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The SAFE network is autonomous and decentralised. It is not a set of federated servers, or owned storage locations, or identifiable nodes, nor does it contain a blockchain.

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"AT2 is for us a missing link. ...It seems so simple but in fact, it's an amazing innovation. It certainly falls into the category of 'why didn't I think of that?'." ~ David Irvine @metaquestions

Could AT2 be the answer to cryptocurrency's energy and performance problems? via @computing_news
Or Could this kind of thinking be a huge win for decentralisation in general?

Hey everyone, we are aware that is not currently accessible. Looks like the domain name expired today. We reached out to Fraser (who is part of the MaidSafe Foundation) earlier today. Hopefully, he'll be able to renew it today or tomorrow 🙂

Blistering developments at SAFE Towers this week.

Vaults from home are being tested internally so we'll be able to serve data again once a few loose ends are tied together. #SAFEnetwork

Thank you to all at @Maidsafe

Lots I like here:

Got kids at home due to the #Coronavirus? Checkout the educational content The @maidsafe Foundation is creating to help you teach your kids about #STEM while you #Quarantine! See here for more info:

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