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0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

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@0xProject protocol fees for May just exceeded those generated in April with a few days left in the month 🎉 Protocol fees are distributed amongst market makers to incentivize liquidity 💰

More insights like this can be found at @0xTracker 👋


Glimpses of decentralized ad exchange markets 🤯
Tokenized (and auctioned) and timed ad placements in @0xTracker page, built by @microsponsors
Bid for your banner!

🌟Win up to $10 reward for trading $BUSD on Tokenlon

📊And: 50% discount on trading fees for #BUSD trades

Only until June 3rd, 12:00PM (UTC+8). Detailed rules in our post below & the usual disclaimer applies: No investment advice.

⚡️ Announcing NFT based sponsorship of 0x Tracker powered by @microsponsors and @0xProject ⚡️

Fortnightly sponsorship of 0x Tracker is now available, leveraging MSPT contracts to tokenize ownership. Read on to find out more…



The @0xProject v3 upgrade has served as a critical update for the #DeFi liquidity protocol

Since the start of the year:

📈 Volumes are up 3x
💰 Average trade size increased by 2x
🤯 Cumulative fees are up 12,000%

Read more about the recent growth👇

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