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TuurnT ICO details

Start Date: 2018-8-1

End date: 2018-10-1

    • Category: Entertainment
    • Token: TRT
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 TRT = 0.1 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD


Tuurnt came after realizing there was a voidin the event industry. Nowadays, people can make money from driving an Uber, or can rent out their homes on Airbnb, but what if someone doesn’t own a car or a home? That’s when Tuurnt app comes into play. With the blockchain technology, Tuurnt gives its users the ability to create an event in minutes! Just like Uber or Airbnb, you get paid to be the host. We are an app that connects partygoers with hosts.On one side we want to empower individuals to list their events and gain additional income.On the other, we want to give our community a unique experience to book events from abroad or local host, allowing them to collaborate and have fun.With the introduction of our ERC-20 utility token called Tuurnt Token “TRT”, hosts and partygoers are able to trade services in a secure payment system without having to deal with centralized middlemen.In addition to trading services, Tuurnt will have a reward system that recompense partygoers for attending parties and hosts will have bonus tokens when they reach a certain number of positive reviews milestones. Our reason for doing this, is to create a closed self-sustainable ecosystem that supports user growthand event creation while being decentralized on the blockchain.



The sharing economy is estimated to be $335 billion by 2025. This estimate is based on the rapid growth of Uber and Airbnb as indicative. Considering the size of the sharing economy in the U.S in 2016 and the for 2020, there were over 44.8 million adults using sharing economy services in the United States including Uber and Airbnb and research shows that the total number of users will increase to 86.5 million by the end of 2021.


The Tuurnt target audience is people aged 18 – 35, including college students and adults who like to attend social gathering events. 40% of people attend parties, events or social gatherings

Our Target

Competitive Landscape

It is important to dedicate our time and energy towards a proper understanding of our collaborative and competitive landscape. This will help us to achieve sustainability and improve event management process. The competitive analysis simply helps us to identify how our event management apps will fit into the broader environment and the forces that cause our consumers deviate from using our apps.

We have understood the gaps to be breached in the Nightlife industry and we are looking into how to fill these gaps. In addition to this, we have defined our niche and identified our competitive advantage based on the strengths of our platform thereby making us distinct from our competitors and more efficient in achieving our goals. This is what sets our platform apart from others.

Competitive Landscape


Example Use Cases

  • Tuurnt let’s college students throw frat parties with everyone on campus, knowing where the party will take place instead of just relying on the informal means of passing information.
  • Tuurnt gives the opportunity to young couples who needs extra income, the ability to host a social event, like wine tasting and much more in the comfort of their home.People nearby can view and book the event in real time!
  • Tuurnt is for that chef that loves to cook at home and wants to earn an extra income. People around them can book and enjoy a new culinary experience. For exemple; 20(TRT) you get a 5-course dinner and a glass of wine.
  • Tuurnt allows users to see in real time how an event is unfolding from; photos and videos that people are posting directly from the event. The party-seekers can ask questions about the event in real time with live comments; “Hey how’s the line-up?”.
  • Users who booked an event will receive a notification if someone has a question regarding that same event. They can all see how many likes and dislikes (Tuurnups & Tuurndowns) the event has.


Tuurnt Token TRT

ERC20 Token Distribution

There are 500 million TRT that are available for supply and 33% will be available during the crowd sale. In addition to this, 33% will also be channeled to the Team, Advisors and Legal sector while 33% will be allocated to Development, Marketing, and Operational Expenses & Users Rewards.

  • Partnerships –13%
  • Crowd Sale –33%
  • Advisors & Legal Sector – 20%
  • Development, Marketing, Operational Expenses, Users – 33%

Funds Allocation

5% of the funds will be allocated to legal while 20% for community rewards. 25% of the total funds will be used for operational Expenses and 25% will be used to cater for marketing expenses. Lastly, the development team will be allocated 25% of the funds.

  • Legal – 5%
  • Community Rewards – 20%
  • Operational Expenses – 25%
  • Marketing Expenses – 25%
  • Development Team – 25%

Funds Allocation

Public sale


The two primary functions for TRT are to book paid or free events on Tuurnt and to send TRT to friends and other Tuurnt users. Users must always have at least 1 TRT in their wallet to attend a free event. These functions create a closed economy for the Tuurnt ecosystem and will ensure stability. In addition to the primary functions, TRT will be awarded to Tuurnt users based on our Level system. The Tuurnt level system consists of two sub-categories, one for events hosts and the other for partygoers.

Tuurnt Wallet

  • Each Tuurnt user will have a Tuurnt wallet linked to the mobile app, they can see other users profile and level status; from Bronze to Diamond.
  • Tuurnt wallet will allow users to transfer TRT to friends and family.
  • Users are able to withdrawal their TRT and send it to their ETH wallet instantly since Tuurnt uses a ERC20 Token.

Tuurn Wallet

By creating this strategic plan, Tuurnt app has shown that Blockchain technology is key to its future success.With already a live app running on IOS and Android we are the first decentralize Event app. Our team work ethics will ensure continuous improvement and success of this project.We bring a proven business model in an industry ready to get disrupted, we know what users want and we are ready to meet their needs.The Peer to Peer Economy has changed the industry of transportation, hospitality and food service for a decade. We want to empower the users to increase their revenue in a new efficient way, without the traditional banks or paper money, but only through the power of smart contracts.


Fabrice Mishiki

CEO & Founder

Umesh Sharma


Luke Devern

Head of Growth and Marketing

Ravi Gupta

Lead IOS Developer

Arpit Kaushik

PHP Developer

Aadarsh Kumar

Lead Designer

Gympie Cortez

Head of Customer Service

Pietro Kabeya

Creative Director

Jwala Prasad

Lead Android Developer

Vikas Panwar

Blockchain Engineer

Melissa Paiz

Social Media Manager

Filip Boskov

Bounty Manager

TuurnT Advisors

Debra McCann

Bogdan Fiedur

Zahid Imran

Andrew Chung

Brian Condenanza

Viola.al Advisor

Danny Kass

CryptoAds Advisor


Q1 2018
Whitepaper complete
Q2 2018
Token donation start
Q3 2018
Strategic partnerships announcement
Q4 2018
Tuurnt on the blockchain Token integration on the live app on IOS & Android TRT wallet integration on the live app on IOS & Android
Q1 2019
Tuurnt Suggestions integration Community Growth

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