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STeX ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-1

End date: 2018-6-30

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Investment
    • Token: A2A
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 A2A = 0.0002 ETH
    • Bonus: Until 18:00 GMT on June 10 45%
    • Accepting: BCH BTC BTG Dash ETH LTC TRX
    • Soft cap: 200,000,000 A2A
    • Hard cap: 600,000,000 A2A

STeX – The First Aggregator of Crypto Liquidity

The cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and explosive growth in recent years that no existing crypto exchange is capable of managing it. One coin may be trading on one exchange – while another coin may be trading on another, but there is no one place for all coins. STeX provides that one platform to trade all existing coins; we know exactly how to make this a reality

The liquidity problem

Many coins and tokens suffer from one big problem – a lack of liquidity. This leads to enormous implications for active traders. No known exchange shows the calculations regarding available volume at a specific price; this is valuable information for high volume traders. Without this information, a reasonably large volume trader cannot make a truly informed decision. The scourge of the modern exchange is terrible liquidity. This is exactly where we deploy our private algorithms and technical solutions – to solve this problem.


Solving the liquidity problem

With our unique HFT algorithms, originally developed to work on traditional stock exchanges, we can solve the liquidity problem: providing access to all trading possibilities from one trading platform and one trading account – in the blink of an eye.


Liquidity aggregation

One of our solutions to solve this problem is to aggregate offers from many other exchanges in one place. Big orders will be executed on STeX at better prices thanks to the automatic collection of all of the best offers from various exchanges.

Liquidity pool creation (collected on ICO)

One of the main reasons to collect more funds during an ICO is the ability to strengthen the project’s own liquidity pool. This means that a significant amount of cryptocurrency will be available as bid and ask offers on the STeX exchange from the very beginning – with fast execution.

Liquidity providers

On top of that, STeX will be offering direct access through fast API protocols to those who want to provide liquidity to the STeX exchange, allowing them to trade without any commission. For all such trades, commissions will be taken from a counterparty willing to buy or sell at the offered price.

Cryptocurrency Market Caps

Built-in cross rate support

Our special A2A decentralized technology gives STeX the ability to support hundreds of thousands of cross rates simultaneously – an ability no other exchange has at the moment. More importantly, this means full featured support – including a much wider variety of trading abilities such as; trailing stop loss orders, take profit orders, charts and much more. All of the features you find on STeX will be available across any trading pair, too.

No more missed opportunities! Switch between any altcoin immediately and pick up all of the profits!


Nick Price


Maxim Vladykin

CPO and Project Manager

Ivan Mityaev

CFO / Compliance and Legal Department

Josh Clow

Marketing Officer

Alexandra Mukovozova


STeX Advisors

Serguei Popov

Professor of the University of Campinas, Brazil

Mark Zhong

Expert in Unix system, IT PM, MBA, Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader

Gigi Janelidze

Expert in UI/UX and design


August, 2017
September, 2017
Crowdfunding hard capped at 15,000 ETH.
October, 2017
Modules development.
November, 2017
Crowdfunding stage 2.
December, 2017
Alpha development.
February, 2018
Front-end Production.
March, 2018
STeX Exchange Alpha was released on March 27, 2018 14:00 GMT.
April, 2018
External liquidity aggregation has been launched, additional coins and tokens are being listed on the exchange.
May 1, 2018
A2A tokens ICO.
Q2, 2018
Beta release.
Q3, 2018
Final release development, additional trading tools and services are included in the system.

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