Taklimakan Network

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Taklimakan Network ICO details

    • Category: Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform
    • Token: TKLN
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 ETH = 30,000 TKLN
    • Bonus: Tier 1 - 3 ETH 1% Tier 2 - 7 ETH 2% Tier 3 - 15 ETH 3% Tier 4 - 30 ETH 4% Tier 5 - 75 ETH 5% Tier 6 - 150 ETH 6% Tier 7 - 250 ETH 7% Tier 8 - 500 ETH 8% Tier 9 - 750 ETH 9% Tier 10 - 1,000 ETH 10%
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 3333 ETH
    • Hard cap: 36667 ETH

Taklimakan Network

Taklimakan Network is a platform designed to improve the professional level of crypto investors and make them more successful with the help of experienced traders and analysts. This project will operate as business platform for effective interaction between newcomers of cryptomarket, professional traders, analysts and asset managers. Extensive functionality, variety of investment tools and services with an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface will be featured in the project. A rating system that allows investors to identify the most popular and reliable providers of trading signals and analytics, rewards to all users for participating in a crowd prediction and many other interesting platform tools will attract more users interested in the crypto industry. As a result, both beginners and experts will be motivated.

The Taklimakan Network platform allows users not only to be a project investor, but also to receive the information that might be useful for their investment activity. Often people participate in ICO in order to get a quick earnings, buying tokens on pre-sale and selling them on the stock exchange immediately after they got listed. But to the current date, with the increase in the number of ICOs conducted the speculative earnings of short-term investors are becoming less and less realistic and sometimes they are not profitable at all.

By having the Taklimakan Network Tokens in the investment portfolio, user should not be considered as a speculative player, he becomes an investor of a promising project which is useful for the whole crypto community and whose tokens will bring a huge profit after the project is fully executed instead. Moreover, the platform can be used for commercial purposes by generating passive income on a regular basis. But the ultimate goal of this project is not only a commercial interest, but also the creation of really useful platform for the entire crypto community.

Taklimakan platform

Taklimakan platform is aimed to empower and attract amature investors by providing new tools and great knowledge base. Experienced traders and analysts will be encouraged to share their experience and help newcomers to become more efficient in personal fund management.

Some Taklimakan innovations will seem new and exciting even to the gurus of investment world because it aims to interconnect social networks, investments, and blockchain, and create unique and efficient fund management experience for everyone.


Yong Ming Hong

Managing Partner and Co-founder

Rashid Yussup

Managing Partner and Co-founder

Rustam Kairy

Managing Partner and Co-founder

Gregory Zaitsev

Project Manager

Constantine Pozdnikin

Front-end / Full-stack Developer

Alexander Sinichkin

Back-end / Full-stack Developer

Viktoria Kovalenko

Community Relations Manager

Venera Osman

Marketing Manager

Aysilu Khayrullina

Business Analyst

Andrey Zaitsev

Smart Contract Developer and Architect

Berik Yernazarov

Financial Analyst

Maralbek Zeinullin

Business Communication Manager

Ramin Abdusalam

IT Specialist

Birzhan Belgozhaev

Internet Marketer

Denis Purgin

UI/UX Designer

Ramil Japar

Platform Tester

Dmytro Krupych

Account Manager

Lei Ling

Social Media and PR - China

Taklimakan Network Advisors

Alexander Mitrovich

Advisor and Developer Relations


August – September 2017
Idea generation Idea generation among the founders of the project, the market analyses, the competition analyses and the development of an implementation planProject concept design A thoroughly developed concept with all the possible pros and cons of the productCreating development team Creating a team of professionals for the key positions to build project architecture
October – November 2017
Landing page User-friendly landing page for a quick understanding of a project conceptWhitepaper A detailed description of the idea, implementation process and team membersClosed pre-sale Closed token pre-sale for the angel investors at the best pricePre-marketing Pre-marketing plan with coverage of the main sites to attract the audience
December 2017 – January 2018
Public pre-sale As part of the public pre-sale, the investor has an opportunity to purchase tokens with a large discountICO Marketing Rationally planned budget for ICO marketing, with the selection of the best channels for attracting the audience, according to a unique plan
February – March 2018
Listing the token on exchange The inclusion of the token in exchanges' listings will allow the project investors to speculate on the exchange rate movementsHiring additional staff Step-by-step plan to recruit additional specialists to the team was developed in order to achieve an accelerated growth and a high profitability of the project
April – May 2018
Alpha version release Platform alpha version publication for testing and error identificationMarketing for attracting experts A bonus program to attract traders and analysts to the platform developed by the marketing team. The markets of different regions will be taken into account for maximum audience coverage
June – July 2018
Beta version release Publication, testing and intensive use of the platform beta versionMobile app alpha version Mobile app publication for testing and error identificationLaunching of all services Platform standard-mode operation with all major sections and full functionality
August – September 2018
Mobile app beta version Testing the beta version of the platform mobile application to prepare for the releaseGlobal marketing of the platform Launching of a global PR campaign to attract a large crypto community audience. This includes all kinds of marketing such as online and offline contact

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