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Neuromachine ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-15

End date: 2018-6-15

Neuromachine – Expert and analytical platform

NRM will combine the functionality of trading platforms with social synergy and the predictions of artificial neural network, what will allow to bring interaction with the world of cryptocurrencies to a new level.


The first 50 Bitcoins were generated in January 2009. The first crypto-coins were exchanged for the fiat money in September of the same year – 5,005 Bitcoins were sold for slightly more than $5. Ten years had not passed, when the crypto-currency market has turned into a global economic giant. The media hype around the crypto-currencies, which finally captured the world in 2017, perfectly confirmed this. There are some facts about the crypto-currency market according to the data of coinmarketcap.com​ portal below: The market capitalization grew in 2017:


The price of most crypto-currencies has shown an unprecedented growth, here are just some of them:


And if the crypto-currency earnings were earlier, the domain of niche players, then the general interest generated mass hysteria in the last year. Tens and hundreds of millions of residents of different countries realized that the future was in the crypto-currencies and blockchain technology. We are all on the threshold of a new economic era.

No wonder that millions of people wanted to reserve a place in this future as soon as possible. The process of active integration has begun.

However, the rapid growth rates make the young market even more difficult for a beginner. The growth dynamics only increases the information incompleteness and fragmentation, the verification of which takes considerable time and is usually not carried out. No wonder that the risk of fraud is very high in the market. At the same time, there are many seasoned professionals in the market, although they often remain in the shadows. The tools for working with the crypto-currencies also leave much to be desired.

As a result, each person faces a choice: to make titanic efforts, personally collecting and processing the necessary information or, access to paid services, where the price grows several times for the ‘crypto-’ prefix, in an attempt to save time resources.

This choice is complicated by the fact that today there is no single resource where the user could learn the basics of handling the crypto-currencies, quickly obtain the quality and verified information, as well as the possibility of its immediate application. Such a resource has not existed until recently.


Our solution

Sometimes the word ‘mission’ sounds too loud, but our project has it: we want to give any person the opportunity to interact easily with the crypto-currency and blockchain world. To date, less than 1% of the world’s population owns any of the crypto-currencies, which, of course, opens great development prospects in this area. Along with this, the market is still very young – it has high volatility, which assumes high risks, on one hand, but the opportunity to make a big profit, on the other hand.

To integrate successfully into this complex world, we create the first decentralized expert-analytical ecosystem NEUROMACHINE (or NRM​), which will become a comprehensive solution – an assistant and tool for anyone, who wants to interact with the world of crypto-currencies: learn, trade, earn.

Our team is ready to provide the user with a tool that will help to get quickly quality and verified information with its instant application in practice. In turn, the electronic assistants, as well as a set of trading and social modules operating in a single platform and interacting with each other, will help to bring interaction with the crypto-currencies to a new level.

With the help of NEUROMACHINE, the beginners can get all the necessary information at one resource easily and quickly with the possibility of its instant application in practice, and the professionals can get a convenient tool for working with the crypto-currencies and monetizing their intellectual assets.


Valentin Korsunsky

CEO Founder

Svyatoslav Vlasenko

Head of Technical Department Founder

Oleg Kondratev

Head of Legal Department Founder

Dmitry Sergeev

Project manager Founder

Marat Habibulin

Head of Finance Department

Stanislav Kalashnikov

UX/UI specialist

Aidar Davletshin

Assistant to the head of the legal department

Sergey Kalinin

Blockchain developer

Andrey Martushev


Alexander Vidyaikin


Timur Enikeev


Dmitry Denerkov


Alexander Shulga


Nikolay Raykevich


Roman Shkvirya


Vladimir Sorokin



September 2017
The idea. Formation of a team of founders.
September - October 2017
The concept. Strategy development.
November 2017
Market analysis and marketing research NRM. Marketing strategy.
December 2017
Closed pre-ICO.
January 2018
Whitepaper release.
February 2018
Interface development. Media planning.
March 2018
Marketing and promotion.
April 2018
Demo version of the platform. Pre-ICO.
May 2018
June 2018
Updating the Roadmap based on ICO results. Start of full-scale development.
July 2018
The beginning of listing the NRM token on crypto-exchanges. World marketing.
August 2018
The beginning of scientific research and neural network development.
September 2018
Opening the beta version of the platform.
Beginning of NRM’s neural network training.

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