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Start Date: 2018-2-1

End date: 2018-2-10

    • Category: Communication, Infrastructure, Internet
    • Token: SMAG
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1SMAG = 1.00 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting:
    • Soft cap: 500000 USD
    • Hard cap: 30000000 USD


Decentralized & Distributed Network Sharing is a platform based on Blockchain which hosts different sharing projects and application to stand with privacy and to fight with censorship!

We all love to use Internet without any censor and filtering, especially in countries like China, Russia or even USA, governments censor a lot of applications and contents from the internet. Anyone, who is using the Internet should be safe and be respected by their privacy, however it is only possible when you are not being tracked by governments.

There are a lot of application you can use to protect your privacy, like VPNs or Proxies, but the most of them are hosted by a third company, which hold all of your information during registration and can give it away if someone asks them. This is one of the scenarios we are working on, to protect you and providing you an intelligent platform which acts as a decentralized and distributed application, so you can connect0 to any of them which you want and your data transfer will be secure and not trackable.

Other scenarios like VOIP application, CDN Platforms or Database storages are future idea which we want to introduce you.

SmartGenie mission

Our missions are clear for our team, this is building decentralized and distributed applications which will help future generation at the first place to be protected and at the second place to reduce the community costs for everyone who is overpaying their bills.

The applications and platforms we are building is a way for everyone to earn money from their unused network capacity, telecommunication and computer resources, by letting other persons in the network using these resources by sharing them. These applications are totally decentralized and distributed so there is no middle man to pay any fees. benefits

Early Access
As an investor of our ICO, you have the ability to access the beta version of applications and test them before they are released.

By using our sharing application, users have to pay fees ( SMAG Tokens ) to the node provider in the network, and there is always some transaction fees. You, as an Investor will be shared with these commissions in the future.

No usage fee
As you are investing in our products and supporting us to be able making a better community for the future, your account will be granted to unlimited usage of our products for zero fees.
Trade your Token
We are planning to list our Token in external exchanges after ICO, so you are able to trade the Tokens in the market and make a huge profit.

Buy Smartgenue tokens!


Markus Lochte


Brian Lippmann


Ryan Tan


Lena Gustav


John Weltmeister


Alexander Spirkova


Kevin Ying


Natalie Spring


Adam Easton




Sean Macey


Lee Wong


Jeff Blackwell


John Sacco


Keith Waldrup



Q1 - Q2, 2017
Assemble the team to develop the initial idea and Research on the global market and Blockchain/cryptocurrency.
Q3, 2017
Talent recruitment for the key positions. Integrate the Decentralized Global Sharing solutions into real business networks to conduct research in the world.
Q4, 2017
Development of the platform architecture and website development.
Jan, 2018
Working on Whitepaper and Preparing for the Pre-Sale and ICO.
1. Feb, 2018
Start Pre-Sale ICO 01.02 to 10.02.
14. Feb, 2018
Beta version of a testing application for diverse platforms.
15. Feb, 2018
Main-Sale ICO starts on 15th Feb with a token price of $0.10.
15. Apr, 2018
End of ICO – Bounty Tokens will be released.
May, 2018
Discussing with diverse external exchanges to list our valuable Token in them.
Jun, 2018
Working on future developments and trying to bring a functional version of platforms for our community.
Q3, 2018
Launching the marketing campaigns on different platforms like as Google, Social Media, and more.
Q4, 2018
Development of Mobile applications to support IOS and Android.
Q1, 2019
The final functional version of Applications will be released and will be open to download for all people.
Q2, 2019
Future developments and bug fixing.

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