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Start Date: 2018-2-1

End date: 2018-2-14


WePower solves the current problems of access to capital for the renewable energy developers and provides access to investments in proftable projects directly for the fnal consumers, any type of investors and energy market makers. This is done using the fast and transparent way through smart contracts on blockchain. By employing technology WePower solves the following energy market insufciencies:

  • Global access to capital for green energy projects
  • Global green energy investments
  • Trading as well as speed and transparency.

Renewable energy developers can sell upfront part of the energy to be produced in the future. To make it fast, global and transparent, this energy is tokenized and each power purchase agreement becomes a smart contract. This ensures liquidity.

On the other side, fnal consumers, investors and energy market makers can buy future energy with a discount and reduce the cost of the consumed energy or make proft from price diferences between the price paid and the market price at certain point in time when the energy is produced.

WePower is connected to the energy infrastructure and energy exchange markets in order to record data on blockchain, enable energy trading and selling energy directly to the market, if there is not enough demand on the platform.

Once the volumes of renewable energy with the help of WePower will increase, the platform will become the next generation utility, using blockchain, smart contract solutions and bringing full transparency to the energy market. It will be based on the core principles of decarbanization, democratization and decentralization.

WePower token model

  • Grows in value – Value growth is driven by the growth of the platform and energy auction demand.
  • Backed by green energy – Always retains its energy book value.
  • Clarified with European Regulator – Token model designed to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Tradable, usable and liquid – Use energy or immidiately trade and sell on the wholesale markets.


Nikolaj Martyniuk

Co-Founder, Energy

Artūras Asakavičius

Co-Founder, Investments

Kaspar Kaarlep

CTO, energy

Jon Matonis

Blockchain advisor

Steven Meersman

Energy markets

Heikki Kolk Energy

IOT Expert

Nimrod Lehavi


Gytis Labašauskas

Digital performance and user acquisition

Rene Fischer

Brand strategy

Dr. Tadas Jucikas

Data Scientist

Mantas Aleksiejevas

Marketing and sales

Lukas Kairys

Smart contracts consultant

Aukse Siaudzionyte

Content and social media manager

Vytautas Alkimavičius

Senior software engineer

Liraz Siri

Security expert

Eyal Hertzog

Blockchain advisor

Aaron Bichler


Darius Rugevicius


David Allen Cohen


Trevor Townsend

Head of StartupBootcamp Energy program


January 2017
WePower idea
July 2017
Secured client with 1000 MW solar project
August 2017
WePower MVP
October 2017
Token public pre-sale
January 2018
Pilot testing with Elering
February 2018
Token sale
March 2018
WePower platform launch
May 2018
Connection to the energy infrastructure
July 2018
Platform testing
August 2018
Launch in Spain
September 2018
Distribution of donated energy to token holders
October 2018
Launch in Portugal and Germany
January 2019
Balancing and frequency regulation
March 2019
Virtual power plant structure
Further expansion

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