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VOXXO ICO details

Start Date: 2017-11-1

End date: 2018-3-5

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Media
    • Token: VOXXO
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 VOXXO = 0.01 - 0.05 USD
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 300000 USD
    • Hard cap: 1250000 USD

VOXXO – Music Player, Concert Investments, Licensing Platform

Above all, VOXXO will expand the scope of its use by moving the vision of the blockchain platform into a new space, and it is a project that will bring together software and entertainment in one go. What is innovative in this project and opens the way for change are the VOXXO components. These are: VOXXO Mobile App, VOXXO Live Events, VOXXO License Platform. With these components, starting from the most used vehicles of end-users to the production stage of the industry, a period of upwards directional change and liberation will be initiated.

The pushing force of the VOXXO vision is the blockchain spirit and concept. Our primary goal is to get Cryptocurrency open to the music sector, which is an important place in real life, and to catch the project spirit that will enable constructive projects and Cryptocurrency to gain notable market shares. VOXXO aims to stop organizing, filtering or promoting in the sector and for music to reach people through the minimum influence in the chain. Moreover, it plans to open up revolutionary activities and productions in the sector. After music sales VOXXO is planning Crypto-financed world-class concerts, album recordings, live broadcasts will take place. There are even plans for a performance hall that works only with cryptocurrency.

VOXXO, unlike other concepts that develop ideas in the music industry using the blockchain platform, believes that it is important to change the means of delivering music before the liberation of the source of music. If society gets rid of the pressures of the current industry while accessing music, the sector will act according to the people. They will have to change the policies they apply according to user needs. Changing the pattern of demand in the market will ensure that it keeps pace with its current supply. With VOXXO’s Live Events and License Platform, musical sources (Artists, Bands, Producers, Managers) will be obliged to join under this concept. When VOXXO strengthens, it will be in the business of allying with platforms that have the same target. Do not forget we believe in the power of the community.

VOXXO Mobile App

With VOXXO Mobile App you can listen to all your favorite songs online / offline. Also, VOXXO will offer a Web player.

You can listen to all your band and musicians like you do with popular applications. Nothing less.

Paid Users

  • No need for monthly subscription
  • Buy hours as much as you want to listen
  • No ads, no limits
  • Creating, sharing, following song lists.
  • Following artists and bands
  • Free concert ticket chance
  • Watch Live Concert

Free Users

  • Free users will see Ads after 2 songs.
  • Free Users can go forward and backward freely There is no streaming limit

VOXXO Live Events Platform

VOXXO token holders can organize events and concerts by using Live Concert Events Platform by crowdfunding. This concept gives power to the community to get revenues from VOXXO platform.

If concerts/events are successful then VOXXO will return funds to investors after each concert/event and add revenues that defined before on it.

This is one of the important difference of VOXXO from its competitors.

VOXXO Licensing Platform

VOXXO Licensing Platform will help musicians and performers to get their license revenues from VOXXO. There are no complex contracts. VOXXO token holder community will value your music as your audience. You will be funded with cryptocurrencies when VOXXO users listen to your songs with VOXXO Mobile App. Also, VOXXO will make collaborations with PROs (ASCAP, BMI, PRS) to collect your revenues as Cryptocurrencies. This opens a free path to musicians all over the world.

You apply to VOXXO Music Catalogue with your albums and songs, if they are approved by the community they will get royalties from each listening. The community will vote your songs and if they reach a certain amount of vote they will be imported to VOXXO.


Armagan Ozsoy

Developer / Multimedia Designer

Cem Inci

Event / Bussiness Manager

Ozge Guner

Finance / Corporate Affairs

Cagri Akkoc

PR / Marketing

Mali Arsan

Content / Cinematographer


Sale #1 ($300,000) Application Development Bounty Campaigns Creating Community BETA testing Content Planning Expanding Community VOXXO Web Player Development Opening Headquarters in Europe Music License Agreements (PROs)
Launch v1.0 VOXXO Mobile App Music Sales Begins Bounty Campaigns Marketing / Advertising Collaboration with Music Companies Bounty Campaigns Marketing / Advertising Entering Exchange markets VOXXO Live Concert Streaming Events Marketing / Advertising
Opening Headquarters in USA Moving to Blockchain based cloud platforms Deploying v2.0 Version of VOXXO App Activating VOXXO Live Events Platform Collaboration with Music Companies Collaboration with Blockchain License Platforms Blockchain License Platform (VOXXO) VOXXO Music Concert Event with a Superstar cryptocurrency Funded Music Video production Opening Headquarters in East World First cryptocurrency Perfomance Hall

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