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Loandex ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-7

End date: 2018-7-4

    • Category: Platform
    • Token: LDX
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 LDX = 0.00001 ETH, PreICO price 1 LDX = 0.01 USD
    • Bonus: Pre-ICO Stage: +20% ICO Stage: +15%
    • Tokens for sale: 800000000
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 2000000$
    • Hard cap: 12000000$

Loandex – Decentralized Commission Free Margin Trading Exchange

Advancement in latest blockchain technology is dragging many people to shift their financial systems from traditional fiat-based to blockchain system. Market cap of Cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, has jumped to a staggering 110B USD by July 2017 as against 7B USD in January 2017.

Further, trading volume for cryptocurrency has surpassed that for stock trading in August 2017. Cryptocurrency exchanges existing today are unable to meet the requirement for modern day trading. Modern exchanges that can fulfill this gap are required with trading fees as low as zero. Loandex is one such exchange platform offering to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies in the new era of the blockchain. First product offered by Loandex is a unique high-frequency trading exchange for cryptocurrency at zero trading fees which solve the current problems of existing exchanges. It facilitates spot and margin trading with zero fees thus maximizing the traders’ profit and liquidity in the market.

In fact, Loandex is having cryptocurrency of its own named LDX token which can be used to trade on the exchange without any commission saving the high transaction cost for each trade.


The cryptocurrency is now on the lead and since it provides liquidity of all your funds, people are opting more of this trading option even though the security isn’t a 100 to begin with. People are always looking for guides to protect their cryptocurrency exchange accounts. While on the Loandex exchange, we are committed to secure user accounts.

Make sure you check it properly. Domain of the Loandex is secured by SSL security. Make sure to check Loandex website URL begins with the format of ‘https://’. HTTPS is a secured edition of HTTP method which stops catching and modifying information that you’re delivering to the server.

To use SSL, we suggest using an expansion for your web browser like “HTTPS Everywhere”. There will be a number of phishing sites that’ll allow you to have access to your accounts, but atlast they are fraud ones! They’ll hack in to your account and steal all the data that’s there and get away with your cryptocurrency. So, make sure you are logged in at correct site.

Two Factor Authentication

The most common way to add extra protection to your account is allowing Two Factor Verification (2FA) where you simply get a non-reusable OTP or a verification pin for certain objective. Based on the feedback you’re using the choices different from e-mail, SMS or other app producing exclusive requirements that are being used during certain actions. It’s up to you whom one you will choose, but we suggests you to use Google Authenticator app which produces disposable OTP for every 30 seconds. If you decide to enable Google Authentication code on your exchange account, you will receive a unique QR code that you need to scan with your smart phone app or a web browser expansion like “Authenticator” for Chrome, Firefox or any other browser that you use.

Manage Your Account

Login History It’s extremely advised and a recommendation that during your single login period your account must be instantly signed out when you won’t execute any activities after the certain time frame in Loandex exchange. You can turn on that option from your account security settings. Such an advanced automatic options enables turns on one secure step for your account. Even, there will be an option to revoke accesses to the browsers or computers where are logged in.

Features of Loandex Cryptocurrency Exchange

Fully Decentralized Exchange
The Loandex is designed to develop a decentralized commission free cryptocurrency technology. As the agreement criteria of Blockchain technology developments, decentralized high-frequency dealing and real-time order book related will become possible. The powerful decentralized system can be expected from this technology in question.

Secure & fast Ethereum based token wallet

Secure & fast Ethereum based token wallet

Ethereum can be safely termed as the leading Blockchain network existing in the current world. It is the most powerful and secure token exchange system ever. The LDX token is a token by the Loandex Company. Tokenized secure system and Ethereum Blockchain networks are mixed on to build this token!


Yasir Khan


Mayur P.

Blockchain, Backend and Exchange Developer

Reymond Jr

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Jacob Fox

Community Manager

Amir Khan

Web Developer and Graphics Designer at Loandex

Loandex Advisors

Ivan Bazhutin

Marketing Advisor

William Milligan

Blockchain enthusiast and seasoned executive, innovative thinker with proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and define strategies to grow the bottom line

Jonathan Lane

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Blockvisory, a consultancy firm specializing in helping clients understand Blockchain and its potential opportunities

Junaid Afridi

Senior Web Researcher And Expert Data Analyst (advisor).


Q1 2018
Loandex preparation and Planning
Q2 2018
Pre ICO start: 7th May 2018 Pre ICO end: 28th May 2018 Loandex ICO start: 4th June 2018
Q3 2018
Loandex ICO end: 4th July 2018 Loandex Listed on Exchanges Loandex Development Continues Launching of Loandex Web Version(beta)
Q4 2018
Launching of Loandex Web Version
Q3 2019
Completion of Loandex Desktop Version Launching of Loandex Desktop Version
Q1 2019
Completion of Margin Trading Features Launching of Margin Trading
Q2 2019
Loandex Desktop Development start

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