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Start Date: 2018-8-1

End date: 2018-9-5

IceBreakerAR – Bringing relationships to life

IceBreakerAR will bridge the virtual world with reality by providing a revolutionary tool that removes the core barriers which prevent humans from reaching out and interacting with one another. Users of IceBreakerAR will have the confidence to approach each other and be equipped with conversational tools which can assist initiating the interaction in an innovative and fun manner, from whether the user is seeking a relationship, friendship or networking/business opportunity. In addition, all user data is secured in the blockchain thereby providing the highest standard of security and integrity.

Our mission at IceBreakerAR is to enable more meaningful connections in your life.


Dating, meeting, career networking websites and apps have not undergone a meaningful evolution since entering the market in the early 2000’s. The most recent progression is simply porting the website onto smart devices, but the mechanism has largely been passive. Users must create a profile, scroll through innumerable matches, strike a conversation and attempt to move the online connection to the real world. In addition, they suffer from the same core issues.


IceBreakerAR‘s solution is comprised of four components working in unison to provide a fun, secure and seamless user experience.


iOS and Android

Users have the option of a quick profile creation to get up and running as quickly as possible, or a more detailed profile setup for higher quality matches. Once at least one profile from either Dating, Networking or groups has been created, the user can begin to scan the vicinity for matches. The user can also seamlessly switch between categories to scan if they created a profile in multiple categories.


When used to search for matches in the Dating category, Users will find a fun and vibrant experience. Some available features are:

  • Open and inclusive search – from casual dating to no strings attached, Users have full discretion to seek their match.
  • Send a message – before meeting face to face a message function is available to communicate.
  • Send a gift – augmented reality gifts are available for purchase and can be collected and stored in a personal inventory.
  • Approach assistant – Don’t know what to say or message? Try out the Approach Assistant. The first time is free and subsequent uses are easily purchased. The Approach Assistant will suggest things to message or say based upon the match’s like and dislikes.


When used to search for matches in the Networking features category, Users will be able to interact with like minded individuals whether at a conference, while traveling or virtually anywhere to grow their personal and professional network. Some available features are:

  • Skills & Experience – much like a mini-resume, Users are able to list their skills and experience in their respective fields
  • Interests – a User’s interest and who they wish to match with may differ dramatically from their current profession. This allows users to break out of any career boundaries.
  • Rating and Review – User will be able to rate and review their networking encounter. This will enable IceBreakerAR and the Users to increase the quality of matches.
  • Networking monetization – for those Users who maintain a consistent high rating, IceBreakerAR provides the mechanism for them to charge a small fee for their time.



When using the Groups category, users will be able to find groups in the immediate vicinity that appeal to them or create their own group. Groups can be created by setting a Group topic. Other IceBreakerAR users who scan for groups in the area will be able to see the various groups in the vicinity and simply walk up and join.



Security through Decentralization

Traditional servers or data are generally centralized, making it a likely target for malicious attacks. By looking at the Equifax’s security breaches and other cybersecurity concerns arising in recent times. Instead of having a single or limited # of server’s that hackers can attack, decentralization via the blockchain greatly increases the difficulty. The more participants/nodes in a network, the more copies of the data there is. Therefore, if you want to tamper with the data, you will need to attack every single node on the network and alter all of their data simultaneously. Not only does blockchain make data tamper-proof, it is also hard to breach. Every “block” on a chain contains a certain amount of data, and when that block gets filled, much like a USB drive, it is encrypted and sealed forever. To get the full picture, hackers will need to hack not just the current block, but also every block before it. This is not only technically almost impossible, but it is costly, thereby reducing the incentive for malicious activities.


Essentially we would have the same set of data distributed across the world, we wouldn’t need to worry if we lose a node. This provides data resilience to IceBreakerAR, which gives peace of mind from any data corruption, server downtimes, backups, etc.. Blockchain

Overhead/cost reduction

Having a decentralized network of nodes to maintain this ledger allows IceBreakerAR to offset and offload hosting, security, and maintenance costs. It removes a lot of the costs of IT staffing, Dev Ops, and infrastructural overhead.


With all of the above in place, you can be sure that everything that is logged or deployed on the blockchain, is accurate, and true.

All of this results in the ease of trust, and ease of the ability to do business in a transparent manner, without needing to trust the counter-party. You can simply leverage blockchain technology to let the data and facts speak for themselves.

Do currently systems and data infrastructures work? Sure, but they are not perfect. They only exist the way they do because there hasn’t been technology that could come along and offer a vast improvement until the introduction of Blockchain.


Permissioned Blockchains

To only authorize a limited set of readers and writers, so-called permissioned blockchains have been recently proposed. Here, a central entity decides and attributes the right to individual peers to participate in the write or read operations of the blockchain. To provide encapsulation and privacy, reader and writer could also run in separated parallel blockchains that are interconnected.

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Thien To

Founder & CEO

Michael De Blok

Founder & COO

Kaitie Zhee

Marketing and User Acquisiton Director

Connor Mckitrick

Business Development Director

Ben O'Grady

Development and Marketing

Simon Yu

Content Management Director

Georgy Gadzhiev

Blockchain Developer

Taylan Pince

Lead App Developer

Serkan Terek

UX Lead Developer

Kaan Eryilmaz

Senior UI Designer

Hakan Demiroz

Senior IOS/AR Developer

Adil Haritah

Blockchain Engineer

Tahir Yüksel

Senior Designer

Ömer Aslan

iOS Developer

IceBreakerAR Advisors

Zaheer Merali

Theodosis Mourouzis

Kristin Lewis

Advisor / Growth Hacker

Jillian Godsil



Q1 2018
Initial Startup and development of IceBreakerAR begins.
Q3 2018
Alpha/Beta and ICO
Q4 2018
Further Development and Integrations
Q1 2019
Final Beta Release & Commencement of Marketing Campaign
Q2 2019
On-boarding of AR Advertisers & Retail Partners
Q3 2019
Increased Marketing
Q4 2019
Additional Development and Features

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