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Start Date: 2018-1-22

End date: 2018-1-31

    • Category: Cryptocurrency
    • Token: SHPING
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 SHPING = 0.01 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: BTC Dash ETH Fiat LTC


The world loves to shop. Few activities satisfy our most primitive hunter and gatherer instincts as much as the act of shopping for that perfect purchase. Shopping is part of our everyday habits and a popular pastime that generates trillions of dollars for the global economy annually.
The mobile age has irrevocably changed our shopping habits forever. Today, we hunt and gather information in the palm of our hands – searching for information and seeking reviews and approvals before and after we take the product to the checkout counter.

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Shping takes this to the next level. This innovative shopper marketing and brand protection platform enhances the path-to- purchase at every stage of the product journey, even after the customer has left the store. The Shping App enables shoppers to scan product barcodes to learn pertinent product information supplied by industry authorities and brands. It also enables consumers to check for authenticity, product recall status and product reviews contributed by other Shping users, all to enable consumers to make smarter, more informed purchase decisions.

Shping platform is an innovative self-service, shopper marketing system. In a similar way that digital advertising platforms are used to in uence sales online, Shping offers the ability for brands and retailers to market to consumers during shopping instances that occur in-store. Yet, unlike advertising platforms, Shping enables brands and retailers to channel their marketing budgets into rewarding the consumer directly for their attention and engagement instead of paying large sums to the media giants. That’s a win for businesses and an even bigger win for the customers who buy their products.

Shping Coins will become the currency that enables brands, retailers and associated organisations to utilise this powerful platform to in uence and reward consumers to make smarter, safer shopping choices.

Shping is on the verge of revolutionising the way we shop. As more and more consumers and organisations discover the bene t of the Shping platform, we see Shping Coin evolving into a desirable, new payment methodology.

Shping App

By scanning regular barcodes already on packs, the Shping App enables consumers to tap into Shping’s Global Product Database to extract useful information to support them with their shopping choices. In exchange for scanning products and engaging with brands through the Shping Platform, consumers will earn rewards in the form of Shping Coins.

The rewards will be set and provided by brands and retailers who have acquired Shping Coins to incentivize consumers to scan and engage with their products.

As such, the number of Shping Coins provided as rewards to consumers may fluctuate based on the market value and demand. Shping will also incentivize users who fuel the growth of the platform by scanning and validating product information, adding “Shping Buddies”, adding reviews and adding details about products that are not found in the Global Product Database.

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Gennady Volchek

Chief Executive Officer & Founder He is a charismatic and energetic serial entrepreneur. He has successfully built and sold a number of businesses in Australia and was the founder of My Telecom - a pioneer in VoIP and Ethernet to Home services in Australia.

Andrei Kucherov

Chief Technology Officer He has over 15 years of experience as a software developer. He is an accomplished software engineer and team leader. He serves as the company’s CTO and is responsible for creating and maintaining the entirety of the Shping Platform.

Tony Lee

Chief Marketing Officer He has over 20 years of experience leading high-performance teams as a marketing and strategy director specialising in advertising, innovation, digital and brand consulting across multiple industry verticals.

Evgeny Markelov

Chief Executive Officer Shping Moscow Office He has more than 20 years of experience in senior positions in IT and financial enterprises including more than 10 years as a CEO. He has experience in starting a business from scratch and bringing it to a profit.

Maria Mcinally

Customer Service / Account Manager McInally has been a dedicated member of the Shping team for over 3 years and manages Shping’s customer service team, as well as overseeing the onboarding, training and needs of Shping’s clients.

Nurul Huda Ab Hamid

ASEAN Corporate Sales Manager Shping Singapore Office Nurul is a highly-driven and accomplished business development professional with 12 years experience across the region including client project delivery in Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand.

Sasha Xie

Business Development Manager China She is professional, with experience working in marketing and supervision role. She is the BDM of Shping in China and is responsible for marketing and coordinating Shping business activities in the region and liaising with Shping’s head of ce in Australia

Evgeniy Srednyakov

Implementation Projects & Business Development Director Evgeniy is a passionate leader, author of ideas of many projects. He handles business development, infrastructure scale projects, interacting with key clients and state regulatory agencies.

Christine Rianne

Head of Product Recall Data Excellence As head of the Product Recall Data Excellence team her role is to deal with different authorities in various jurisdictions collecting, verifying and adopting product recall data to facilitate protection of Shping App users.

John Wesley Salvador

Senior Developer He is a passionate software developer and a code junkie who loves learning about new web technologies. He has vast web developer experience in the airline industry and is now working as a software developer at Shping.

Anton Jabchinskij

Erlang Developer He is a backend developer at Shping. He has many years of experience in many fields, but has always enjoyed applying functional programming to real world problems building APIs and services.

