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VISO ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-1

End date: 2018-7-1

    • Category: Banking, Business services, Infrastructure, Internet, Retail
    • Token: VISO
    • Platform: Waves
    • Initial price: $0.1
    • Bonus: Day 1 25% Days 2-7 20% Week 2 15% Week 3 10% Week 4 5% Week 5 0%
    • Tokens for sale: 1000000000
    • Accepting: BTC ETH Waves
    • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD

VISO – Crypto- and fiat currency wallet, Payment gateway and PoS SMART Terminals

Many technologies have arisen in the last few years which have changed the way we live, or are changing the way we live. These technologies have swept away the systems that were in place before, or are in the process of so doing. Technologies such as robotics, data analytics, 3D metal printing, artificial embryos and duelling neural networks; technology such as blockchain. Indeed, blockchain has so many potential applications that it is destined to be the zeitgeist, or the invisible agent that dominates the characteristics of the coming epoch. For now, blockchain enables cryptocurrencies, and these are the wave of the future for money. Many stakeholders in the extant financial system have a vested interest in that system remaining unchanged. Consequently, they may need to be coerced into assimilating the technology of the future. The most effective method to achieve this is to pioneer an alternative which highlights the limitations of the current system and, at the same time, deprives those stakeholders of what they want the most: market share, profit and the power that comes with it. If a system which permits the consumer to enjoy the advantages offered by cryptocurrencies, alongside those of the current system, were to gain traction, then those stakeholders would be forced to take on board that system. This could happen through partnerships or the adoption of the technology or the issue of their own cryptocurrencies, or a myriad of other ways. One thing is sure, this process of adaptation is necessary or they face being swept away too. The VISO Company sees the pioneering of this alternative which will allow consumers to enjoy the advantages of cryptocurrencies as its mission, as its goal. If we have our way, resistance to assimilation is futile. As of the end of 2017 total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies stood at $600 billion1 , yet mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is yet to occur. We aim to solve this problem with the VISO Holistic Payment Solution.


What is the VISO Holistic Payment Solution?

It is a tripartite system, that consists of VISO Wallet, and the accompanying VISO Cards, a payment gateway and VISO Smart Terminals. The VISO Wallet is a multi-currency wallet app for smartphones which handles crypto- and fiat currencies, permitting receipt of payments, borderless transfers and payments, with all the advantages of cryptocurrency such as speed, security and low costs. With the virtual VISO Card Lite installed, instant commission-free payments from NFC-equipped smartphones will be possible globally at more than 42 million payment terminals. A physical card, VISO Card Pro, with all the same advantages will also be available. Cards can be issued immediately, for free, and physical cards can be delivered worldwide, without charge, in under a week. In the future, other cards will be offered, such as prepaid cards, credit cards and the advantages of premium cards will become available.

The payment gateway uses the Waves blockchain technology to make the system work. It uses VISO Tokens (VITO) with all exchanges from fiat and cryptocurrency, being converted into and out of VITO. The payment gateway permits access to the best real time exchange rates and allows us to provide commission-free transactions. In time, full crypto exchange facilities will be possible. VISO SMART Terminals are an all-in-one point of sale (PoS) solution, which combines a bank terminal, a cash register and a payment terminal, running an Android system which allows for enterprise-integration and customization by the merchant. These will accept cash, fiat and crypto cards and mobile payments. An innovative product itself, that is part of the VISO Holistic Payment Solution and of our efforts to expand the global PoS network.


VISO team strengths and scalability of the project

Our team enjoys two particular strengths: the technical know-how to design, build and implement the VISO system, and extensive business experience in, and knowledge of, Georgia. We expect that the latter will allow VISO SMART Terminals to quickly dominate (within months) the cash register market in Georgia which will permit the implementation of the VISO Holistic Payment Solution on a national level. In 2016 alone, fiat transactions at PoS terminals in Georgia were worth $2.5 billion2. Thus, Georgia will act as a test-bed for the system and quickly generate revenue and demand for VITO, allowing the VISO system to gain traction. Of course, the VISO Holistic Payment Solution will be available worldwide from the outset, but the Georgia project does add scalability to our business plan.

Token Open Sale Overview


Vasil Khanishvili

Grigoriy Gurbanov

Egor Petukhovsky

Sergey Popov

Ketevan Gugushvili

Rodion Popkov

Shehab Ahmed

MENA Ambassador

VISO Advisors

Sasha Ivanov

Ivan Petukhovskiy

Giorgi Bichikashvili

Igor Khmel

Sandis Puzulis

Vladimir Nikitin


Francesco Redaelli

Vitor Lourenço

Amarpreet Singh


2012 JUNE
Founding of m4bank company
First project to accept cards through a mobile payment terminal is launched
The largest Russian and foreign banks are among m4bank clients
The EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is founded
Beginning of work on the SMART-terminals and VISO Shop
2017 JUNE
m4bank operates in 8 countries globally, our terminals are being used by over 80 000 traders, who are clients of more than 20 banks. The monthly turnover at the terminals is over 80 000 000 USD. The world's largest producers of terminal infrastructure are among our partners, such as Ingenico, Spire Payment, Roam Data
2017 JUNE
EXMO, largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, with a turnover > 1500 BTC/day
Founding of VISO company
Office opening in Georgia
Start Pre sale
2018 MARCH
Launch of the VISO project in Georgia (launch of Smart-terminals, VISO Wallet, VISO CardLight), launch of the cryprocurrency exchange in Georgia
2018 JUNE
Launch of VISO Card Pro/HCR/Virt, SmartBalance
Launch of VISO in Belarus
Launch of VISO in other countries

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