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HOQU ICO details

Start Date: 2017-11-27

End date: 2017-12-26


HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair cost per actions deals based on a smart contracts.
hoqu ICO

Brings together merchants and affiliates  without brokers and uses smart contracts to  ensure transparent and fair deals

Lower costs

0.5% commission per deal and lack of brokers make HOQU more attractive to both merchants and affiliates

Free use

Affiliate networks can use HOQU  platform for free

Easy entry and fair competition

To get access to HOQU affiliates and merchants, you need to register an account in just a few clicks

Autonomous modules

On HOQU, software failure in one module will not affect proper operation of other modules

HOQU can solve burning market problems

  • Drastic cost reduction at all stages. HOQU’s own cryptocurrency will allow to reduce transaction costs and fees charged by financial institutions and payment services. On HOQU, merchants can launch their own affiliate programs and work directly with affiliates, cutting advertising costs by 44%
  • Unlike centralized tracking platforms, we have no fixed monthly payments for using our decentralized platform. Blockchain solutions will allow to reduce user data storage costs. With user data stored on external platforms, HOQU will be able to set lower fees for affiliates and merchants. Merchants will only pay 0.5% of transaction value. Plus, HOQU modules operate independently. If one module fails or is hacked, other modules will continue to operate properly. This ensures high level of security for all platform participants.
  • Reduced affiliate payout times. Smart contract automatically checks whether a lead qualifies for a payout, making immediate payouts to affiliates possible.
  • Anti-fraud protection.HOQU uses Civic blockchain platform for user identification. Civic solves the problem of remote identification and integrates with other blockchain solutions. Smart contracts, reputation monitoring system and CPA model leave no space for fraud. Smart contracts ensure transparent and integral deals between merchants, affiliates, and affiliate networks.
  • No need to create your own software solutions. HOQU is a brand new tracker platform that enables users to launch their own affiliate programs and CPA networks absolutely for free.
  • No need to integrate with hundreds of affiliate networks. HOQU is a fully decentralized platform, meaning that a merchant simply needs to install an app to get access to all CPA networks and affiliates within HOQU platform.
  • Future of marketing. An increasing number of industries are switching to blockchain technology. Using HOQU to attract clients into those industries is an ideal example of performance marketing. For example, HOQU will be a great place for merchants searching for investors to launch an Token Sale run. With HOQU, companies will be able to acquire thousands of investors in a fast and easy way. Merchant companies will have every cent of their money spent wisely, with costs ranging from 1% to 4%

To affiliate networks, we can offer affordable, technologically superior infrastructure. HOQU will be the only platform where affiliate networks will be using blockchain and smart contracts.


Alexey Shmonov

CEO, Co-founder

Aleksandr Duzhnikov

COO, Co-founder

Andrey Duzhnikov

CTO, Co-founder

Roman Kaufman

CVO, Co-founder

Maxim Anikeev

CMO, Co-founder

HOQU Advisors

Ralph Liu

Investment Banker, Venture Investor (Blockchain)

Kenneth Goodwin

ormer Asset Backed Securities Advisor, US Federal Reserve


November 2017
Development of a CPL smart contract prototype and a decentralized affiliate app
Development of a CPL smart contract prototype and a decentralized affiliate app
Development of different types of smart contracts (CPA, CPL, CPC, CPS, CPI)
February 2018
Tracking services for different smart contract types
March 2018
Release of a decentralized app for merchants/affiliates
May 2018
Release of a decentralized app for affiliate networks
September 2018
Launch of the world's first decentralized affiliate network based on HoQu platform
October 2018
Release of a decentralized application for operators and administrators of an appeal center
February 2019
Mobile apps for decentralized applications
March 2019
Release of a software development kit

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