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Triwer ICO details

Start Date: 2018-6-1

End date: 2018-7-31

    • Category: Business services, Platform, Smart Contract, Software
    • Token: TRW
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 TRW = 0.08 USD
    • Bonus: First 2.5MM: 25% BONUS Next 2.5MM: 15% BONUS After Soft Cap: No Bonus
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD


Triwer – Delivering The Future

Triwer is a courrier express and parcel (CEP) application, incorporating, CRM, price comparison, blockchain, crowd delivery and community concepts, together with a strong brand idenity. Triwer aims to take a significant share of the European CEP market through acceptance of its automated DLT (distributed leger technology) platform and TRW token. The app bring significant benefits for users and partners alike and growth driven by an aggressive business development approach.

By focusing on alleviating restrictions and inefficiencies across the parcel industry supply chain and satisfying customer and user needs, Triwer has built in a number of unique selling points which we believe will make Triwer an industry online standard in much the same way as Uber in the private taxi sector or AirbnB in short term property rentals.

By sharing spare capacity, using resources that are already making a similar journey and improving efficiency, Triwer will have a positive environmental impact from reducing emission on duplicated journeys, to eventually having a significant effect on traffic congestion.

Blockchain technology will provide the platform upon which Triwer’s business model will operate, facilitating delivery management, the digitization of record and account keeping, tracking of assets along the delivery cycle, responsibility and uniformity of multiple carriers and rapid and direct distribution of payment.

The application has three principle modules:

  • Receiver management and crowd shipping facility: personalization of delivery preferences, final mile GPS tracking, direct driver communication and real time delivery options.
  • Capacity tender and price comparison: for transportation companies to offer spare capacity at marginal revenue rates and also source best price solution.
  • Blockchain management platform: allowing smart contracting, delivery management, tracking, escrow and payment.

Sales will focus on signing up small to medium sized e-commerce sites and attracting their customers to install the Triwer app through various promotions and incentives in order to channel deliveries through the Triwer network. Those deliveries will be initially ‘point to point´ and typically same day, but as Triwer integrates into the whole supply chain, we will be able to offer an array of delivery options through the use of subcontractors, delivery partners and its crowd delivery network especially across the last mile segment of the of the delivery process.

Size & growth

Growth in Europe has shifted delivery profile from B2B to B2C and C2X. Driven by e-commerce, returns, and peer to peer web pages.

The Market

Supply chain dynamics

The change in customer profile has shifted the industry dynamics.

Supply chain dynamics

The supply chain dynamics from a simplistic postal model i.e. pick up, sort, transport and deliver to becoming an integral part of the e-commerce service offer.Supply chain dynamics

In the new world of parcel logistics the ultimate consumer, i.e. the parcel receiver, has inherited the market power and is now an integral piece of the e-commerce sales process from being marketed to, selecting his purchase on-line, to filling out delivery preferences, fulfilling their desire to track their purchase, at any time on any device, to ensuring timely and accurate delivery, with the option of intransit changes in delivery destination. The industry must react to the new demands of their customers:

  • Same day deliveries
  • Real time package tracking and alerts
  • Narrow delivery window, from date, to hours, to minutes
  • Returns collection
  • Multiple delivery options including mid-delivery changes

Quality, service, and price demands forced by e-commerce businesses and receivers, are driving down average prices and hence margins to the carriers while e-commerce expansion drives volumes up.

Supply chain dynamics

Final customer

Outside of largest online retailers, especially Amazon, who have embraced delivery as a cornerstone of their business model, the final customer experience of their delivery is impersonal, inconsistent and in-flexible, specifically:

  • No profile recording of delivery preferences: Multiple delivery addresses, window preferences, different invoice address.
  • Non-existent or inconsistent tracking: between different carriers or partial delivery stage tracking. Most important tracking is last mile.
  • Large delivery windows: e.g. in morning or afternoon means recipient may waste time waiting in for a delivery.
  • Lack of flexibility of delivery options, best price, best fit service offer, premium features such as same day deliveries, difficult to change delivery options once ordered.
  • Contracts: most larger carriers require customer contracting which makes smaller infrequent deliveries difficult to arrange.
  • Poor comparison mechanisms: large price differential between carriers and even existing comparison web pages and online brokers.

The SolutionSupply chain

Market forces are increasing volumes, driving down margins, increasing quality demands, while issues within the supply chain preventing the necessary efficiency improvements remain and need resolution: The Challenge Final customer Supply chain

  • Resolve capacity issues: both bottlenecks and overcapacity. An un-integrated and closed traditional approach, caused by lack of trust and unified enterprise operating protocols has resulted in overcapacity at key points of the supply chain on depot to depot logistics, sorting depots and bottlenecks at peak final delivery windows.
  • Resolve inefficiencies at the key first and last mile stages of pick up and delivery. The last mile is beset by inefficiency from failed deliveries, which typically make up between 15% and 20% of a delivery run, to idle capital, from traffic, half empty vans or high fixed costs of sorting depots.
  • Improve integration: Integration both up and down stream as well as across competitors has been held back by a lack of trust, especially on transfer of responsibility, the lack of a standard protocol for tracking, accounting and payment.
  • Improve accountability and transparency: Key to facilitating integration and ultimately efficiency it is also fundamental to reducing losses from theft and damage. An important secondary effect is improved dispute resolution, cash flow management and bad debt.
  • Improve tracking: Poor tracking, especially across multiple carriers, has a major impact upon perceived quality of service, undermines smooth transfer between carriers and depots and removes the possibility of real time customer changes of delivery options to ensure final delivery.
  • Improve flexibility: both along the supply chain, so that loads follow logistic capacity and final delivery options such a crowd delivery but also to the customer to amend delivery options real time and hence avoid non deliveries.


Per Havden

Working Chairman LinkedIn

Thomas Vogt

CEO & Co-founder

Kim Abrahamsen

Co-founder & Chief of Sales

Alexander Martin

Finance Manager

Dave Rooney

Head of Tech & Applications

Frank Dekker

System Engineer & Automation

Søren A. Jørgensen

Frontend Developer

Marius Wirum Haaverstad

Service Design / UX

Gina Sansoni

PR Manager

Steffen Bønsnes

Social Media Platforms

Ken Chui

SEA Operations

Triwer Advisors

Michael Stout

Senior Security Expert

Kedar Iyer

Ethereum Blockchain Expert

Suchet Dhindsa

Investor Relations

Sam Farao

Growth Marketing & Investments

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD

Mark Jacobsen

Blockchain Advisor


Triwer was born
Concept & design
Feb 2018
Beta testing
Mar 2018
Beta testing
May 2018
Public Token Sale
May 2018
Launch of Brokerage Module
Q2 2018
Launch in Uk, Germany and Spain
Q3 2018
Token payment and smart contract integration complete
Q3 2018
In-app exchange complete & Launch in rest of EU
Q4 2018
Expansion into 10 European countries
Q1 2019
Extend protocol and launch in US
Q1 2019
Strategic EU acquisitions

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