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Utemis (PreICO) ICO details

Start Date: 2018-1-8

End date: 2018-1-25


There is a powerful reason for creating the UTEMIS cryptocurrency token; the restrictions on access to capital, inflation, devaluations, dysfunctional economic policies, unreasonably favored banks charging inordinate fees to their customers. The lives of ordinary citizens are daily witnesses of the important conflicts of interest between the regulators of Latin American fiat currencies and the general interests of the population.
UTEMIS Limited Liability Corporation will introduce a cryptographic utility token, named UTEMIS (UTS), to decentralize companies’ reputation in Latin America. We believe that if small and mid-sized businesses in Latin America have, for the first time ever, the chance to co-create their future, they will create the most economically vibrant, resilient, efficient and fair economic zone in the world.

UTEMIS is a B2B platform geared to building trust by stressing and decentralizing merchant reputation, transaction assurance and trading efficiency. It is focused in Latin America and it is integral with the UTEMIS token, this being essential to protect merchants from the vagaries and arbitrariness of local governmental interventions. In this, UTEMIS follows the proven business model of the leading Chinese e-commerce giants with a strong emphasis on reputation. For the reason given, the UTEMIS cryptocurrency is a necessary complement with the potential of transforming the entire Latin American region into a single economic space. UTEMIS ICO proceeds will be invested in speeding up the development of the technological platform and in hiring a massive salesforce to spark growth in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. UTEMIS Value Proposition for merchant customers is threefold:

  1. Find new clients and suppliers in the entire Latin American continent and evaluate them by their reputation;
  2. Save up to 99% of the current costs of doing transactions and payments and;
  3. Keeping our customers protected at all times against fraud (using an escrow account).

UTEMIS expects revenues of $650 million (US Dollars) by the end of 2018 by monetizing this Value Proposition with three types of income:

  1. Advertising;
  2. Per transaction fees and;
  3. Fees from managing the escrow account.

For participants in the token: only the amount purchased in the ICO will be liquid. In addition, UTEMIS has a unique ‘VIP Participants Program’ that rewards early participants with a special reward policy (similar to a ‘dividend policy’). It also includes an attractive benefits package in case of doing an IPO (an Initial Public Offering in a stock exchange) or in case UTEMIS were to be acquired by a major e-commerce corporation – in addition, of course, to any increase in value of the UTEMIS cryptocurrency token.

Utemis technology

    UTEMIS uses the latest technology to give everyone a fresh start. A new opportunity to do things right. At UTEMIS everyone has a clean slate – you write your future on the Blockchain. No matter what you did in the past, or where you come from. You can do business now without corruption, save costs, eliminate fraud and avoid bureaucracy and red tape when buying & selling goods in Latin America (also in the U.S. and Canada). You will only pay if you are 100% satisfied with the goods. And your money will always be protected.
    Blockchain is a foundational technology upon which any system can operate, is a database technology that creates an auditable distributed ledger of transactions recorded digitally among a broad network of users. When used with a cryptocurrency, the Blockchain record can only be updated by consensus of the majority of the participants in a network, and once entered, entries cannot be erased. That means that it can be trusted, you are the only one writing your reputation on the UTEMIS Blockchain.
  3. EASY
    A platform to do business that it is easy to use and that is secure. Where you can easily verify potential customers and suppliers’ reputation and where everything is public and on a trustable Blockchain. There are no hidden costs or surprises. No bank fees, no currency exchanges, no delays in payments, nothing. Payments are made instantaneously – and you can withdraw your payment immediately.


Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere

UTEMIS Founding Team

Daniel Ortiz Uribe

UTEMIS Founding Team

Walfredo Dantas

Country Manager - Brasil

Luis Tinajero Michel

Country Manager - Mexico

Pablo Uribe Villa

Country Manager - Colombia

Tony Codina

Core Technology Team

Francisco Denia

Core Technology Team

Utemis (PreICO) Advisors

Higinio Guillamon Duch

Advisory Board

Nicolas De Narvaez

Advisory Board

Jaime Pascual

Advisory Board


The idea of a UTEMIS ecosystem was born. We researched what licenses, programmers, legal requirements, and financial and IT engineers would have to be acquired to create the UTEMIS Ecosystem. A 10-year business plan was created for the ecosystem. PRE-ICO December 15 2017, we will launch our UTEMIS token in the ICO market.
January 8, 2018: ICO FIRST PERIOD January 25, 2018: ICO SECOND PERIOD UTEMIS will immediately start creating the UTEMIS ecosystem as soon as there are enough funds. Likewise, as soon as there are funds UTEMIS will start hiring the sales team. UTEMIS will launch in May 2018.
Goals: First 5,000 companies trading in the UTEMIS platform. Valuation of the UTEMIS crypto currency US $10 = 1 UTEMIS

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