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Start Date: 2018-7-5

End date: 2018-7-31

CGCX – Singapore’s First Insured Hybrid Crypto Platform

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange – CGCX, offers a state of the art, highly sophisticated hybrid platform. Unlike most exchanges that offer only cryptocurrency trading, CGCX is uniquely positioning itself in the blockchain world by providing four modules under a single platform to offer a wide range of services to its customers. As a unique security feature, committing to our values of security, all tokens stored on our exchange wallets are insured against cyber attacks and hacking. We are offering to the public a total quantity of 1 Billion CGCX tokens representing 50% of the total issuance volume of 2 Billion at the price of 1ETH = 8500CGCX tokens. The proceeds of the token sales are mainly used for enhancement of our hybrid platform with further modules in order to offer additional blockchain solutions. The funds would also be used for the planned expansion into other regions as detailed in our roadmap.how it works

CGCX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that facilitates extensive and specialised functions that are designed for a range of users, from an everyday user to institutions and advanced traders. CGCX is an all-in-one Exchange that allows its users to buy and sell different coins on its platform. By unifying all transactional aspects, it makes buying and selling coins easier for the users. The state of the art features of the CGCX platform can withstand concurrent orders of more than 1 million per second and will ensure the security and stability for its users.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange


CGCX provides all its users with multi Wallets to store CGCX Tokens, Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies in a single location safely. All digital assets stored in this wallet are insured against cyber attacks and hacking, and is a first-its-kind feature in our exchange.token allocationCGCX Token

The CGCX Token is the integral part of the CGCX ecosystem. Tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a Smart Contract. The platform maintains a total issuance volume of 2 Billion tokens. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on standard ERC 20 token protocol. The CGCX Token supports all Ethereum wallets and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform. CGCX Token is not a security token with equity rights but rather a utility token.

Benefits of CGCX token

CGCX Tokens find extensive utility value inside our ecosystem. They can be used as a medium of exchange in our platform for Merchant transactions and in Smart Contract Applications. They can also be used to vote in the Alt Token listing.fund allocationExchange platform users get discounts on fees on our platform while paying with CGCX tokens. With the ever expanding opportunities for utilization, the demand for CGCX token automatically gets enhanced, increasing the value of the token holders.

Alt tokens listing

CGCX’s Alternate Cryptocurrency voting program is a monthly process spearheaded by CGCX’s team of cryptocurrency experts and external auditing firm. They would identify viable alternate cryptocurrencies to be listed on the exchange. Users would be then be able to use CGCX tokens to vote for their preferred alternate cryptocurrencies to be listed on the CGCX exchange platform.

This voting program ensures that only legitimate projects with potentially appreciating cryptocurrencies are filtered into the exchange. As more ICOs take place and more alternate cryptocurrencies are developed, this program aims to protect our traders from potentially depreciating or scam projects.

Merchant solutions

Merchants or online vendors can start accepting payments in cryptocurrency (CGX, BTC, ETH) in just a few minutes by plugging-in the payment gateway or installing the CGCX Point-of-Sale application (web-based and Mobile app) and benefit from a lower transaction fee and wider reach.token featuresSmart contracts

Our platform facilitates the creation and digitisation of certain types of assets like trade agreements and bank instruments. This improves the turnaround time with low transaction cost. This allows for automated settlements and trades based on predefined conditions, which will trigger the self-execution of these smart contracts. All tradable assets that can be represented via a digital token and publicly traded can be used in these smart contracts, subject to regulatory requirements.


Sathyanandham Anguswami


Subramanyeswara Sarma


Don Asok


Jun Hao


Rami Suliman

Head of Business Development

Nabilah Yazid

Project Manager

Elisha John


Aravind S

Client Relationship Manager

Shekhar Suman

IT Specialist

Ankur Sharma

IT Specialist


IT Specialist

Gokul R

Blockchain Specialist

Soorya Nath

Blockchain Specialist

Grace Pang

Creative Designer

CGCX Advisors

Vin Menon


Thomas Mcalister


Leonard Tan


Paul W. Bradley


Ming Cong Ang


Sergey Baloyan



July-August-September 2017
Idea Conceived & Partners Onboarding.
October-November-December 2017
Product Development Started.
January - February - March 2018
Engaging Legal, Marketing & Advisory SAFT Completed In 3 days.
April 2018
Launch Website. Token Created & Bounty Program.
April 2018
Launch Website. Token Created & Bounty Program.
May 2018
Pre Sales (May 1 – May 15). Beta Testing of Exchange Platform.
June 2018
Main Sales (June 1 – June 30). Launch of Exchange, Mobile App, Wallet.
July - August- September 2018
Launch ICO Platform : Voting Engine
October - November - December 2018
Launch Smart Contracts.
January - February - March 2019
Launch of Merchant Solution. Integration with eCommerce & POS.
April - May - June 2019
Customer Loyalty Program.

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