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A free, open-source network that lets anyone build low-cost financial products for their community.

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Excited to share the @StellarOrg prize winners for the @gitcoin NYBW Hackathon!


The Jed McCaleb story is now live on YouTube.

@CharlieShrem and @JedMcCaleb discuss:

- founding Stellar and Ripple
- the journey from eDonkey to Mt. Gox
- the spectrum of decentralization
- the scaling debate
- privacy and fungibility

Watch & learn!

Are you ready for the Protocol 13 upgrade next week?

Stellar protocol designer, Jonathan Jove, explains the upcoming changes to fees in today's Stellar Developer blog.

Read now:


Building a business on blockchain is hard. @konstantin11 of @_blockdaemon is no stranger to these challenges and is forging ahead creating a profitable business. Listen in to hear his insights and optimism around building for profit on blockchain.

Today, we announced SDF's 3rd enterprise fund investment in @SatoshiPay, one of Stellar's earliest adopters, as they expand their business to include a B2B cross-border payment solution to meet growing market demand.

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