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Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale in an open, permission-less distributed network securely. The core feature that makes Zilliqa scalable is sharding — dividing the network into several smaller component networks (called shards) capable of processing transactions in parallel.

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Join the World Blockchain Summit to hear @MaxKantelia speak on 'Unlocking #blockchain's potential for #business' with experts from @prysmeconomics & @Dashpay
🟣 Date: Thursday, 16 July
🟣 Time: 13:40 - 14:20 SGT
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- AN

👋How many @unstoppableweb .ZIL domains are there?

Over 50,000+

🧐Where can you sell them?

One place.

🥳Average price of one domain? $50 USD.

How many people will be trading #domains?


❓What domain are you going to sell on July 30th❓

The hottest #NFTs marketplace to sell @unstoppableweb #zil domains is open 4 signups.

You can only sign up if your invited.

If u invite others - u get 2.5% back everytime they sell an #NFT. Invite 100 ppl in the next 20 days and its some serious cash!

Crypto Twitter, Social Media, and Influencers

(1/4) Happy to share that Binance USD (BUSD) - a USD-pegged #stablecoin backed by the world's largest crypto exchange @Binance will come to the Zilliqa network! Get the details here:

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