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Start Date: 2018-4-6

End date: 2018-4-15

SmartO – Your super-booster!


SmartO is a smartphone app with an open source and powerful expert system on blockchain with a unique set of features and clear monetization for everyone.

SmartO will unify and line up other services for day-to-day usage for users and companies alike.

The app features voice input, geolocation, adaptive algorithm and user-friendly interface for both experienced users and newbies alike.

SmartO will remind users important birthdays, tasks; tip them off on a good restaurant or hotel; remind to take pills; help to get bearings; notify bargains and show good reviews.

SmartO offers companies a comprehensive solution to keeping and acquiring customers and also helps optimizing business processes.

Monetization in SmartO is understandable and easy to approach for all parties
smarto app
App Users will:

  • get reward for referral links and trusted reviews service providers;
  • get reward for sharing browsing history with friends and interested parties;
  • will earn money for viewing ads (ads are optional – they can be simply disabled).

Companies will:

  • get a means of acquiring new and keeping loyal customers;
  • get a decrease in advertising costs due to direct connection to consumers;
  • get free auditing by customers; – get tools for optimizing business process.

Investors will:

  • get 100% guaranteed profitability;
  • get 100% investment insurance.
4.5 Total Score

9.3User's score
Project idea
Investment potential
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Ildar Mukhametzhanov

SmartO Visionary and CTO

Vladimir Zakvaskin

iOS Developer

Anatoly Chernyshev

Android Developer

Alexander Gorokhov

Web Programmer

Daria Krupnaya

QA Engineer

Nikita Evdokimov

Back-end developer

Alyona Selezneva

Product Manager

Sam Abramov


Kristina Kukushkina

PR Manager

SmartO Advisors

Alexander Voronin

Dickinson Junior

Daniel Zev Dinov

Elena Margulets

Andrey Lyubitsky


April 2018
Pre ICO App Prototype End Of Pre ICO Start ICO
May 2018
App Prototype Completion End ICO
September 2018
Listing On Exchanges Test Version Launch
December 2018
Further App Development
August 2019
Establishment Of HQ
August 2020
Further App Development
October 2020
Further App Development

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  1. Reply
    Sergio Macare
    03.04.2018 at 9:36 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    I’m in love with this project! That’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to use this app cause everyday i regret that I don’t have any kind of application familiar to this one. I really like that the main advantage of it is team’s openess, it’s so easy to contact them. They seem really nice and I haven’t seen smth like this for a long time. I wish them all the best and to the moon!!

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  2. Reply
    Kim Luan
    03.04.2018 at 9:45 pm

    One of the russian projects that seems really trustful. I’m pretty sure that you’ll reach your 1,5M softcap very easy. That’s what I like that you’re not going to chase huge numbers but just doing what you like and kinda put your soul in it. Good luck!

  3. Reply
    Bobby Rich
    03.04.2018 at 9:49 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Look nice, I guess I’ll invest, because the idea seems very interesting. Not sure how you can implement all of these services, but pretty sure it’s possible if you have great programmers. Russia is kinda famous for it lol. I’ll join your telegram, good luck!

    + PROS: Team Idea Modern
    - CONS: not found
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  4. Reply
    Будущий Пользователь
    04.04.2018 at 3:39 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Интересный проект. Кстати заходил на сайт и там эдвайзером почемуто больше.
    Siri Гугл и другие – бойтесь Смарто идет!
    На самом деле я тщательно всё изучил и много видео посмотрел, ребята идут своим путем, тут похоже, но другое и именно в этом они молодцы!!!
    Ставлю твердую 5!

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  5. Reply
    Jennifer Lanvers
    04.04.2018 at 9:28 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    I find this idea quite nice, if they really do what they promise. As far as I know it’s pretty hard to create such organized system, so it’s worth money. I’m interested in this project and its team looks nice. So I’ll keep watching their progress and help with my investment, looks like a promising beginning.

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  6. Reply
    04.04.2018 at 10:02 pm

    Looks promising. I’m sick and tired of doing it all on my own. I want some thing to improve my QoL.
    I need it like yesterday!

  7. Reply
    Ricky D
    05.04.2018 at 2:32 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    I will never go back to the days of no-organisers.

    + PROS: I've wanted to have something i can use and get sum $. Other apps dont work.
    - CONS: Hope they can work it out.
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