Maria Arshava

QA Manager She is a business analyst and QA manager with more than 7 years of experience. She has been involved with a variety of the company’s activities from mobile and web testing to writing specifications, user guides, and training.

Ivan Vasliev

Erlang Developer Vasliev is a skilled software engineer in the telecom and web industry who designs and develops complicated and ambitious projects from the ground up.

Kirill Lyubimov

Mobile Developer Lyubimov has been working as a software developer for more than 5 years. He also has over 3 years of deep experience in mobile development.

Dimitri Moryashov

DevOps Engineer Moryashov is an experienced DevOps Engineer involved in software construction, deployment operations and the infrastructure management of Shping.

Shping Advisors

Jorij Abraham

Managing Director, Ecommerce Foundation Jorij Abraham has been part of the international eCommerce community since 1997. He has held positions as Manager e-Commerce at Bijenkorf and TUI, an online publisher at Sanoma Media.

Lukas Sieber

Executive Director North America, Greater Zurich Area (GZA) Sieber has a special passion for technology, particularly for blockchain and has worked with a number of startups in this space.

Leanne Kemp

Founder & CEO at Everledger Using her extensive background in emerging technology, business, jewellery and insurance, Leanne is pushing boundaries with Everledger in building a global verification system that asserts transparency along the entire supply chain process.

Sergey Sergienko

CEO of He is an enthusiastic blockchain professional and a true entrepreneur who has succeeded in many different projects. He was awarded with a number of business accolades in Australia.

Adam Posner

CEO & Founder - The Point of Loyalty Adam is a dedicated specialist in customer loyalty and rewards program strategy and research for 24 years. He has been involved in a range of loyalty and retention programs designing, developing and deploying programs for retail.


The company was founded with a vision to create a tool that will help consumers to verify the authenticity of the product prior purchase. Authenticateit commences research and development.
AuthenticateIt implements GS1 standards for products and serialization and traceability Authenticateit builts Authenticateit App - an interface for consumers to leverage traceability data for the purpose of product authentication
The initial version of Authenticateit is introduced. The system supports basic supply chain management for brands and retailers and the product database is a list of records with prede ned attributes. The company conducts a year-long trial of its platform with select clients to ensure that the system works and their needs are being met. During the trial based on business requirements, more advanced modules and features are developed including support for outsourced manufacturers and grey import protection. GS1 Australia selects Authenticateit as a technology partner. An enterprise application is created for implementing serialization at manufacturer’s factories. Authenticateit is presented with an iAward, winning rst prize in the State of Victoria as a consumer product of the year. The IPM platform used by World Customs Organisation begins partnering and integrating Authenticateit which helped brands protected by Authenticateit solution to cross borders in over 68 countries. Authenticateit presents at the GS1 Global Forum and partners with GS1 Singapore, Authenticateit is selected by the 3rd largest e-commerce platform in China (DHGate) to help with product authentication for products sold via DHGate platform. Leading European Brand protection law rm Novargraaf has partnered with Authenticateit to help their customers to protect their IP
App improvement enables App to scan any GS1 standard barcode not just GS1 Datamatrix and Databar and link user to the product-related information. The platform can now work with other trusted data sources which make App relevant to any product that has a barcode. The application gets new features to support Socialization and Rewards. Authenticateit signs a strategic partnership deal with New Zealand government-owned food safety and quality assurance company AsureQuality and gains access to another data source. The United Nations, engaged by China Asia-Paci c Smart Agricultural and Food Safety Industrial Project select Authenticateit as the exclusive track and trace solution for the province of Changchun. (Project commences in 2018). Authenticateit is selected by the 3rd largest e-commerce platform in China, DHGate to support product authentication for products sold via the DHGate platform. Authenticateit partners with GS1 Russia, GS1 Azerbaijan and GS1 Malta.
In response to a compliance requirement by an infant formula company to implement traceability, Authenticateit has developed a new module that can track Raw Materials. Authenticateit signs a strategic partnership deal with Russian Government-owned Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance - Rosselkhoznadzorand. Authenticateit establishes a partnership with China Inspection & Quarantine Services (CIQ) to facilitate 24-hour border clearance for perishable goods imported into China.
AuthenticateIt rebrands into Shping. The platform’s features are streamlined and merged into properly de ned modules. Shping App and back-end platform of cially released in Beta.
Shping App and back-end platform of cially released in Beta.

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    30.01.2018 at 9:28 am
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    I personally think that Shping has a great potential in the near future. Shopping needs to be fun and informative, this is one of the things that I miss in nowadays shopping. The lack of information and cleverness, Shping is about to tackle this problem.

    + PROS: Making shopping and scanning of products more fun. It's a niche that hasn't been touched yet.
    - CONS: The validation process of products is quite slow, this must be improved once the main public gets on it.
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