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Fluzcoin ICO details

Start Date: 2018-6-29

End date: 2018-9-14

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail
    • Token: FFC
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 FFC = 0.10 USD
    • Tokens for sale: 3,223,000,000
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 212,000,000 USD

Fluzcoin – the intelligent retail currency protocol

“Everyone can create money; the problem is to get it accepted” – Hyman Minsky

Fluzcoin is a retail protocol specifically designed to solve the most salient problems within cryptocurrency: speed, cost, compliance, and excess volatility. Our goal is to deploy a true retail coin that is ready for mass consumer and merchant adoption.

We’ve chosen the permissioned and Ethereum-based Quorum as our blockchain layer as it provides Fluzcoin holders with fast transaction times and additional layers of privacy, which are not present to a satisfactory degree in other blockchain protocols. To help resolve the potential crypto-economic volatility, we’ve created the Fluzcoin Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm which will provide real-time, computer-aided market corrections in alignment with Fluzcoin supply and demand. Fluzcoin holders enjoy effortless staking of new coins by merely holding the coin: the value gained by generating new Fluzcoins is maximized by Fluzcoin holders in the form of staking rewards.

Fluzcoin’s computer-governed economy results in a transparent and predictable fluctuation path 1. Fluzcoin’s patent-pending coin staking process creates additional value without the need for the energy-intensive crypto-mining infrastructure 2. Thus, Fluzcoin is positioned to be the most rewarding retail currency available.

Retail prices in Fluzcoin are also likely to be lower as merchants are able to pass the transaction cost-savings to their customers. Lower prices combined with strong commercial discounts, partially paid from the Fluzcoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and an easy to use mobile app environment are additional incentives that encourage consumer use.

Merchants benefit from Fluzcoin as it allows for cost and default-risk free transactions with collected funds available in real-time and immediately convertible to fiat currencies. All Fluzcoin retail participants will have cleared Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements, making it a compliant coin for merchants who wish to attract a new generation of digital and mobile consumers.


First and foremost, Fluzcoin is a retail protocol. Truly successful currencies unite two objectives: store of value and real payment utility – Fluzcoin has this dual capacity. We’ve created Fluzcoin as a finely tuned system that provides a safe and secure method for everyday retail transactions – with both merchant and consumer pain points, as well as preferences, in mind. Our go-to-market strategy focuses on several key points:

  • Careful selection of a limited initial geographic scope,
  • Targeting a highly specific customer and merchant demographic,
  • Substantial brand building efforts leading to a significant “share of mind,”
  • A seamless crypto-fiat conversion at the retail point of sale (POS).

We at Fluzcoin Global Management have our eyes firmly set on making Fluzcoin a mass market phenomenon. But, we also recognize that blockchain technology is in a perpetual state of development and improvement. Even after our proof of concept has been launched, our development team will continually research the newest blockchain protocols. It is important to note that this introduction to Fluzcoin Technology is merely the starting point. We will implement infrastructural upgrades as they become necessary, and this process will be overseen by the EUNOMIA Foundation.

Fluzcoin benefits for market participants

Although we have chosen an initial blockchain framework, Quorum, Fluzcoin is not permanently tied to a certain state of the blockchain technology landscape; its underlying infrastructure is not going to be technically obsolete in a few years’ time. Instead, Fluzcoin is going to evolve and develop its strength and capabilities in tandem with the forward motion of the blockchain industry.

Fluzcoin facilitates two types of ecommerce transactions: instant payments and consumer financing. While an instant payment means a consumer’s wallet authorizes the immediate transfer of the invoiced amount due in Fluzcoin to the merchant’s wallet, there are times when merchants may agree to finance more substantial amounts and extend a payment installment contract. In the case of invoicing, installment payments, or financing with interest, the consumer’s wallet authorizes future transfers including authorizations of payment ranges.

With the technical foundations to (a) authorize future transfers and (b) adapt the total to be transferred within a set range, Fluzcoin will serve as a platform for a multitude of consumer finance service providers, some of which may be launched and scaled exclusively on the Fluzcoin platform.


Without consumer data, merchants have only a limited understanding of their customers. Which demographic seems to purchase the most items? Are there demographics who are not yet being catered to? Which items yield the highest revenue per order? Are there products or services that consumers are demanding but are not yet available from merchant competitors?

Fluzcoin enables merchants to glean data-driven insights that drive profitable decision-making. The Fluzcoin Consumer Insights API allows merchants to to dock on and retrieve vital information about the behaviors, interests, and intentions of their shoppers. However, to maintain full anonymity and ensure user privacy, the API only allows access and analysis via a guarded aggregate.

Fluzcoin’s ability to generate massive data-sets gives rise to data network effects: as Fluzcoin adoption increases, so does the amount of data available for precise analytics, which in turn boosts the amount of insight that can be garnered by using Fluzcoin as a primary exchange mechanism between merchant and consumer


Merchants and consumers have both mutual and specific benefits by using Fluzcoin, including flexible payment terms, auto executed smart contracts, ease of use, and the simplicity of currency conversion between Fluzcoin and fiat currencies. The common needs of the merchant and the consumer require a stable and reliable currency whose appreciation path is reasonably smooth. This need is fulfilled by the Fluzcoin Steering Mechanisms and the Fluzcoin Algorithm which are discussed at greater length in the Tokenomics section below.


Stefan Krautwald

Commercial Director

LinkedIn David Rosenblatt

Corporate Development Director

Antons Sapriko

IT Director

Glebs Vrevsky

Marketing Director

Uldis Baumerts

Product Coordinator

Davis Krikauskis

Delivery Manager

Aigars Pavlovics

Head of Operations

Andreas Antrup

Vice President of Data & Advertising at Zalando SE

Vikram Nagrani

Partner at the Hassans Law Firm

José Abbo

Fluzcoin Advisors

Raghavendra Srinivasan

AI expert at Youtube (Google)

Mario Cohen

Florian Burkart

Ruchika Kumar

Director of Merchant Strategy and Product at PayPal

Maurice Harary

Co-Founder of Fluz Fluz

Lars Rydström

Founder, CEO of Liquid Capital

Karl Karlsson

General Partner at Sway Ventures

Keith Teare

Founding Shareholder Techcrunch

Anil Benard-Dende

COO at Showroomprive

José Ruiz

Ambassador of Panama

Dr. Sebastian Fourné

Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University

Roman Karimov

Phil Dardier

Partner at Avolta Partners

Karthik Iyer

India Ambassador of the P2P-Foundation


Nov 2017
Idea shaping.
Jan 2018
Idea sharpening and preparation.
Feb 2018
Whitepaper & refining and backtesting.
Mar 2018
Start of retailer onboarding.
Apr 2018
Start of private placements via ERC 20. Fluzcoin Token in selected jurisdictions and to selected audience.
Jul 2018
EUNOMIA Foundation. Representatives Positioning.
Aug 2018 - Sep 2018
Fluzcoin Token Replacement by JP Morgan blockchain powered Fluzcoins.
Oct 2018
Trading Start of Fluzcoin with AI coin governance.
Q1 2019
Start as use of payment means at retail.

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