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Uservice ICO details

Start Date: 2017-12-18

End date: 2018-2-1

    • Category: Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform
    • Token: UST
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 UST = 0.0005 ETH
    • Bonus: 50% discount
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 3000 ETH
    • Hard cap: 300000 ETH

About Uservice

The platform will connect all car industry representatives

Uservice Project is a Decentralized Online Platform based on the Ethereum blockchain which will use smart-contract. Ethereum technology allows registering any deals and operations with automobiles on a distributed contract basis like Blockchain without using standard legal procedures. All operations with cars will be clear, controllable and safe.

Uservice System is intended not only for registering operations and deals between drivers and car service stations. It represents a basis of a brand new ecosystem which consists of driver service, statistical data compilation and analysis, and creation of new business processes in automotive industry. For example, drivers, dealers, insurance companies, car service stations, auto groups and digital solution providers can connect to the System and offer their services, which will increase blockchain value.

www.Uremont.com is a basic product of Uservice Team and is ready-to-use IT platform for collecting, analyzing and building the rating system and for identifying car service stations.

www.uremont.com raised investments for 10,000,000 US dollars, was tested and won the competitive struggle on seed markets and became the most significant aggregator of car service stations in Europe, and currently it is ready to be scaled globally and to explode its global market share.

www.Uremont.com will be the basis for the new Uservice Blockchain Platform.

Uservice Team is concerned about the grade of environment pollution resulted by industrial productions as well as progressing growth of hazardous substances impact from vehicle operation and service.

In due course, the Uservice Project is expected to be presented in the majority of countries and we will monitor our partners’ activities and create all the necessary functionality to provide appropriate recycle of automotive waste products according to European standards.

In order to achieve these goals we consult our project details with WWF organization.

Blockchain technology
Recording any transactions in the ecosystem occurs instantly. In a matter of few minutes, you can choose coordinate and pay for the services of a repair shop, etc. anywhere in the world.

Distributed database
Storing the whole car history on the blockchain platform will make Uservice the leading aggregator of information in the entire car industry.

What is the idea of Uservice?

It is a decentralized online platform on the server of blockchain Ethereum, with the core of smart contract technology.

It allows registration of any transactions and operations in the ecosystem which occurs instantaneously, according to which, within 3 minutes you can choose, confirm and pay for the services of auto service centers (ASC) anywhere in the world. Operations inside the platform are fully transparent and secure. The accumulated data opens the possibilities for additional monetization channels.
In the auto industry you can find many online platforms. They are all unique in their own ways, some sell cars, others provide auto diagnostics, auto service centers and many more. Individually, each has its own benefit, however, they share a common problem – lack of united platform.
In the auto industry you can find many online platforms. They are all unique in their own ways, some sell cars, others provide auto diagnostics, auto service centers and many more. Individually, each has its own benefit, however, they share a common problem – lack of united platform.
UST Token
By introducing the internal token called UST in our ecosystem, we created a mechanism for interaction of participants of the ecosystem within a single platform.

We expect that the number of participants on our platform will increase, which means the cost of the UST token will grow (since UST token works on the deflationary model)


Arthur Terisayan

Founder of Uremont & Uservice

Karen Movsisyan

Businessman Founder of 4 Seasons, operating in Eastern Europe

Batu Hasikov

Businessman, Public Figure Multiple world champion in kickboxing

Sangadji Tarbaev

Businessman Director of My Way Productions, Chairman of the Commission for Support of Youth Initiatives

Joseph Borg

Legal Advisor, Senior Advisor to WH Partners

Aleksandr Korotkov

CEO of Uremont

Denis Shelkov

CVO of Uremont

Mstislav Semipyatnov

IT Director of Uremont

Dmitri Shtemenko

Community Manager for Europe

Konul Iskenderova

Community Manager

Denis Sergeev

Businessman The founder of BESK, which conducted 4 ICO

Marianna Sahakyan

Head of VIP Insurance Department, RESO

Svetozar Semipyatnov

Crypto Enthusiast

Uservice Advisors

William Shor

Managing partner of Caspian VC (CVC)

VItaly Petrov

The 1st Russian racer who stood on the podium of Grand Prix of Formula 1, SMP Racing

Georgy Mikhaylets

Key Account Management Director of WinPay

Manuk Hergnyan

Businessman Co-Founder & Managing Partner of few companies in Armenia

Konstantin Tevosov

Deputy Director of RESO

Ruslan Udin

Business Development Director in the international bookmaker company Bingo-Boom

Alexander Borodich

CEO Universa.io, visionary, entrepreneur


Сreating the concept of the www.uremont.com All stages of the project were completed (from prototype to alpha and beta versions of the service) Launch of the www.uremont.com project on the Eastern-European market
1Q — 2Q 2017
Successful Growth Uremont – the largest aggregator of the car service on the initial market The Uservice idea has come up
3Q 2017
The platform support (load testing in new regions) Expanding charging zones bases for the newly connected cities in each country
4Q 2017
Pre sale token and sale token period Increased penetration in the start-up markets Preparing the infrastructure for starting the operations in North America and Asia
Blockchain technology implementation Massive promotion in the entry markets (North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East) Platform support Scaling of the system
Implementation of new functionality USX token issue
Domination in the markets where the project exists IPO Uservice

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