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RewardsToken ICO details

    • Category: Retail
    • Token: RWRD
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 RWRD = 0.35 USD
    • Bonus: 2 ETH – 50 ETH, PRE-SALE 40% 50 ETH – 200 ETH,PRE-SALE 50% 200 ETH +,PRE-SALE 60% 2 ETH – 50 ETH, MAIN SALE 30% 50 ETH – 200 ETH, MAIN SALE 40% 200 ETH +, MAIN SALE 50%
    • Tokens for sale: 400,000,000
    • Accepting: BTC Dash ETH LTC
    • Soft cap: 3,000 ETH
    • Hard cap: 75,000 ETH

RewardsToken – Transforming Loyalty By Putting Cryptocurrency in the Hands of the World

LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAMS HAVE A MASS REACH GLOBALLY and proliferate across airlines, travel, retail, card services, financial services, healthcare and other economic sectors. According to the 2015 Colloquy Loyalty Census, the average U.S. household participates in 29 different loyalty programs. That equates to over 3.3 billion consumer loyalty accounts in the US alone. Not only that, 84% of U.S. businesses provide some form of non-cash incentive awards to consumers, according to the Incentive Federation.

Research tells us that consumers are looking for a rewards program that adds value to their experience. Unfortunately, they are all too often left feeling disappointed and frustrated as they juggle multiple programs that provide little value and complicated ways to earn and redeem points. Rewards programs must be simple to use while meeting the unique needs of every consumer. Consumers aren’t the only ones frustrated with the current loyalty process. Business also share that same love/hate relationship with rewards programs. While they love the potential it brings with consumer engagement and loyalty, they are faced with the recognizing the financial liability of a point at the time it’s awarded. This leads to exemptions, varying point values and changing terms, which are all designed to reduce corporate their exposure.
did you knowWhether it’s a bank that offers cash back, a travel company that offers miles or a retailer that offers both, having so many programs with little value leads to a fragmented market and an average breakage of 35% in rewards that will never be redeemed. This does not help the rewards provider or promote loyalty. In addition, it is almost impossible to determine the true value of a point, because program rules are constantly being changed. This ends up hurting both the retailer and the member who never accumulates enough rewards to have a meaningful redemption.

Because points are a growing liability on corporation’s books, corporations and program sponsors try to expire, complicate, and devalue the points as much as possible. This creates a conflict in driving true customer loyalty. Customers may feel rewarded when they earn a point, but they certainly don’t when they try to redeem them.

Challenges faced by businesses seeking to implement reward programs include:

  • Declining consumer engagement as demonstrated by unredeemed points.
  • Increasing financial liability of unredeemed points.
  • Growing consumer privacy challenges.
  • Rising management and administrative costs.

WE BELIEVE,, powered by both blockchain and cryptocurrency, is positioned to solve the challenges of the current business model of reward programs everywhere. Reinventing the rewards market and placing the power in the hands of consumers should create value, global reach and a better user experience. We intend to accomplish this by bringing a worldwide universal loyalty reward token to market for consumers and businesses.

We believe that we have created an ideal ecosystem where the true value of the currency is fully recognized by consumers and rewards merchants. Rewards is single marketplace that brings together over 100,000,000 products and 7000 existing merchant relationships with restaurants, retail, entertainment, and travel that allows customers to earn and use RWRD token. Our planned platform will allow users to shop online or in-store to receive RWRD tokens. Those RWRD tokens would then be used to make additional purchases clothes, food, book travel, buy gift cards or even tooth paste.
ABOUT REWARDSTOKEN.IOOur ecosystem intends to provide a fully transparent market value for its tokens based on consumer engagement and behavior in the large rewards ecosystem. Our plan is to allow the rewards token can be converted to cash for presentation and processing upon redemption, consumers redeeming tokens are not limited by point restrictions, blackout periods and peak payment times.


While the consumer has a lot to gain from our platform, merchants should benefit equally. Today, merchants with reward programs carry substantial balance sheet liabilities because of unclaimed points and rewards. That’s why plans to launch phase II of its Marketplace platform in 2019, allowing other program providers to join via a white-label loyalty program. Using the blockchain platform, should enable merchants to reduce or fully eliminate balance sheet liabilities associated with reward points and maintain brand control and promotional discretion of their own rewards program.

The white-label blockchain platform should allow other brands to leverage the strength and value of the entire Reward Token ecosystem. Phase II’s purpose is to create a platform with a publicly known and trusted protocol that any business or entity can use to offer their own Rewards program.

THE COMPANY BEHIND REWARDS is a leader and pioneer in consumer loyalty and rewards marketing.’s team has a proven track record of consumer engagement with years of experience in the design, development and management of complex loyalty and rewards programs. By listening to the needs of customers and learning from the experience of managing some of the world’s largest consumer loyalty programs, they have gained expertise and trust in this booming industry.TECHNOLOGYBefore forming, the team found a niche in developing custom programs to drive consumer behavior, launching programs for American Airlines, American Express and InterContinental Hotels. Soon the company was sought after by the top Fortune 500 companies for their experience and expertise in software development, mobile apps, social apps and other technology services for enhancing consumer engagement. The team’s 120+ years of combined experience in both loyalty marketing and technology development drives the company’s product innovation and development of 15+ years of successful relationships with top merchants including Walmart, Groupon, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Target and many others.

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Todd Rowan

CEO & Co-Founder

Linda Butcher


Michael Shepherd

VP of Marketing

Reuben Godfrey

European Operations Manager

Jeremy Rowan

Community Manager

Pramod Kumar

Full Stack Developer

Humdan Bakhshi

Blockchain Developer

Marvin Wu

Systems Architect

Tommy Estrada

Digital Content

Felicia Marquez

Digital & Marketing Strategist

RewardsToken Advisors

Andriy Zinchuk

Krypton Capital

Bob McDermand

Crypto Investor & Entrepreneur

Denis O'Neil

ICO Advisor

Dominik Zynis



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