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A blockchain-based open source global digital entertainment protocol that is cross-protocol for digital entertainment.

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According to @dapp_review, the number of #TRON #Dapps reached 768 with 5 new #Dapps and signaling a stable development. #TRON’s #Dapp ecosystem is growing at a steady pace. We welcome more users and developers to join us. #TRX $TRX

The @justinsuntron Boss Battle event is ending soon!

Jump into @knightstory_tw and take your best shot at him to win #TRX prizes!

#JustinSun #TRON #KnightStory

#TRON reached 6 million addresses today! #TRX $TRX

We all know App is short for application, meaning Client application.

Then what is #DApp? What's the differences between them? What are the characters?

You can get answers in this video👇

Updates for #BitTorrent Clients

#uTorent Web and #BitTorrent Web with #BitTorrentSpeed are available to 100% of new users.

Please go to official website to download the application👇

For Windows:
For Mac:

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