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Start Date: 2018-2-22

End date: 2018-3-15

Otcrit – Access authentic information anytime, anywhere

The Otcrit platform provides traders and investors with a unique combination of an advanced cryptocurrency exchange and research marketplace. The project offers traditional and over-the-counter trading while giving its users access to in-depth expert analyses and reports about various blockchain projects.

The advanced trading platform Otcritex will have no listing fees but will also have very strict rules and only allow digital assets issued by companies with solid teams and active development. Traders will have 3 ways to pay fewer-to-no fees while trading. This is possible by being active, by inviting friends and by using our tokens.

The OTC token, however, will reward its holders with 10% of all profit the company makes from fees, advertisement, subscriptions, audits and benchmarking services.

Users on the research platform can also earn a reputation as they publish their own “community reports” and translate content.
The most highly evaluated ones will the opportunity to be hired by other members on the platform for technical analyses or project evaluations. They will be paid in the OTC token, which will be the main asset used in the new ecosystem.

Otcrit setting the new standards in the crypto-economy, offering a complete database about the projects on the market, making investment decisions easier.

About The Project

The biggest issue in the cryptocurrency market is the lack of transparency and authentic information. Researching a company could take days or weeks and the information is scattered all around the internet. People who have knowledge about the market, don’t have enough ways to profit from it and aren’t incentivized enough to delve into serious research. At the same time, exchanges neglect the fact that they often list tokens of projects that are unlikely to exist within the next few years and that shouldn’t be in anyone’s portfolio.

Only audited and evaluated projects by our experts and certified partners.

Our solution is to make everything easier, faster and more professional for the serious investors. Otcrit’s customers will have access to our own evaluations, as well as thousands of community expert reports and technical analyses. Independent publishers will have the chance to be rewarded for their thorough work and profit from the advertisement on the platform.

The Otcritex exchange will list projects which have been investigated by our experts and by the most established community analysts to make sure only genuine assets are being offered. We will constantly track all the projects’ development and update our reports in order to provide everyone with the latest information and trends. Launching an OTC marketplace on our exchange will allow investors to trade the most promising cryptocurrencies in greater quantities, without influencing their prices.


Buy Otcrit tokens!

Successful long-lasting businesses treat every user like they are special and take every possible measure to protect them. We understand our customers will be the backbone of this enterprise, and we want to give them the most satisfying user experience and possibilities for good investments and successful trades.

We feel a great responsibility for all our customers and the community in the crypto-space, and because of this, the OTCRITEX exchange will only list prominent projects that have been analyzed in great detail by our experts and certified partners. The main purpose of ours is to make sure we have allowed only those assets on the exchange, which could survive a possible market crash, have value, and will recover if necessary. They must be backed by actual products or services, which have been adopted by a large enough customer base. Speculative tokens and coins will most likely disappear once the ‘gambling period’ of crypto is over and many people around the world could face serious losses once that occurs.

The process of permitting an asset on the exchange will include writing extended reports about their development, business plan, and execution, and direct contact and interviews with their team and founders. We realize how important the tech behind them is for these projects’ success. Therefore, a big part of the process will be dedicated to auditing the technology.

Overview and listing

Adding new assets to the platform will be free, but as mentioned above, these companies must pay for the security audits if we feel they are needed. We are certain this practice will benefit, not only our users who will be much more confident to buy and sell assets from transparent projects, but also the companies that will make sure their management didn’t miss any significant issues.

We want to build great awareness of how we manage and run the platform. This goes to what tokens and coins we list on it and why. Each listing decision we make will be officially announced, and we will explain the reason behind adding a certain project or why we refused to let it on our platform. These decisions will be followed up with a report from our experts. The Otcrit project is a community oriented organization, and we will set an example of how a company can be honest and open to its investors and customers while creating a strong bond between them.

The final decision we will make, after the analyst and experts have done their job, will be based mainly on the fact that these companies were transparent and

serious enough to take this important step into having an outside perspective on their business. We believe that, if our team and partners find any major issue in the process, it will be taken very serious by the companies’ founders and fixed as soon as possible. Any company or project will have its minor problems and inconsistencies that are easy to correct, and this will not be an obstacle that will make us decline a listing request. We see any security audit as an investment for a better future of the company’s development, growth, and credibility. Our goal is to make the Otcrit’s name associated with transparency and trust, and this will be passed on to all companies we work with.

Everyone who joins the Otcrit platform in 2018 will automatically have an account on the exchange and be able to use it when we complete its development.


Victor Koychev

Co-Founder and CEO

Kostadin Mehomiyski

CTO and Co-Founder

Victor Desov

Co-founder & Project Manager

Peter Kostadinov

Back-end Developer

Plamen Galinov

Web Developer

Anton Adamansky

Blockchain Developer

Greg Grigorov

Lead Researcher

Nastya Olegovna

Community Manager

Ian Tyszka

Project Analyst

Patrick Martin

Community Manager

Phan Vinh

Local Advisor for Asia

Otcrit Advisors

Antoun Toubia

ICO Campaign manager

Sergej Stein

Advisor & Token Sale Manager

Thibaut Dumont

Local Advisor

Nadir Aktan

Local Advisor


Q1 2018
- Presale (15.02) & Platform launch - Level 2 Bounty Campaign - Hiring 10 More Experts
Q2 2018
-Main Token Sale - Smart Contract Payments - Additional Platform Features
Q3 2018
- Otcritex First Launch - OTC Marketplace - Ad Revenue Campaign
Q4 2018
- Benchmarking Services - Fiat Trading License - Audio & Video Reports
- 50+ Employees & Team of Experts - DEX Research and Development

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