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Status is a free and open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built, entirely on Ethereum technologies.

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Building communities around the world & welcoming newcomers is a key goal of the Status Ambassadors.

@theDAOKING is always in the channels answering questions. New ambassador @Bobman7000 has instantly grown the local community in Nigeria!

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We have implemented @usefathom privacy preserving analytics on our marketing websites to better monitor progress, track success, and run incentivized campaigns for the upcoming v1 launch – all while adhering to our Principles

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Town Hall #47 - Nov 11, 2019
> Security audit complete
> 21 open issues across status-react, status-go & private security repo
> Targeting early Jan v1 release given busy holiday period
> Infra updates

"@ethereum is pretty cool and I'm down with their decentralised app platform vision" is still the tempered optimism I have when we started @ethstatus

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