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LoyalCoin ICO details

Start Date: 2017-12-11

End date: 2018-2-10

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail
    • Token: LYL
    • Platform: NEM
    • Initial price: 1 LYL = 0.02 XEM
    • Bonus: Pre-sale 10% More than 4,500 XEM 5% More than 7,000 XEM 10% More than 45,000 XEM 15%
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 12000000 USD
    • Hard cap: 19000000 USD

Appsolutely, formed in 2013 in the Philippines, has launched digital platforms and mobile apps that have enabled companies of all sizes, including some with top global brands, to rapidly expand market share and accelerate growth by providing richer, more satisfying customer experiences through loyalty and rewards programs.
Building on our expertise in loyalty and rewards programs, we are launching a new, unified customer loyalty ecosystem that uses blockchain technology as the backbone and the LoyalCoin digital asset as the medium of exchange. With these innovations, we are eliminating the customer loyalty programs’ limitations we currently encounter, such as public confusion the different mechanics of each loyalty program, difficulties in points exchange, lack of user engagement, and more. Removing these problems will accelerate the formation of a more cohesive, cooperative, and competitive customer loyalty industry.

The launch of LoyalCoin will involve commitments from entities who will have the digital asset and use it for consumption, operational, and/or other purposes. Participants in this new ecosystem will drive the new loyalty economy with their activities and financial support for the scaling of our platform. For instance, in the consumption-driven emerging economies in Asia, the spread of a unified, proactive customer loyalty system can usher in more customer retention for companies, who will then boost their top and bottom lines. Mass adoption and economic activity from
this dynamic loyalty environment will be the engine that can add value to each LoyalCoin.

Simply put, by replacing the limited reward points in the current customer loyalty setup with a blockchain-backed dynamic currency that supports increased participation between customer and brand, we can unlock the full potential of rewards programs and increased value for participants in this revamped loyalty ecosystem.


Appsolutely provides an Internet-based bridge that connects brands and merchants to their customers and audiences. Our offerings have a unifying theme — better customer service.

The main service we provide, and the focus of our push into blockchain, is digital loyalty. Through our customizable digital rewards programs, companies were able to offer incentives such as coupons, freebies, promos, as well as points and token-based digital assets that encourage customer loyalty and continued business.

From there, we expanded the use of digital loyalty to innovations that allow for the interaction with digital loyalty programs offline, the synchronization of online and offline activities related to rewards and the creation of employee rewards programs.

In addition, in our drive to cater to clients’ desire for omnichannel solutions, we launched the following services:

  • Digital Marketing. We offer tailor-made, Internet-based, optimized ad campaign strategies, CRM data, and consumer behavior reports. This service ensures the consistency of a brand’s messaging.
  • E-commerce. One goal of our loyalty programs is to increase Internet-based consumption. Over the past years, we have integrated online ordering systems, electronic gift cards, and digital wallet offerings into website and app-driven loyalty programs, creating a one-stop platform for connecting brands to customers.
  • Logistics. With the online ordering system in place, we go the extra mile to ensure that orders are delivered promptly and that brands’ services are consistent. Our addition of a logistics arm allows us to serve an end-to-end solution that handles every step of engagement, from promotions and incentives to orders and deliveries.
  • Web and App Development. Given that the loyalty programs we create are based on mobile apps and websites, we parlayed our capabilities into serving clients’ other platform creation needs, taking advantage of the insights we have about the best practices for creating mobile apps and websites.

We evolved from digital loyalty specialist to omnichannel solutions provider.

Unfortunately, rewards points in general have yet to make that evolutionary leap.

Rewards points, the medium of exchange of any loyalty program, has been limited due to the complications that come with arranging eligible deals for those rewards.

Hence, the logical next step in our growth is to take those points into the future and unleash their full potential. And we’ll do it through our blockchain-powered platform for an omnichannel loyalty economy.
loyalcoin diagram


Patrick Paul Palacios

President and CEO

Nitin Chawre

Chief Operations Officer

Nigel Hughes

Chief Technology Officer

Harvey Perello

Chief Digital Officer

Narciso Villanueva Jr.

Head of IT

Rommel Pajarin

Sales Manager

Justine Peralta

Product Manager

Anthony Vipond

Senior Blockchain Developer

Paul Samiliano

UI/UX Designer

Richard Funk

Head of Legal and Compliance

LoyalCoin Advisors

Lon Wong

President of NEM Foundation

Stephen Chia

Regional Head for Southeast Asia of NEM Foundation

Jason Lee

Global Director for Partnerships and Strategic Alliances of NEM Foundation

Nelson Valero

Council Member at NEM Foundation

Mike Onghai

CEO, LookSmart and Snowy August Management

Andrew Ong

Owner, Gong Cha Philippines

Alan Soucy

CEO, Sparkpr

Solomon Castro

Managing Director, CFP Transaction Advisors

Hector Florento

Finance Director, CFP Transaction Advisors

Steven Tan

CEO of Assuret LLC

Jay Fajardo

CEO of Launchgarage and Proudcloud

Jojo Flores

Co-Founder of Plug and Play Technology Center

Yobie Benjamin

Founder of Token Inc.


November 2017
LoyalCoin Pre-Launch Period
November 2017
Proof of Concept for LoyalWallet
December 2017
Security Audit
December 2017
LoyalCoin Launch
December 2017
Opening of Philippine Blockchain Center
First Quarter 2018
Launch of LoyalWallet & LoyalCoalition
First Quarter 2018
US Pilot
First Quarter 2018
Thailand Expansion
Second Quarter 2018
Ramp-Up of LoyalCoin Functions
Second Quarter 2018
Credit Card Integration
Third Quarter 2018
Launch of Payment Gateways for Digital Channels
Third Quarter 2018
Southeast Asian Expansion
Third Quarter 2018
Launch of Digital Payment Facility for Merchants
Third Quarter 2018
Artificial Intelligence for Loyalty Programs

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