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Betrium ICO details

Start Date: 2018-2-28

End date: 2018-3-30

Betrium – Worldwide Betting Exchange

Betrium is the solution developed by group of entrepreneurs and MIT & MIPT graduates offering the first partly decentralized worldwide betting service (betting exchange & sportsbook) with zero-commissions accepting crypto-currencies and offering platform for event organizers, developers and thirdparty service providers.

As 2017, the global regulated gambling market is about $533b. The betting market accounted for $70b in global gross yield. The unregulated sector is many times larger.

Today’s online betting services have a several disadvantages:

  • They’re not worldwide and allow withdrawals in limited countries only.
  • Most of betting services does not accept cryptocurrencies at all.
  • They take high commissions.
  • Some of betting services automatically take taxes on personal income.
  • Makes profit for beneficiaries only.

Some of the today’s decentralized solutions have the following

  • Slow bets processing. Any solution powered just by Ethereum blockchain simply can’t provide the speed required for professional betting/trading on sports.
  • Crypto-currencies volatility.

The solution is Betrium.

  • Betrium accept crypto-currencies from all around the world.
  • We can process bets fast on our decentralized platform.
  • We stabilize crypto-currencies volatility.
  • We offer the lowest commission and the most profitable odds possible.
  • We optimize our customers’ taxes and fees.
  • We provide platform for event organizers (such as esports streamers, sport leagues etc.), so they create own matches/games on a blockchain and can earn money.
  • Finally, Betrium is 20% more profitable for customers than any other service.

Moreover, we are the first to offer a powerful betting API for developers, third party apps and betting bots. In future, Betrium may become a worldwide betting processing center providing its core to the huge number of services.

So, to make the world’s largest betting service, Betrium is doing an initial coin offering and issuing its tokens on a public blockchain. Betrium is a project, where a real business meets new-generation technologies.


Maksym Suvorov


Nataliia Khotiaintseva


Andrey Rybalchenko


Alex Bykhun


Artem Boruta

Anton Prischepa

Arthur But

Maksym Bourduh

Alice Babenko

Daria Isaieva

Max Kyryliuk

Yulia Azarina

Betrium Advisors

Karthik Iyer

CEO of BlockchainMonk

Tom Budd

Co-founder of CoinStrategem, EtheraLabs and Dark Star Ventures

Denys Suvorov

Master of Banking


June 2016
We found Betrium
April 2017
Private investment - Betrium raises $220k from angel investor.
September 2017
IT infrastructure - Development of IT infrastructure is 70% completed.
October 2017
Preparation for ICO - Legal issues, marketing, advisors.
Late October
Pre-ICO - Betrium's pre-ICO starts.
10 November 2017
MVP - Betrium launches public MVP.
December 2017
ICO launches.
Late December 2017
IT infrastructure - 80% of IT infrastructure prepared for the first closed tests.
January 2018
End of ICO.
February 2018
Open Beta - Betrium launches open Beta for desktops.
May 2018
Official release - First official launch of Betrium for desktops.
June 2017
Open API Beta - Betrium launches API for developers and betting service providers.
September 2018
Mobile Apps - Mobile apps for iOS & Android releasing.
October 2018
Open API release.
Late 2018
Betrium Cyber - Launch of platform specifically for cyberspots. Preparation for SCO - Audits, marketing. Casino release - Release of the first set of online games such as Bingo and Keno.
Early 2019
Secondary Coin Offering
Mid 2019
Betrium LIVE - Betrium launched live broadcasting service for sports and particularly e-sports.
Mid-Late 2019
Lottteries release - Release of decentralized lottery platform.
Betrium Statistics launch
Mid 2020
Licensing - Betrium starts licensation process on the most important markets.

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