiasts, patent holders, creators of ICO and cryptocurrency projects and their backers, or creators of classical crowdfunding campaigns and their backers who have never dealt with cryptocurrencies before, authors of their projects and experienced army of advisors, moderators, designers, translators and other specialists all over the World.

Advantages from KES:

  • Advantages for Innovation Product Creators get access to new audiences and sources of funding and help from different kinds of advisers, while also significantly lowering their overhead.
  • Advantages for Innovation Backers for the first time get a chance to receive value equity in return for their payments, and get access to a broader range of projects.
  • Advantages for Innovation Advisors & moderators and other specialists from all over the World get the opportunity to receive value in return for their contribution.

Kakushin Ecosystem Structure in a Nutshell

In the mid-2010s the start-up industry experienced dramatic changes. The method for financing companies and projects tends to decentralisation and diversified funding made by the general public. Venture capitals are losing their share while Crowdfunding and ICOs raise capital at a rapid rate. At the same time the new blockchain technology has given start-ups the opportunity to fundraise in a more independent and decentralized way.

Blockchain technology allows us to do what the legal system couldn’t. We now have the opportunity to organize crowdinvesting campaigns not only for residents of one country, but for the population of the whole world, regardless of their place of residence, jurisdiction, nationality, and other bureaucratic obstacles. Crowdinvesting campaigns are similar to ICO campaigns, but the tokens give some part either in ownership of the company, or a share of profits, or something else the campaign creator decides on (it is different for each campaign).Kakushin

Kakushin Exchange (Crypto Currencies Trading Platform for Liquidity Management)

K.E. is a trading platform to maintain cash flow and easy conversion of funds and currencies and help maintain a healthy rotation of KKN (Kakushin Coin) in Kakushinomy. It act as a liquidity provider for the Ecosystem, any Inventor/Buyer/Investor (Individual or Hedge Funds) can convert their fiat cryptocurrency to KKN token for their corresponding need.

Kakushin Incubation & Nursing Centre (ICO Consultation, Management, & Development)

KINC is a unified platform to learn about ICOs, invest in ICO, Launch ICO and Track existing ICO mainly targeting innovative &/or eco-friendly, ideas and products.Kakushin

Kakushin Marketplace (Synergy System)

KMP is a well-organized, well maintained and authentic online store to sell, lease and purchase innovative and eco-friendly intellectual properties and products using KKN.Kakushin

Our own ICO will be held on the KES platform itself starting on June 1, 2018 & it will end on June 30, 2018.

The price is at the rate USD $1260 = 0.112770 Bitcoin = 1 Ethereum = 16000 KKN. (Further market fluctuation might affect the actual price but the ratio remains the same.) It is possible to take part in ICO with either of these existing cryptocurrencies- Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.

Token Utility

Token Specification

Token Utility

Tokensale Process
Token DistributionToken Distribution

Use of ProceedsUse of Proceeds


Chandan Indoria

CEO & Co-founder

Sachin Bhargava

Co-founder & CTO

Amit Dubey

Co-founder & CMO

Marco De Corso

Co-founder & CBO

Anant Vidhaat Sharma

Krystle Rose

Birendra Khadka

Blockchain Advisor

Kakushin Advisors

Andreas Fink


Vladimir Ninov


Gaurav Mehra


Yash Mehra


Bopanna K K


Sydney Ifergan


Kunal Karani


Jan Kulisek


Lauren Therveselles


Krystelle Galano


Darrell Emmanuel


Naviin Kapoor



Q3 2015
Q1 2016
Concept, research, start.
Q1 2018
Pre-Sale & Ico Crowd-Sale
Q2 2018
Ecosystem Development Begin.
Q4 2018
KUKUSHIN Exchange Launching.
Q2 2019
KUKUSHIN Marketplace for innovative products.
Q1 2020
KUKUSHIN Incubation Platform Launching.

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