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Start Date: 2018-3-1

End date: 2018-6-15

    • Category: Investment
    • Token: FIN
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 FIN = 0.005 ETH
    • Bonus: Until 25th April 2018 35% discount Until 05th May 2018 20% discount Until 15th May 2018 10% discount Until 30th May 2018 7% discount Until 15th Jun 2018 4% discount
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Hard cap: 30000 ETH

Fiancia Coin – A revolutionary copy trading platform & crypto

  • More than 3000 crypto currency pairs to trade At one place with user friendly & innovative trading terminal by social network investment strategies
  • Crypto news TV channel to keep viewers updated with happenings In the world of Crypto Market & Blockchain Technology

Traders across the globe now feel that there must be a safe and secure platform which can help them to join hands at the global level. Keeping in view all of needs and expectations of traders and other prospective investor’s management of Fiancia Ltd has considered various aspects in relation to cryptocurrency.Fiancia Ltd is lso offering TV channel having the presence online across the globe which will inform news, financial information pertaining to cryptocurrency, views of strong and established cryptocurrency leaders and apart from that in particular advanced technological news related to blockchain and decentralized system prevailing for the cryptocurrency. It is imperative to mention here the fact that presence of an online decentralized mechanism for crypto traders will include aspects related to safety, security, and confidentiality of information pertaining to traders. The company will introduce FIN token which will allow the realtime point of sale transactions and such token will be interlinked with trader’s private cryptocurrency wallets. Upon the basis of that management of Fiancia Ltd has strong perception that online copy trading and interaction among relevant entities will accelerate and also the popularity of such technology urge connection of various renowned forums prevailing across the globe. To expedite the process of transactions and prompt payments it is inevitable that exchange of cryptocurrency must move under fiat and FIN token under it indeed possesses prominence in terms of global solutions regardless of territorial distribution.
Fiancia has the vision to introduce a sound footed and trusted global copy trading platform that fosters financial activities and wins the trust of gigantic entities as well as individual traders so they can feel a sense of comfort. Fiancia is introducing copy trading system which includes features of the forum and social network growth strategies.

Growing impact of cryptocurrency can be judged from the fact that in near future market capitalization related to cryptocurrency will reach the massive figure of 10 Trillion US Dollars. In view of such emerging breakthrough, it is inevitable to introduce a TV channel that can disseminate and assist traders across the globe in terms of latest news and data pertaining to international markets on 24/7 basis.

Our vision will target continuous growth, stupendous progress, enlisting of organization among stable ones and targeting transparency, integrity, and adherence to professional ethics for collective interests at large.Such system will enable one to transact abruptly from any place in the world in any form including crypto owing to FIN token ranging from the smartphone in the hands of an individual to Fiancia app. It will enable traders and investors in particular and others, in general, to ensure speedily flow of transaction owing to the presence of digital wallet. Fiancia being a UK based entity fully recognize the fact that to compete in UK society is nothing less than a nightmare and strictly it will targetprinciples of integrity, commitment, concern for core values of confidentiality and mutual acceptance at all in the long run. Our vision will also target keeping aligned with modern trends and changing’s happening in the crypto world so that customers may feel the sense of being delivered something different from the rest. Among vision, the concern will also be to achieve excellence in terms of prominent and unique position among industry segments so that as and when customers think of crypto trade our name remains at the top list in a unique manner.
fiancia solution

Exigency Of Copy Trading System

Fiancia Copy Trading System
For the time being, growing impact of crypto trade across the corners of the world is enormous and such aspect has brought the attention of Fiancia in a very effective and profound manner. Although at the moment traders are benefitting a lot out of such market which is going to hit 10 Trillion USD there is a need to introduce a fully controlled, reliable and user-friendly copy trading system that can cover at the maximum their business needs and level of expectations that vary with the passage of time. Merely presence of opportunities in the form of trade is not enough in today’s online world as everyone wants safety and confidentiality of information both at collective and individual level. Fiancia Ltd has taken into consideration all of these aspects and want to introduce a copy trading slide system with multiple features. Various features of such system can be summed up in the following manner:

  • Such system will ensure user-friendly approach for traders and customers under low spreads so that they may achieve their aims and objectives in a comfortable manner.
  • Under such system traders will be able to manage and execute trading activities under an algorithmic trading system so that at any time across the globe they can manage crypto trade owing to mobile devices in their hands instead of relying upon intermediaries in a traditional manner.
  • Fiancia Ltd will ensure full and sound control over such trading system so as to protect the interest and other concerns of trade since billions of Dollars transactions will be executed under such system. In view of such critical aspect, it is inevitable as per management of Fiancia that there exists a fully controlled and effective centralized mechanism that can supplement effective crypto trade at large.
  • There will be complete freedom and choice for the traders to execute and stop trading activities any time under such system since expectations, interest, and demands of traders also vary with changing pattern of behavior of the market. Traders will be able to adjust and plan their trading timings in accordance with their own set of preferences.
  • The forum will also ensure the presence of crowdfunded groups that will help each other in benefitting from each other’s experiences and knowledge. These groups will enable prospective inexperienced traders and entities to understand and develop a comprehensive strategy in terms of crypto trade across the corners of the world.
  • Apart from the trading terminal, it will also serve as social network connection where all stakeholders and groups in particular investors and traders can share their views, news, and suggestions for collective interests and also building of sound linkage among all of the relevant parties and entities.
  • The system will also offer withdrawal processing of transactions in terms of funds managed and maintained by the company for traders within minutes so that traders may fulfill their domestic and commercial needs accordingly.

Since algorithmic copy trading system will be controlled and managed by the company with flexible access for traders, therefore, the company will also ensure security, continuity, and maintenance of the system through backup plans and firewall arrangements.

The company strongly believes in the fact that any disruption or delay in the system can affect plans and expectations of traders at substantial levels, therefore, it will ensure maximum security and safety in view of such critical aspect.


Babar Mahmood




Ali Akbar


Abdul Rafey


Dr. Vijesh


Bani Saud


Johan Akwei


Laura Zaharia


Simon Choi



Q2 2017
Idea preparation. Study and research work
Q3 2017
Project Feasibility. Team building
Q4 2017
Legal recognition. Demo version release. Smart contract ERC20
Q1 2018
White paper. Worldwide media coverage. Launching bounty program. Marketing and seminars. FIN token pre-ICO. Release of alpha version
Q2 2018
Development of system architecture and testing. Listing of cryptocurrency pairs. Setting up requirements of TV channel and legal process in Dubai. Development of user friendly mobile apps iOS and Android. FIN token main sale start. FIN token listing in exchange.
Q3 2018
RM, KYC, Client Portfolio social network featured modules integration and setup. Connection and recognition of Visa/Master Card with platform. Integration and testing of payment and withdrawal methods. Beta version of the platform release.
Q4 2018
Roadmap for partnerships and new opportunities for value of FIN tokens. Worldwide recognition.

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    10.04.2018 at 5:57 pm

    really dubious project, they claim to be a UK company but after a long discussion on telegram i’m sure they aren’t.

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