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Aelf is a decentralized, self-evolving network. Aelf provides a highly efficient multi-chain parallel-process system, and a self-evolving computing network with self-evolving governance and cross-chain communication. The platform brings scalable nodes across clusters of computers, voting through token holders and resource isolation for smart contracts and its three main innovations.

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#aelfDAO Malicious behavior is defined as one of the conditions for the passive exit of an aelf DAO Management Committee Member

In addition to the above, what other malicious behavior might exist?

#aelf #blockchain #aelfblockchain #aelftech #ELF #aelfFAQ

Security is an absolute essential in interoperability.

#aelf launched a Hacker Bounty (Phase 1) to test its security. The cross-chain transfer protocol (CCTP) is ready and 88,888 ELF are waiting! Hack us if you can!

⏰May 29 - June 5

Thanks for your continued support!🙏 aelf will continue to focus on technological innovation, use new ideas to deliver new technologies and solutions to the market, develop and create a blockchain infrastructure that is more in line with corporate needs and business. 💪

#aelfTechTrends This week, aelf's R&D team completed demo and tutorial of 'random numbers' in the aelf boilerplate, releasing a Beta Version.

#aelf #blockchain #aelfblockchain #aelftech #ELF #aelfFAQ

#aelfDAO One of the conditions to join the aelf DAO management committee is by staking ELF. The specific amount of ELF should consider balancing the interests of the aelf DAO and the Elected Node.

How much ELF do you think is most reasonable?

You get to decide! Let us know.

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