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TrustedHealth ICO details

Start Date: 2018-3-27

End date: 2018-4-27

    • Category: Health, Platform
    • Token: TDH
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 TDH = 0.00006 ETH
    • Bonus: Tranche 1: 100% Tranche 2: 50% Tranche 3: 30% Tranche 4: 20% Tranche 5: 10% Tranche 6: 5% Tranche 7: 2% Tranche 8: 0%
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 1,000 ETH
    • Hard cap: 7,500 ETH

Patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialised medicine engineered on blockchain

Many healthcare systems are slow and inefficient. They favour some and exclude others. There is a lack of transparency around the right specialists, the misdiagnosis rate is high, and the best medical care isn’t centralised in one place due to sub-specialisation. There is also limited physical access to some of the most proficient medical practitioners in the world.

Everyone should be able to access specialist expertise, regardless of location.

There are also challenges around a lack of technology, or a lack of access to technology, poor communication, lack of standardisation, and case-relevant information exchange. These issues impact on patient-to-doctor, patient-to-patient communication, the knowledge transfer between medical practitioners and better research for future treatment discoveries.

The challenges that every patient faces, and that are of the most pressing concern, in life threatening conditions are clear:

  • Patients don’t benefit from the expertise available around the world
  • There is a rising demand for the unification of the healthcare experience, data and security.
  • Every case could help others through coordinated research.

TrustedHealth has been created to be an agent of this change. With TrustedHealth, patients, medical practitioners and the entire health ecosystem are connected directly with one another. A direct link from a patient in one country to the right specialist in another, delivering the right diagnoses and the right patient care – this is the vision of TrustedHealth. Every step of the healthcare experience supported and made available to everyone through an integrated medical ecosystem of healthcare providers.

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease would you not like to feel as if you could take immediate control over the situation?

Wouldn’t you like to gain access to the knowledge of world-leading specialists who understand the condition intimately? Wouldn’t you want to have access to the entire healthcare ecosystem, from medical diagnostics, hospitals, and other trusted providers to the right treatment – all on time? Wouldn’t you want for your case to be shared with other medical practitioners so they can crowd-research the condition and fight it more effectively?

At the moment, the system is more pointed towards profit and making ends meet then it is towards resolving problems that face patients and practitioners on a daily basis.

There is a need to resolve this challenge, to create a solution that provides access to the best specialists, provides the right medical support, saves time, helps research the right medications and support, and eliminates the need to travel, especially when time is of the essence.

We want you to become a part of the TrustedHealth movement and help us to create the most impressive and accessible ecosystem of medical specialists in the world. A ecosystem designed to give back and share knowledge. With you, we hope to be able to select which complex diseases and specialists should become a priority, engage in research and fundamentally change how patients and doctors around the world interact with one another to achieve significantly better health outcomes.

The TrustedHealth is you, it’s me, it’s every patient and caregiver who faces the prospect of a complex disease. It will seek to be a patient-led and doctor-guided digital ecosystem that delivers better health outcomes for people suffering from cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

We hope to empower patients by enabling them to receive the right advice by linking them directly to world-leading specialists that match their specific needs. We aim to enable virtual consultations and gather big data so it can be used to further research into specific conditions.

This project and community is already well underway. It was inspired by the passing of the mother of one of our founders. Trustedoctor, the founding partner of the TDH ecosystem, is already helping hundreds of people connect with the right specialists within the brain and lung cancer medical speciality, regardless of geographic location.

We are trying to break down the barriers of time, geography and reigniting trust in the medical profession as patients shall be able to reach the right specialists who are well informed and in a simple and accessible way. Our service will be available to anyone in the world. We will promote and support a global virtual platform for specialised medicine that connects patients with doctors, enabling collaboration, insight and advice. Trustedoctor’s patients gain access to a vast medical ecosystem for ease of access and right treatment delivery.

Trustedoctor project came about as a result of a two-year period of conceptualisation and development and its overarching goal is to solve global healthcare challenges, for everyone, forever.


Greg Jarzabek

Founder & CEO – Founder of Trustedoctor

Philippe Schucht

Chief Medical Officer

Lukasz Rzeczkowski

Founder & Chief Development Officer

Dariusz Jastrzebski

Chief Technology Officer

Jure Pozun

Chief Marketing Officer

Peter Merc

Legal crypto council

Viktor Brajak

Blockchain specialist & developer

Denis Petrovcic

Blockchain consultant

Nina Tanhofer

Social Media & Content consultant

Mateusz Wojtas

UX & Design

Radek Kukula


Tamsin Oxford

Patient relations consultant and content creator

Fiona Chow

PR consultant

Liz Adams

PR Consultant

Tilen Kegl


Krystian Drozdzynski

Front-end & Android developer

Jakub Jasiulewicz

Senior Software Engineer

Margarida Borges

UIUX Designer

Bojan Semen

UIUX Designer

TrustedHealth Advisors

Philippe Schucht

Professor of Neurosurgery

Niko Klansek

Chief Business Consultant

Roger Stupp

Professor of Oncology in Northwestern Medicine

Karol Sikora

Professor of Cancer Medicine and Consultant Oncologist.

Justin Stebbing

Professor of Oncology, Imperial College.

Lex Sokolin

Fintech entrepreneur & futurist.

Tanja Spanic

President to Europa Donna Slovenia, Breast cancer organisation.

Nicolas Courtois

Senior lecturer of cryptography at University College London

Mohammad Shaheed Khan

Ameet Bakhai

Consultant Cardiologist


JUN 2016
Creation of trustedoctor.
2015 - 2016
Concept creation based on personal cancer family experience.
JUL 2016
Trustedoctor company created.
OCT - DEC 2016
7 patient organisations onboard & endorsement from first renowned oncologists.
NOV 2016
$575k Investment from doctors and business angels.
FEB 2017
European finalist of Harvard New Venture Competitions.
APR 2017
First doctors, first virtual consultations on the platform.
SEPT 2017
17 patient organisations, 50 world's leading specialists in brain cancer, 160 patients in brain cancer from 25 different countries.
OCT 2017
Expansion to lung and prostate cancer.
OCT 2017
Semi-finalist of Astellas prize in Oncology.
OCT 2017
Creation of TrustedHealth.
FEB 20TH, 2018
Presale with a 30% bonus.
MAR 7TH, 2018
Token generation event.

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