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ZeroEdge.Bet ICO details

Start Date: 2018-4-15

End date: 2018-9-1

    • Category: Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Platform
    • Token: Zerocoin/ ZERO
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 24,000 ZERO = 1 ETH
    • Bonus: PRE-ICO 58% 1st & 2nd week 15% 3rd & 4th week 10% 5th & 6th week 5%
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 3000 ETH
    • Hard cap: 30000 ETH

ZeroEdge.Bet – Revolutionary 0% house edge gambling network

Zero Edge is a decentralized online casino and an open protocol aiming to disrupt the online gambling industry by offering players 0% house edge casino games, fee-less sports betting and an open source platform for building online games. Zero Edge utilizes its own token named Zerocoin which is the fundamental part of Zero Edge business model and the main driver for sustainable economy.

Zero Edge Casino model is based on Metcalfe’s law and factual Bitcoin price growth. Casino players, i.e. Zerocoin holders will not only be able to play 0% house edge games, which offer a truly equal odds of winning against the house, but will also see their Zerocoin value increase as a result of increased demand and adoption of the token. This is a game-changing casino model which offers a unique gambling experience to players and proposes solutions to current problems in the online gambling industry.

Platform utilizes a state channel technology to provide maximum efficiency and scalability of the platform. All games will be publicly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain without negative effects on user experience during the game session. Furthermore, Zero Edge Casino will have a sophisticated and audited RNG mechanism to ensure complete randomness of its games.


Gambling has been part of human life even before written history. The earliest six-sided dice date to about 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. It’s not surprising that people enjoy gambling and betting and these games provide people an opportunity to have a tryst with luck.

The growth of the Internet has acted as a booster in the growth of gambling and betting. There is a big industry developed around online gambling and betting. The benefits provided by the Internet, of providing access to world class games from the luxury of one’s home is attracting more and more people towards it.

But the online gaming is rife with its own problems. Online casinos have lots of avenues for defrauding their customers by tampering with the random number generation process used in these casinos. This gives the casinos a better chance of winning games (referred to as “house edge”) compared to what is considered as fair. They also charge a higher transaction fees from users for participating participating in online betting games. Online casinos have been early adopters of Bitcoin which smoothed the process of payments in these casinos and ensured anonymity. But the problem of trust and high transaction fees is still rampant.

With ZeroEdge we propose a blockchain based online gambling platform which uses state channel technology to ensure trust between players and the casino. We introduce a 0% house edge model which reduces the cost of playing in online casinos and gives players a fair chance to win. Powered by smart contract technology, we believe that Zero Edge casino will be the pioneers of trusted and low cost online gambling.

Online Gambling Market Size

The global online gambling market was 37.91 billion USD in 2015 and is estimated to reach 59.79 billion USD by 2020, at a CAGR of 9.5% Online gaming includes such activities as poker, casinos (where people can play traditional casino games, like roulette or blackjack, but online), sports betting, bingo and lotteries. Of these, casino games and sports betting make up the largest share of the market. Online sports betting accounted for nearly 50% of the overall global online gambling market figure for 2013, equating to around $19.3 billion.



  • Online Casino Games market

As discussed in earlier sections, online casino games market is now worth tens of billions of dollars. It is rapidly affected by changes in technology. Online casino industry thrives on innovation. The rapid adoption of bitcoin by online casinos opened the market to many new players which were constrained by regulations. The trend of virtual reality(VR) games have recently caught the fancy of online casino industry and many new games with immersive VR experience are being developed.

  • Online Sports Betting market

Millennials are helping the industry grow. Sports betting is more accepted among this generation and the majority of young adults are aware of the opportunities available online, including sports betting.

Sports are also becoming more popular among casual fans. There are lots of huge sports websites where fans can go to discuss news and many of these websites advertise gambling to readers, which increases awareness.

  • Online Sports Betting market

The global online poker industry has been in ill health for several years now. The decline has been significant and sustained. Players have found new forms of entertainment that offer instant gratification and can be accessed via their smartphone devices without compromising on quality. In this regard, online poker has been very much behind the curve.


Zero Edge is an attempt to create a decentralized online casino network which is not plagued by issues present in traditional online casinos. We have designed a mechanism which uses smart contract technology to automate casino gameplay so that they are verifiable and trustworthy. All Zero Edge games utilize state channels which provides cost-effective and highly-effective data recording on Ethereum Ethereum blockchain. At the same time, our games have 0% house edge which means players have the best odds of winning against the house. Zero Edge vision is to become a leading online casino platform where people can enjoy their favorite games while maximizing their returns by playing or holding Zerocoin.

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Adrian Casey


Simon Bastide


Jai Balani

Blockchain Engineer

Zoe Golan


Shihaam Isaacs

Marketing Manager

Marissa Pearce

Web Analyst

Sinni Parmar

UX/UI Web Designer

Kirsten Wheelan

Data Analyst & UX

Tierney Ruddock

Marketing specialist

Abi Kirkland

Communications & PR

Kostyantyn Fesenko

Software Developer

Owen Pogue

Blockchain Engineer

ZeroEdge.Bet Advisors

Roger Crook

CEO at Capital Springboard

Kenneth Goodwin

Fintech-Blockchain Advisor

Ken Huang

Blockchain Security speaker

Ross Breitenbach

Executive Producer

Sydney Ifergan

Crypto & ICO Expert

Jacob Salvador

CFO at Bitspace

Cecilia Paolino Uboldi

Director & Global Head of Commercial Affairs at Slotguru

Matt Howard

Sportsbook Consultant & Director

Dean Karakitsos

Founder of

Jim Preissler

CEO at trade.io

James Jones

CEO at Chartbuster Games

Josh Garellek

CEO at Arctic Empire Inc

Tim Cowen

Legal Advisor

Jose Saras

Legal Advisor

Augusto Arce

Legal Advisor

Mark Kreimerman



February 28th - March 15st 2018
ZeroEdge.Bet Pre-ICO
April 15th, 2018
ZeroEdge.Bet ICO
May 15th, 2018
Official ZeroEdge Casino Launch First 0% house edge games on the platform
June 1st, 2018
ZERO token listed on cryptocurrency exchanges
August - September , 2018
Commission-less Sports betting
December 2018
ZeroEdge.Bet Poker

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