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JOYS ICO details

Start Date: 2018-6-21

End date: 2018-10-10

    • Category: Retail
    • Token: JOYS
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 JOYS = 0.04 USD
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 30,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 105,000,000 USD

JOYS – We transform digital money into real goods

Joys is an open, global blockchain platform that integrates blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies into the conventional real economy.

It is suitable for:

  1. Projects issuing their own cryptocurrencies or tokens;
  2. Owners of any cryptocurrency;
  3. Stores (primarily retail stores) willing to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Joys allows you to legally carry out mutual settlements between participants in the system, Joys and stores — online and retail. We provide a link to the blockchain projects, to the platform, and integration into the cash register at the point of sale. This saves project teams, who want to have their cryptocurrency or tokens accepted in stores, from having a long, hard, and expensive integration into the cash registers. Also, under certain conditions, they do not need to obtain a separate legal opinion in each country or buy expensive licenses.

Using Joys, buyers will be able to use cryptocurrency in everyday life as payment for partial or full value of goods or services. Such transactions are legal: the platform records them as payment through prepaid (gift) cards from the store, discounts or remunerations (bonus) in accordance with the rules of the loyalty program or marketing campaign, like miles, bonus points or discount coupons. All stores work with this, and they only accept fiat money in accordance with the laws of their country. Where cryptocurrency is allowed as a means of payment, Joys gives the ability to merchants to accept nearly any kind of cryptocurrencies in addition to all of the existing methods of payment.

The process of purchase and payment in modern retail trade is closely associated with incentive programs and loyalty. We predicted this at Joys. The seller can configure discounts, bonuses or cashback, launch marketing campaigns, or include mlm schemes attract new customers in the system. Tax payment and compliance with the laws of each country are the responsibility of the seller. But we check the source of funds and provide customer identification.Joys

Project Achievements

To implement the stated objectives, we performed the integration of the cash register software with our platform. retail and service businesses do not need to install additional hardware or software: We have performed the integration of cash registers ourselves. Joys API is built into many cash registers: TMS30 Scheidt&Bachmann, Micros Fidelio, Micros Opera, Micros 3700, Shtrikh-M, DANCY KASSA, EVOTOR, 1C8, UniPOS, Pro-T-5, Artix, Pharmacy 2007, Trade Farm, UKM4 Supermag, etc. to start using Joys, you have to activate the Joys module in the software of the cash register.

POS terminals, which already includes a Joys module, are used in 30 countries. 25% of the banks in Russia already have the Joys module, 10% — in other CIS countries, 50% of gas stations in Germany.

We have created a payment processing service that allows you to take any cryptocurrency or tokens and almost instantly to conduct a transaction providing payment in guaranteed fiat currency in the account of the merchant within one business day.

Tasks to Solve

The value of Joys for blockchain projects and customers

Joys is an open system: our technology and services can use any project and holder of almost any cryptocurrency or token. We enable projects to apply blockchain technology in their solutions. We are open for partnership and ready to provide the ability to use Joys cryptocurrency project if the partner does not have its own cryptocurrency or tokens and the project needs it. Project Rate&Goods is the first embedded solution for Joys to encourage users for their social activity in the app, and before the start of the Joys ICO, this functionality will be activated. Joys and the International payment system 123 decided to combine the two infrastructure projects, to empower customers to use cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services in a large number of countries. We will continue to support and collaborate on a partnership basis with other projects, contributing the best value of our work. We believe that this approach will give the project a powerful competitive advantage in the market and will facilitate the growth of Joys’ cryptocurrency values.Initial allocation of JOYS

We are creating Joys as a means of bringing together the traditional monetary system and the new technology-based blockchain in order to make the society’s economy more efficient. We are expanding the scope of any cryptocurrency blockchain project in retail stores and service companies, thereby bringing the conventional retailers to blockchain community, we are contributing to the greater value of cryptocurrencies on the whole and project currencies connected to Joys separately. Joys’ platform enables people to pay for real purchases in conventional stores with any liquid digital money or tokens. Joys’ payment service simplifies, speeds up, and lower the price of obtaining goods and services for the owners of cryptocurrencies and tokens. We promote blockchain technology and help embed them into the real economy, accelerating the arrival of the point of no return moving to the digital economy.

