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Quantocoin ICO details

Start Date: 2017-12-11

End date: 2018-2-28

    • Category: Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform
    • Token: QTCt
    • Platform: Waves
    • Initial price: 1 QTC = 1 USD
    • Bonus: 45% - 30 November 2017 (UTC 12:00) till 10 December 2017 (UTC 23:59) 25% - 11 December 2017 (UTC 00:00) till 18 December 2017 (UTC 23:59) 20% - 19 December 2017 (UTC 00:00) till 15 January 2018 (UTC 23:59) 15 % - 16 January 2018 (UTC 00:00) till 31 January 2018 (UTC 23:59) 10 % - 1 February 2018 (UTC 00:00) till 28 February 2018 (UTC 23:59) Conditions Bonus ends on the last day of ICO or when all QTC TOKENs are finished
    • Accepting: BTC ETH Waves
    • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


QTC is not only an open decentralized cryptocurrency, but a complex project–platform that acts as a one-stop solution in the future – in the form of a “QTC Bank”.  The project begins with the QTC cryptocurrency and will grow into a network of complex services combining features of modern banking and Blockchain-based technologies while also being secure.

QTC is a “one-stop-shop solution” serving the role of a simple, automatic and hassle-free banking tool that will be reachable anywhere with access to the internet, and will be understandable and easy to use for everyone with no limits, in terms of age, ethnicity, education or geography.”

  • Buy online services and products globally
  • Sending money between QTC users
  • Invest in, or save for, a variety of future products and programs
  • Exchange instantly to FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies at fair exchange rates
  • Trade on stock exchanges
  • Participate in instant remittances and international transfers.
  • Participate as a lender in micro-financing options.
  • Pay for online gaming via a gaming-integration function to providers.
  • Participate in loyalty programs which build up “points” and support customers on a regular basis.
  • Spend your QTC with a specially-issued, physical “QTC Debit Card” – that can be used online & offline, wherever the cards are accepted in local Fiat Currency
    quantocoin app
    Quantocoin has developed a next-generation model for the future of financial services and digital banking. This model uses Blockchain technology along with smartphones, as well as a new kind of bio-identification system which will be used to ensure safe and secure accounts for each user. This is a project to develop the future of the crypto-financial world. Its main goal is to integrate and connect QTC into the traditional financial world and to create a single gateway through QTC platform for users, traders, investors and financial institutions with a whole range of add-on services.

QTC has several functions as an asset and currency, such as; to buy, pay and to sell services and items online, exchange with FIAT currency, and allow investments. You can also use the option of international transfers along with lending (microfinance), loyalty programs, etc. All these services are connected to the one point; QTC platform, making them more secure and transparent than currently existing cryptocurrency platforms. The problem with many of these blockchain offerings is that they offer individualized or complementary services, but not the entire package. We offer the special feature of optional anonymous transfers, while still being able to maintain transparency of both; the company and project itself.

We plan to help spread this project all over the world, especially to less developed and unbanked regions. Our aim is to provide extreme speed, reliability, and efficiency at a low-cost to let those that have no access to bank services use our QTC platform along with a mobile application and improve their lives, along with contributing to the expansion of the digital banking. This is a large market as there are more than 2.0 billion people who live in regions that provide them with no or limited access to bank services, while others cannot access these services, due to lack of identification documents or high fees for the bank account and strict restrictions. We, therefore, consider this part of the population along with others, our potential clients.

QTC could potentially bring people out of poverty, as it will give them access to financial and banking tools. These tools provide them with immediate liquidity and currency functionality better than the traditional banking system. We will bring these services to the unbanked regions which will allow the people there to invest, buy, pay and sell items and services, while we also improve the economy of the particular regions.

The whole system is developed based on a clear and understandable platform, functioning on smartphones as an app, but also on PC and tablets. Our QTC app will provide clear instructions and will be easy to use, providing comfortable usage to our customers.


Alexander Brexendorff


Pabo V. Dana


Patrick Kluivert


Anthony V. Raftopol

Legal & compliance advisor


Q1 2016
- Idea was born - Business plan, strategy direction - Licensing and company chain establishment
Q2-Q4 2016
- Lite white papers, Legal structure and framework - Establishment of partnerships - Secure technical partnerships
Q1 2017
- Quantocoin establishment - Marketing plan - Recruitment of talents - Platform planning and development - Road plan
Q2 2017
- IP and TM registration - Regulatory framework - Compliance execution plan - White papers
Q3 2017
- Company Identity revealed - Advisory board establish - Partnerships with banks and liquidity providers - Community development - Ambassadors introduction
Q4 2017 - Q1 2018
Q1 2018
- Testing platform - Launch platform and wallet (Android and iOS) - Security audit

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