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Start Date: 2017-10-31

End date: 2017-12-28

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform
    • Token: MRK
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 MRK = 0.1 USD
    • Bonus: Pre-ICO 40%
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 15,000 ETH
    • Hard cap: 300,000 ETH


Technically, MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) spaces inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.

The AR / VR market share will grow from USD 11.4 bln in 2017 to USD 215 bln in 2021. VR is much more than gaming; it’s also e-commerce, business, education, science, film industry and many other areas. All MARK.SPACE locations are 3D zones fully operating in any browser and compatible with all VR headsets. This solution increases the audience of users and content providers tenfolds. Using VR glasses or helmets is optional, which opens up absolutely unique opportunities for the development of the Internet economy sectors.

MARK.SPACE has its own MARK token (MRK), a utility token used as internal currency. The MRK token enables all users to sell and buy VR units and objects, consume various goods and use services, pay salary to their employees and buy ads to promote their businesses through the platform. GPU-miners who will be rendering VR spaces and objects for the platform’s users will also receive rewards in MRK tokens (POW conception).

The platform eliminates social obstacles

Long-distance communication with friends and loved ones has never been easier, as MARK.SPACE removes all barriers between the objective and virtual realities. Express yourself, while making new, useful acquaintances – just like you are used to, in the real world. This is an opportunity to be in any place, at any time.

The platform opens up new business opportunities

MARK.SPACE creates qualitatively new opportunities for retailers, developers, freelancers and investors, using state-of-the-art VR and 3D technologies.

The platform uses advanced technology

The platform is based on the latest VR and blockchain technologies, which have the potential to change the quality of people’s lives. MARK.SPACE is the next level of product use and consumption.

The platform is one-of-a-kind

In this context and realization, project MARK.SPACE has seen no equivalents. Our team’s efforts; our vision, goals and mission, all contribute to the platform’s uniqueness

The platform saves time

Time is money, as they say, which is why it is more profitable to invest at the initial stage of a project launch. This has to do with the fact that the price per 1 UNIT* grows after every 100K UNITS. By becoming an early investor, you will be able to profitably sell your UNITS in the future (or launch your own VR-empire)!

MRK is a ERC20 standard token that will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. MRK token will be used for all transactions across all MARK spaces.
You could earn MRK tokens by:

  • Selling or renting your units or even buildings and entire neighbourhoods;
  • Selling your products or services;
  • Selling your custom 3D objects;
  • Selling ads;
  • Selling digital content;

mark space

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Project idea
Investment potential
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Yana Kontorovich

CEO & Founder

Evgeny Malkin


Oleg Ershov

Managing Partner

Denis Polulyakhov

Managing Partner, CBDO

Pavel Tretyakov


Vladimir Shliapin

CTO, IT-developer

Alexander Shtankovsky

Head of Developers, IT-developer

Siruz Faramarz

Head of VR & 3D Department

Sergey Kulikov

Head of Digital Advertising

Alexandra Golovina

Communications Expert, Content Creator

Andrei Kalashnikov

Communications Manager, Translator

Boris Baranov

Editor, Localization, Community Manager

Darya Kolessova

Asian Region Community Manager

Andrey Sinyakov

Asian Region Community Manager (China)

Joji Natsui

Asian Region Community Manager (Japan)

Yaroslav Karpov

Asian Region Community Manager, Translator (Japan)


May - June 2015
Idea formation, MARK.SPACE concept development
July - September 2015
Marketing research, hypotheses confirmation
October - December 2015
Preparation of technical assignment for development, team formation
January - May 2016
Development of Alpha-version engine
June - August 2016
Launch and test of Alpha-version (Shopping district only)
September - November 2016
Launch and test of Beta-version (Shopping district only)
January - May 2017
Launch first E-commerce projects on platform (fashion E-commerce)
June 2017
Launch Alpha-versions for Residential, Business and Community districts
June - July 2017
Concept development decentralization platform MARK.SPACE
August - September 2017
Implementation study of blockchain solutions for MARK.SPACE platform
October 2017
WP announcement and pre-ICO launch
November 2017
ICO launch
April 2018
Start virtual estate / UNIT sale
July 2018
Blockchain implementation
October 2018
Launch Residential district
December 2018
Launch Business district
March 2019
Launch Shopping district
September 2019
Distributed rendering
December 2019
MOSL language available to developer
February 2020
Launch Community district
April 2020
Internal advertising network

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    Project idea
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