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iExec RLC aims at providing distributed applications running on the blockchain a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, the data-sets and the computing resources they need.

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As a founding member of @adan_asso, 'Association for the Development of Digital Assets', tomorrow we'll meet to discuss the next steps on representing the ecosystem public authorities and civil society.

+BONUS🎁 Tomorrow we'll also showcase an impressive new dapp built on iExec!

Keep an eye out! 👀 The official blog will be moving.

We're looking forward to launching a brand new platform for all things related to iExec.

iExec Academy. Coming soon!

Exciting news from the 'Intel Partner Connect' private conference:

iExec was classified as 'In-Production (Leaders)', as other tech-giants clients of SGX solutions were presented.

More in tweet thread:

@VodafoneIoT @Huawei @intel @facebook @Baidu_Inc $RLC

iExec CEO Gilles Fedak participated in the panel discussing Ethereum 2nd layer solutions back at #ETHDenver a few months back.

With @chainlink, @CelerNetwork, @tendermint_team, @SkaleNetwork, and @hudsonjameson!

With iExec being of the original launch partners with @hummingbot_io, they've taken a look at the impact their unique 'liquidity mining' program approach has had on the liquidity of the $RLC token.

Check out their analysis:

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