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Start Date: 2018-2-8

End date: 2018-2-20

    • Category: Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform
    • Token: NIC
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 ETH = 30,310 NIC
    • Bonus: Pre-sale 35% Day 1-3 20% Day 4-10 10% Day 11-20 5%
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 2800 ETH
    • Hard cap: 14100 ETH

About Iconic Ecosystem

Iconic is an environment for the financing and offering of businesses’ assets through blockchain technology. Being the result of the necessity of bringing together promising investments and potential investors with a technology that offers a new world of opportunities through a decentralized and transparent digital structure, Iconic is guided by the premise of helping to drive and organize the development of a disruptive market having the potential of boost numerous businesses’ categories.
The company was born to strengthen and help mature the new crowd investment market that operates and establishes itself in a whole new universe, a universe of blockchain and other models of distributed trust. Iconic is the natural result of a market demand that found the perfect technology to meet it.

To date, the crowd investment market has not identified an opportunity that would allow it to thrive in retail. Private investment contracts in the traditional market demand costs that are incompatible with the risk-return they offer, even when involving small amounts of investments. In addition, they are extremely bureaucratic while at the same time offering investors little liquidity, resulting in the depreciation in value of the investments made.

The Iconic brings through the three environments of its ecosystem a complete channel for making investments in businesses with safety instruments and guarantees that are unprecedented in the blockchain industry.
With this, we call the community through the “Let’s move the chains” campaign, offering the Iconic ecosystem to bring together different interests and, together, build an integrated, stable and secure path for this technology to achieve its full disruptive potential.

Let’s move the chains.


To map Iconic’s market, it is necessary to analyze two markets that, together, integrate the scope in which the company operates:

  1. blockchain and decentralized trust, where the Iconic ecosystem will be installed;
  2. the crowdfunding market, including equity, which determines the business model.

a) Blockchain

The blockchain is an absolutely revolutionary technology that has the potential to directly impact many industries and markets due to its transparency and decentralized operation.

Its employment is gradually becoming widespread and today, even being a young technology, the blockchain industry with all its applications – mostly with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether – is estimated to have more than 14.750 million wallets created by its users, indicating that the level of coverage is huge even if considered still far from the mainstream.

b) Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, a business financing strategy through collective funding, initially innovated the ability to raise funds for promising projects.

Offering return to the investor through services and giveaways or, as in the case of Equity Crowdfunding, a stake in the business, this market today corresponds to the most popular non-conventional action to make businesses viable without the presence of intermediaries.

This format, despite moving significant funds such as $ 34 billion in 2016, being $ 2.5 billion in equity alone, presents fundamental constraints that, under current conditions, limit its potential to sustain the development of the environment.

c) Crowdfunding on blockchain – ICOs

By integrating a company’s assets acquisition into a transparent and decentralized technology, it is possible to offer investors within the investment crowdfunding market a new set of features that help all sides of the business: investors, business and middlemen. At its core, the goals are the same as those of crowdfunding, where a company raises funds by sharing assets with a predefined counterpart for investors. From this similarity, the ICOs market goes further to offer significant advantages that boost the potential of the collective financing industry, uniting attributes of other business segments such as venture capital, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, IPOs and stock offerings in general.

Starting in 2016 and especially in 2017, the ICO environment became big and, with this growth, the year will close with investments totaling more than $ 3 billion, an unprecedented value throughout the crowdfunding industry.


Jonathan Doering Darcie

Business Head

Roger Ilha Moreira

Strategic Head

Filipo Mór

Technical Head

Rafael Sebben

Project Manager

Lucas Souza da Rosa

Blockchain Developer

Tatiana Prisco

Content Manager

Luciane Alvim

Art Director

Samuel Franzen

Art Director

Eduardo Makiyama

Blockchain Specialist

Iconic Ecosystem Advisors

Simon Cocking


Nikolay Zvezdin


Jason Hung


Fabio Ostermann


Renata Barreto


Márcio Freitas


Leandro Barcelos


César Augusto Marcon


Manoel Neubarth Trindade



February 2018
PRE-SALE ICO #1 announcement
March 2018
ICONIC'S ICO ICO #2 announcement MVP development
April 2018
NIC delivery to the investors in PRE-SALE NIC delivery do the investors in ICO Beginning of the development of the ballast fund DAO Beginning of full development of the ecosystem
May 2018
Delivery of Trading MVP Opening for new ICOs registration
June 2018
Delivery Environment MVP ICO #1 Launch and Pre-ICO ICO #3 e ICO #4 announcement
July 2018
Delivery MVP Assurance ICO #1
August 2018
Trading: release of the final version Environment: release of the final version ICO #2 launch and Pre-ICO Ballast fund DAO release
September 2018
Assurance: release of the final version First receipt of ballast ressources ICO #2
October 2018
Environment Managers begin to register

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