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Nagricoin ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-28

End date: 2018-9-1

    • Category: Health, Investment, Manufacturing, Smart Contract
    • Token: NGRX
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 NGRX = 0.1 USD
    • Bonus: From 0 to $2 000 000 - 40,000,000 NGRX Tokens - 50% From $2 000 000 to $17 000 000 - 200,000,000 NGRX Tokens - 25%
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 500,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 22,000,000 USD


Many people want to change the world for the better, but not everyone can determine the point of intervention. NagriTech company has chosen the agrarian sphere as its battlefield, because by improving the quality of people’s nutrition, we are changing the situation with diseases, life expectancy and, of course, ecology.

NagriTech is one of the pioneers of the real sector of economy which is planning to develop the traditional industry through the implementation of brand new technologies: blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and so on.

We do not offer investors attractive futuristic ideas, we go to ITO with a unique ready-made product!

NagriTech is a company working in the field of innovative agricultural biotechnologies. Having assembled a team not only of the best professionals, but of passionarians, we offered the market the latest solution for organic farming – a series of Nagri smart fertilizers.

Today we are working upon a global strategy of introducing our product on the global agricultural market, building and developing of production lines, as well as attracting investments, including those by means of blockchain.



Our product

Your food also needs proper nutrition!

Seven years of testing in the best laboratories and field trials on different continents have proved that Nagri is a product that significantly increases the yield and carefully protects it from the stresses of the environment; it is absolutely non-toxic and safe for humans and animals, surprisingly simple and easy-to-use. Our clever fertilizer significantly improves the quality of almost all crops, regulating the content of harmful and useful elements in them. For example, usage of Nagri reduces the amount of nitrates in tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables by more than 50% and increases the gluten content in wheat by 30%.

Our mission

The world today is shaken by cataclysms, ecological problems and high level of oncological diseases. In addition, the spectre of hunger constantly looms up on the horizon – the population of the planet is constantly increasing, and resources, including soil, are being depleted and are no longer able to provide all people with food. The logical questions on the quantity and quality of food and its impact on health and longevity arise, as well as on how to provide humanity with organic food, which is so expensive. NagriTech employees are sure that only investments in research and development of the newest smart fertilizers can eventually change this situation for the better.

We have started with fertilizers, but the future plans include transformation of the whole process: from cultivating the soil and selecting seeds, to processing the crop and producing organic products.

History and plans


Initiation of Nagri scientific development by Vitaliy Smirnov, Professor of Biology (Moscow, Russia).


Field testing in different countries and product improvement, as well as market research and business strategy development. About 5 million USD was invested in development and field testing in different climatic zones.


Obtaining certificates and permits from government agencies to be able to sell Nagri to farming companies in Brazil, Italy


Establishment of production in Brazil (10 million litres of Nagri per year). Establishment of production in Europe (Bulgaria) (5 million litres of Nagri per year). Distribution of trial batches of Nagri to potential customers for field testing.


Launch of a mobile application for farmers, which will promote the development of the market in general, and organic farming in particular. Implementation of NGRX token for financial interaction between users of the application.


Beginning of active sales in Brazil and Europe. Start of expansion into other key markets. 2020 Project reaches operational self-sufficiency.BLOCKCHAIN & SMART CONTRACTSWhy ITO?

The agrarian market is a closed-loop system where all players have divided into interest groups and spheres of influence long time ago, therefore it is quite difficult to find a new investor for the product. Moreover, we believe that the industry will develop much more intensively if to attract new blood to its change – people from outside, who understand how important it is for humanity to change the approach to the quality of nutrition. Crypto-investors is one of the most communityminded groups for today, which keeps a close watch on prospective directions and invests in them, supporting the development of projects.

NagriTech offers investors a ready-made innovative product with a thought-out global strategy of development and promotion instead of a presentation with a set of beautiful abstract ideas. We are launching NagriCoin ITO, because the new time requires new solutions even on the traditional markets!

Benefits for the investor

With NagriCoin, everyone can become an investor in a real company in the biotechnology sector, which offers a sensational product and plans to «invade» 9 new markets on different continents in the near future.

From the moment the company starts to profit from promotion on the target markets, NGRX tokens will be redeemed from investors at a higher price. The total estimated amount for the redemption of tokens for 2019, 2020, 2021 is about 60,000,000 US dollars.

In the short term, NagriTech plans to launch its own mobile application, which will unite agrarian market players from around the world, allowing them to use NGRX tokens for purchasing equipment and raw materials, selling finished products, paying for services, training, etc.

NagriCoin sales

NagriCoin pre-sale will start on April 2 till May 24, 2018.

NagriCoin ITO will last from May 28 till September.

NGRX tokens are offered for sale during NagriCoin ITO for a sum of 22 million USD at a nominal price of .10 USD per token, or equivalent price in ETH which will be fixed just before the start of token sale. The crowdsale will be held for one month or until all the tokens are sold out. The total token supply is fixed at 365,853,659 NGRX. Investors will be offered a flexible pricing system that allows the purchase of tokens at a discount:

1,144,130 NGRX — available for pre-ITO with 50% discount

200,000,010 NGRX Tokens — 20%

60,000,010 NGRX Tokens — 0%


Here are at least three reasons why an investor should say «Yes!» to the NagriTech project at ITO:

The company represents a finished product, on the creation, testing and improvement of which 7 years and 5 million US dollars have already been spent. Work on Nagri-HL continues even now, owing to constant field trials in new countries.

The company has a clear plan for the development of both the Nagri smart fertilizer series and the agricultural market as a whole, in particular by launching the profile mobile application FarmCircle.

Funds invested in NagriTech ITO are the inputs in the real sector of the economy that directly affects the life of each and every person, but not just financing an abstract idea that, after the ITO, will take many years to get fulfilled or will come to naught.TOKEN SALE

Let’s do it together!


Evgeniy Kozarenko


Andrey Samolyotov


Maksim Urakin

PR, Marketing and Advertizing

Tygran Arakelian

Financial planning and strategy

Stefano Marzocchi

EU partner

Vitaliy Smirnov

Head of research and development department of the company

Valentina Smirnova

Research and development

Kateryna Bolshakova

Communications Manager

Sergii Khoroshko

Technical Support

Cynthia Nara Oliveira

Сhief administrator

Liliia Shevtsova

ITO Communication Manager

Cleiton Alves

Director of product management

Jared Johnson


Oleksandr Parkhomenko

Client Support Manager

Nagricoin Advisors

Brett Weithorn

Business advisor

Benito da Gama Santos Filho

Blockchain Enthusiast. Crypto Trader

Basil Gorin

Technical Consultant. Blockchain Adviser

Daniel Neves

ITO Sales and Marketing Advisor

Alan Wong

ITO Advisor NagriCoin, Asia

Michael Creadon

ITO Advisor, USA

Shung-Toon Woon

ITO Advisor NagriCoin, Asia

Akalarp Yimwilai

ITO Advisor NagriCoin, Thailand


CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT. Initiation of Nagri scientific development by Vitaliy Smirnov, Professor of Biology (Moscow, Russia). Private investments. Field testing in different countries and different climatic zones. Product improvement, market research and business strategy development.
ATTRACTION OF LEGAL SERVICES. Obtaining certificates and permits from government agencies to be able to sell Nagri to farming companies in Brazil, Italy.
2018 Q1~2
ITO STAGE. Crowdsale.
2018 Q3-4
FIELD TESTING. Establishment of production in Brazil and Europe. Distribution of trial batches of Nagri to potential customers for field testing.
RELEASE ON TO MARKETS. Start of active sales in Brazil and Europe. Expansion into other key markets.

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