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R_Block ICO details

Start Date: 2018-1-30

End date: 2018-1-20

    • Category: Business services
    • Token: CVT
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 CVT = 1.30 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: ETH

R_Block – A Semi-Anonymous Network

Our unique solution to the problems in referencing will be the framework for a tokenized careers ecosystem, and will develop to become a self-sovereign identity management technology. The employment history data itself will become a core part of identity verification. Every Worker has an employment ‘digital fingerprint’ which can be used to uniquely identify them. Years of credibility and performance proof is a powerful identity claim, like no other. Made possible by reference data in the R_Block network. Our view of the state ICO market: We’re planning a Coinception token sale in December. We’re trying to bring some legitimacy to ICO’s. By being transparent running the token sale like a Kickstarter campaign or traditional funding rounds. We’re distributing a small exclusive supply of tokens, with a clear utility, over 3 token sales or Coinception events. We’re the first (hopefully of many) to try this and we’re one of few to be running the sale on UK soil.

Anonymous hiring network
Interact in a network with no prejudice. No longer will central platforms own your skills or experience data. You decide who you share them with and when.

Get paid for your time & data
Workers are empowered. Earn CVTokens for sharing your R_Block profile and interacting with recruiters. Like a LinkedIn inmail fee that’s re-routed directly to the worker.

Profile becomes shareable CV
Your R_Block profile will be the last CV you’ll ever need. Turn your proven skills & work history into a shareable CV. A trust protocol you own.

Add proven skills & to your R_Block profile through real references.

Step 1. Getting started
It couldn’t be easier to join the referencing revolution. Simply sign-up or login and add the contact details of your chosen referees. (Don’t worry: we’ll handle the hassle of verifying each contact.) Then all you need to do is submit details of the company and recruitment that needs your references. And that’s it – you’re ready to be found!

Step 2. Collect Reference
What if recruiters could instantly conjure up a list of candidates’ real skills and experience? We’ve created an ecosystem that lets companies and recruiters search for talented people and collect their validated references and skills information with a single click. Candidates control who can access their information and when, while referees are rewarded with CVTokens for providing information.

Step 3. Sharing Skills
Your data is just that – yours. You own your references, experience and skills, and you decide who you share it with. These are linked to your R_Block profile either as a shareable URL or PDF. Unlike your previous CVs, your top five skills are all validated by your referees; employers and recruiters can now find and evaluate you when they’re looking for to fill a role. Whether you make your profile visible is up to you, but remember that you’ll earn money every time a company asks to see your data. We believe that you professional data is the most sensitive information about you. That’s why the data we hold is decentralised and always encrypted.

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Project idea
Investment potential
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Luke Shipley

CEO & Co-founder

Peter Brooke

CTO & Co-founder

Charlotte Hall

CMO & Co-founder

Ben Tossell

Growth Consultant

Tomasz Mluduchowski


Joon Sang Lee

Growth Engineer

Ahmed Nauman


Marius Siugzdinis


Ali Azam


R_Block Advisors

Toni Lane


Fabian Vogelsteller


Keith Teare



Sep 2016
Demo referencing tool is build. Technology viable.
Mar 2017
Market reseach via 3rd parties. Idea validates.
Oct 2017
Comes out of stealth mode and annocunces token sale.
Nov 2017
R_Block releases its white and black papers.
Dec 2017
Coinception pre-sale closes. Demo with Beta group.
Jan 2018
General token sale takes place. Tokens are issued.
Feb 2018
The indentity verification 3rd party clients are integrated with the platform.
Mar 2018
CV conversion functionality added. Enabling users to design and distribute their profile as a CV.
Apr 2018
Official web App launch available globally. Full marketing campaign begins.
Jun 2018
Search functionality added. Workers who wish to be searchable to employers can seek jobs on R_Block.
Jul 2018
Integration functionality for LinkedIn is built allowing users to populate R_Block profiles from LinkedIn.
Sep 2018
Ranking algorithm API is launched, upvoting references for further data proofing.

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  1. Reply
    07.02.2018 at 11:35 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Finally, a token with a real use case.
    I’m gonna keep my eye on R_Block, looks like a promising ICO

    + PROS: Advisors have vast experience
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  2. Reply
    12.02.2018 at 5:38 am
    Project idea
    Investment potential


    + PROS: BAD
    - CONS: BAD
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