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A powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world enterprise and financial services.

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Push the boundaries of what is possible using blockchain and build your solution for the Stratis #StratisSmartContractChallenge. Check it out >>

#Blockchain has the power to overhaul the reams of paper & create a revolution by turning the shipping of goods into an online environment. This would liberate all parties in each transaction & allow the storing of sensitive info in an encrypted format.

Proud to be a sponsor of the Stratis Smart Contract hackathon. Check out more details here: cc @CsharpCorner @stratisplatform @devpost @cryptokrushang @prvn_13 #blockchain #prizes #stratis #dotnet #Csharp #StratisHackathon

Did you know? #stratis #cryptocurrency

Hackathon update. We have 59 participants and counting. Join the hackathon now: #blockchain #dotnet #stratis #smartcontracts $STRAT

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