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Viola.AI (PreICO) ICO details

Start Date: 2017-12-4

End date: 2018-1-31

    • Category: Communication, Platform
    • Token: VIOLA
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 VIOLA = 0.20 USD
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 17,000,000 USD


Singles and couples face numerous challenges in their journey of finding love and sustaining their relationships. Singles risk being victims of love scams due to the lack of identity verification, experience online dating fatigue and could be exploited by some unethical dating services. On the other hand, couples face difficulty in sustaining their marriages, exacerbated by uncertainty on where to seek help and which advice to follow. Many are also reluctant to share their problems due to concerns of privacy and stigma.

Viola.AI is our solution for singles and couples experiencing these love and relationship challenges.

Viola.AI harnesses on the latest technology in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and trustless smart contracts to develop a powerful lifelong relationship advisor named Viola and an AI-driven marketplace to create and sustain successful and happy relationships for all singles and couples.

Viola.AI is designed to help achieve the following objectives:

  1. The World’s Most Effective A.I. Advisor and Assistant for Dating and Relationships
  2. The Go-to Marketplace for Dating and Relationship

To achieve the objectives, Viola.AI is equipped with several core capabilities.

  • A.I. Engine – Provides highly personalized matching and discreet relationship advices which evolves according to the user’s relationship status by employing A.I. with personalised machine learning engine and natural language empathy
  • Blockchain Technology – Protects users through Real-ID Verification with visual recognition technology, facilitates trustless and efficient transactions with Viola.AI Wallet and Hedged Escrow System
  • Marketplace – Provides timely recommendations to address the user’s needs for goods and services, offers strong community support with quality content and advice that addresses user’s enquiry and allows customization of Viola.AI core services on 3rd party platforms


Viola.AI is built by proven pioneers who have been in the industry for the last 13 years. Our founders are the leading dating entrepreneurs in South East Asia with a combined 4000+ media coverage including international media (e.g. BBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post). We are seasoned brand and business builders who are experienced in multi-country expansion; our brick-and-mortar businesses have presence in 6 countries. We are experienced managers, currently manage a team of over 110 people. We have developed several successful dating platform and services from scratch even we did not have much prior experience. We were hungry to learn and have managed to master the technology behind it. We are here to stay in the industry as we find it meaningful and have long staked our reputations and finances on it. We would apply all our experience and knowledge to ensure Viola.AI is a success.

Viola.AI is not starting from scratch and has a good foundation to grow upon. Once Viola.AI’s is launched, we would have a base of 1.4 million users to work with as all of our services and products will immediately come in as integrated 3rd Party merchants/Partners from the start. We can cross market and cross sell it to our existing platforms to ensure that it is revenue generating from day one via the revenue share. Another important part of the success of any AI project is the adequate datasets to train with. Viola.AI can tap on our existing 3500 datasets and 1.1 billion data points accumulated over 13 years and will have over 100,000 dates to train and learn from. Our existing platforms already possess several key features that will be on Viola.AI, e.g. profiling, matching, arranging dates and collecting feedback. Therefore, we are not going on trial and error as we already have a huge amount of experience to tap on to ensure the features work well.

Viola.AI is designed to reward early buyers of the VIOLA token. The earlier tiers of the Token Sale give more bonus tokens to earliest backers of the project who help make Viola.AI a reality as a thank you for their faith in us and helping us to create a robust community earlier as well.

The VIOLA token can also be used on all our existing platforms ensuring there is decent amount of usage from the start. Hence, VIOLA token users will be able to spend their tokens on our other existing platforms as well. We have also identified partners whom we can work with to put Viola.AI and VIOLA tokens onto their platforms.


Violet Lim

Co-Founder and CEO

Jamie Lee

Co-Founder and Business Development Head

Zam Ong

Co-Founder, A.I & Crypto Protocol Architect

Nikki Assavathorn

Co-Founder and CPO

Martti Dumangeng

Blockchain & Technology Solutions Head

Bryan Chu

AI & Data Analytics Scientist

Li Yhee Chin

Business Development & Partnerships

Christina Thung

Head of PR

Fred Lacorte

Head of Community Management

Viola.AI (PreICO) Advisors

Lisa Clampitt

Hong Ting Wong

Dato Larry Gan Nyap Liou

Bruno Vanryb

Michael Reece

Blockchain entrepreneur and cofounder of NicheAdNetwork

Philippe Rodriguez

President of Bitcoin Association in France and founder of Avolta Partners


January 2015
Launched LunchClick with Human Love Assistant to help singles.
January 2017
Started working on NLP algorithm based on the keywords used in millions of LunchClick conversation and identified top challenges of what users face in their relationship problems.
November 2017
Launch MVP of Viola bot based on LunchClick. Matching Profiles based on machine learning algorithm.
December 2017
ICO and Blockchain development.
March 2018
Deliveries of Smart Features: AI and Machine Learning for Singles & Attached Couples. Viola Wallet and Token Application.
December 2018
Voice Recognition. Release recommended services and products to enhance relationship. Provide content management system for users and expert to contribute.
January 2020
Target 25+ million users. Global presence.

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