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Start Date: 2017-11-20

End date: 2017-12-31

    • Category: Business services, Platform
    • Token: NEXT
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 ETH = 1000 NEXT
    • Accepting: ETH

Incorporated in the Netherlands, is a next generation stock exchange committed to offering alternative financing and non-banking asset management solutions outside of traditional financial systems and banking establishments. Unlike them, we place all assetsstraight into the Blockchain ledger.

We offer our clients a broad range of trading and advisory services, regarding mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and strategic topic clarifications for organizations, shareholders, management, private equity houses, and solo investors. Our mission is to provide top of the line consultation services and guidance for our clients in order to assist them in making the best financial decisions and to reach their investment and financial goals.

Combining finance with the cryptocurrency world is a unique and challenging process. we are
targeting experienced professionals as well as newcomers into this field. To us, security is the most important
aspect of business practices. This is why we integrate platforms like Trezor™ and Civic™ into our exchange as
well as other similar smart technologies to provide our clients with the highest guarantee of security available
on the market. unique features

Pool Trading – Our platform is capable of handling high trading volumes and providing users with the necessary
tools to obtain substantial profits from their trading and exchange actions. Pool trading will help users spread risk
over a wide range of assets while participating in the cryptocurrency and fiat market.

Community Trading – We are capable of providing users with a platform to which they can upload their
smart contracts in order to participate in an active smart contract community for trades, business,services, and
increased exposure.

Coin and Token Vote In – New and existing cryptocurrencies can be submitted for consideration by our
community users via . If we see a digital asset getting a considerable
amount of support from its user base, we will carry out due to diligence and make a decision pertaining to
listing said asset.

Social network for ICO’s – All of the ICO’s listed on our platform will have their own profile, through
which our community members can get in touch with the team behind the ICO, as well as get direct updates
and news from the ICO. Similar to Facebook, imagine a social profile for ICO’s. All of the ICO’s listed on the NEXT
platform will have their personal profile, through which their community members and

Crypto Mining – Users will be granted the option of investing funds in mining pools. Mining pools work
on a constant, passive earning model. Considering that the cash power of mining pools will be more or less
equal. Returns on investmentsfrom the mining of new coins will be split among investors.

Cold and secure storage offunds – We have nullified the threat of cyber-attacks and hacking threats thanks to the
utilization of cold storage methods. Clients will be able to use the Trezor™ device in order to store money securely and
safely, via two-factor authentication and othersecurity validation methods.

Services tailored to inexperienced users – Our system provides inexperienced traders the opportunity
copy and learn from the actions and decisions of more experienced traders. New traders can benefit from the
expertise and knowledge base of experienced market practitioners. For traders who simply do not have any spare time to
devote to market and trading research, will provide an Auto-Trade tool. This is a feature that
automatically follows the actions of top traders based on current and historical performance.

Managed Investment Portfolios – will providitsuserswithfullymanagedinvestmentfunds by
linking them with licensed investment brokers that are registered with the Dutch AFM and those with a strong
background in banking and corporate finance.

Trader Advantages – Traders who operate on our platform will have the opportunity of earning a percentage of their
follower’s profits and obtain boosts to gain certain advantages,such as lower processing and transaction fees.

Referral program – Our referral program is designed to benefit both, invitation senders, and recipients.A bonus
system will be implemented that will allow users to receive rewards once they recruit new users to the platform. This
ensuresthat new users are introduced so that trading volume grows.

Fiat and Crypto Swaps – Instant swaps between crypto and fiat will be implemented. We will start with USD and
EUR, with more to follow as we move along.

PayPal Service Integration – And yes, we also plan on integrating PayPal’s services with our exchange at a later


Christiaan van Steenbergen

Founder & Angellist Europe

Gleb Jout

Blockchain Consultant, Content & Strategy Manager

Chris Haveman

Board advisor & Business Strategy Operations

Rob van Dijk

Laywer & Head of Legal Operations


November 2017
Pre-ICO launch Start Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
December 2017
Listing of ICOs on the exchange, currently: ETN, ADA, RUP, VOISE and NEXT Early access for NEXT tokenholders to exchange End Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
January 2018
Opening to the public
February 2018
Acquire investment license for EU
Quarter 2, 2018
Full worldwide promotion of the platform
Quarter 3, 2018
Launch of Next.Exchange Investment Assets & Funds
2019 IPO on EURONEXT and OTC Market

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