Value proposition for sellers

Develop not only the money, but also the people who use this money. Today’s geeks, that are already involved in the new blockchain economy, will change tomorrow’s world and bring millions and billions of people with them. These people are the future economy and clients of your business. The project aims to help sellers of goods and services attract new customers to increase sales right now. We open for sellers of goods and services an easy and convenient access to the blockchain economy. This will ensure the influx of customers who are holders of different cryptocurrencies and tokens without financing of research, development, and marketing. And the main thing is the fast-growing and active audience, which has money and is willing to spend it. Sellers receive a powerful tool to increase sales. The ability to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency will make the store available to a wider audience involved in the digital economy. The company’s profit from one new customer will increase over time due to the increase in his revenue, savings, needs, and transition to other more expensive commodities.

Joys is a tool for creating loyalty programs and marketing campaigns that you can customize and analyze. With the help of a platform, the business focuses its attention on a specific group of customers and directs its incentives towards those customers who provide the maximum impact. Joys’ built-in marketing tools, that we develop and embed in accordance with our RoadMap, will ensure revenue growth from same-store sales, increase the frequency of purchases, expand the list of goods and services sold to one buyer. Thanks to these marketing techniques, the business will receive an influx of loyal customers.

Joys applies technologies that help maintain the legal compliance of the use of cryptocurrency in sales to the maximum possible extent under applicable law. Joys pays particular attention to legal issues, taking into account the law of the countries where the project will be presented.

How it works

For other blockchain projects with their own token or cryptocurrency

Projects with their own cryptocurrency can ensure their reception in any store connected to the system. For example, the project has its own cryptocurrency which can only be paid for rent servers in a certain data center. When integrated with Joys you will pay the same with cryptocurrency for coffee at a nearby coffee shop or for petrol at the gas station on the way to work. The same applies to projects where there are bonuses, game currency or internal currency. We approach each integration individually, we consider whether a project has its own cryptocurrencies or tokens, whether they are traded on exchange, whether or not they are private, etc. For this we provide access to the Joys API or widgets for your app or website.

 For Stores

We perform the integration in a cash register of stores in order to ensure the usual business logic of sales – no need to install a new cash register software or hardware. When in the arsenal of Joys’ platform, there are new cryptocurrencies, the system allows you not to change the integration solutions with cash registers. In doing so, we build our own infrastructure of integration into the cash registers, without inclusion the infrastructure of international payment systems, such as VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay or others. But we do not exclude the possibility to use the capabilities of the IPU to ensure the interests of our users and customers.

For Buyers

For those countries where it is prohibited in stores to pay with cryptocurrency we offer two processes: using reward points to pay part of the purchase (this process is already ready and working) and using prepaid cards and digital coupons for the full payment (this process is being tested). The system operation is shown in the diagram below.how it works


Andrey Mikhaylishin


Sergey Zhdanov

CTO, Back-end Developer

Vladimir Tolmachev

CVO, Payment System

Alexander Shamyan

CCO, Investor Relations

Ivan Krechetov


Anna Genergart

Director Of Integration In Software

Sergey Manenkov

Business Analyst

Lev Shemetov

Head Of Partner Communications

Nikolay Smirnov

Project Manager

Mikhail Ivanov

Safety Specialist

Sergey Berlinsky


Mikhail Gulev

Back-end Developer

Victor Kuznetsov

Front-End Developer

Alexey Zhdanov


Inna Churkina


Svyatoslav Martynenko


Jiang Xue

China Community

JOYS Advisors

Andrey Grachev

Vladimir Perov

Maria Agranovskaya

Roman Meister

Maxim Gladkov


August 2017
T3 development for the creation of Joys system Development of crypto-cluster
September 2017
API Joys v1.5 development (static QR) Integration of the first project with Joys (Rate & Goods)
November 2017
Integration of API Joys v1.5 into POS
December 2017
Wallet v1.0 Joys miniPOS Joys for smartphones
January 2018
Application Reticule for minors of the cryptocurrency JOYS Pool for JOYS crypto currency miners (pool.joys.digital) JOYS Investor's Office JOYS application for cloud POS Evotor
February 2018
API Joys v2.0 development (dynamic QR)
April 2018
Wallet v2.0 Joys
July 2018
JOYS will be displayed on the stock-exchange Development of marketing mechanics
August 2018
Integration of API Joys v2.0 into POS Russia and CIS
September 2018
Integration of API Joy’s v2.0 into POS EEC.
October 2018
Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS South-East Asia
November 2018
Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS Latin America
December 2018
Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS North America

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