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NetworkUnits (PreICO) ICO details

Start Date: 2018-2-8

End date: 2018-3-8

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform
    • Token: NU
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 NU = 0.002 ETH
    • Bonus: Available First day of Crowdsale 30% Week 1 15% Week 2 10% Week 3 5%
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 3333 ETH
    • Hard cap: 16666 ETH


Network units is a way to Decentralize multiplayer gaming and to provide developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer functionality. We will use the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract functionality to create a platform that will allow hardware owners (service providers) to share their unused Bandwidth and CPU resources with developers who would traditionally require their own servers to drive their multiplayer functionality and earn tokens for doing so. Gamers can mine tokens from the platform by connecting their wallets to their gaming accounts to become active clients. Therefore Network Units has a unique mining process with two very different but interesting ways to mine tokens.

Why Multiplayer Gaming?

Games with multiplayer aspects keep gamers engaged longer. Realtime First Person Shooters generally have single player and multiplayer modes and the addition of multiplayer modes can increase average game hours played by up to a factor of 7.

The Global Gaming Market is currently worth 100 Billion Dollars and increased gaming time leads to more revenue by way of purchasable content (over 50% of HD console owners have purchased content) or extension of pay to play licenses. If you have played a game for a very long time you are more likely to maintain your ‘elite’ status even if it means you have to pay every now and then.

Lastly, increased and extended popularity reinforces the network effect of referrals, leading to increased sales. In other words, if players are more likely to recommend your game it will lead to increased sales and revenue.

Multiplayer Gaming Requires Servers

Servers are required to provide multiplayer features. These are typically provided by cloud providers or dedicated host providers. Network Units will offer developers another means of multiplayer functionality that is not only easier to integrate but is more resilient and robust due to its decentralized nature.

Providing developers with an easy to integrate multiplayer framework

The Network Units framework can be harnessed by developers quickly and easily. By integrating our plugin into their game with ease, developers can be assured that they will not only save time and money but also incentivize gamers who connect their wallets to their gaming accounts. This will also bring in more players who want to earn tokens as they play. Developers can also harness the reputation system in their games to provide their players with a fair fight.


Dan Shirazi


Brad Burns

Co Founder

Shivangni Singh


Tony Wong


NetworkUnits (PreICO) Advisors

Frank Bonnet

Tech Advisor

Hansco Leek

Operations Advisor

Mike Balagna

PR Advisor

Manuel Gonzalez

Marketing Advisor

Ruben Stranders

Tech Advisor

Cor Klaasse Bos

Project Advisor


Evil Badger Company Registration Release of Wood Smash 3D on iOS and Android
Release of El Mirador on iOS and Android with Cardboard VR support Expansion to Holographic and VR Research & Development for applications, gaming and entertainment Experimentation of .netcore viability for multiplayer server functionality
Q1 2017
Research into current Hosted Multiplayer Framework Solutions Research Optimization code for Dark Experiences on VR & Holo
Q3 2017
UDP and RUDP library experimentations Zombie Mocap Development Spatial Mapping Implementation for HoloZombies
Q4 2017
Network Units Service Provider Application Proof of Concept Development Bled of State Political Fighting Game Release to iOS and Android.
Q1 2018
Initial Smart Contract Development for Verification Reputation Network Units Framework Proof of Concept Demo Release Acquire more Programmers as Contractors and/or Staff
Q2 2018
UDP and RUDP library conversions to .netcore Viability Studies of TCP integration Initial Smart Contract Development for Active Client Verification
Q3 2018
Initial Smart Contract Development for Masternode Staking Initial Release of Service Provider Application
Q4 2018
Release Network Units Unity Asset with initial Real Time Action Networking functionality
Q1 2019
Blockchain Storage and Database viability research Flagship Title Release
Q2 2019
Full Integration of RUDP and TCP protocols
Q3 2019
Flagship Title Release
Q4 2019
Next Phase Release of Network Units Unity Asset with TCP and or RUDP functionality
Q1 2020
Flagship Title Release

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