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Start Date: 2018-1-15

End date: 2018-2-17

Honor – Descentralized Ecossystem of On-demand Work

For future generations, self-employment will be the new career, services will be the new job, and crypto, the new currency. We from the Jubs platform through the utilitarian cryptocurrency Honor, we establish a new concept of work experience and informal career recognition, previously offered only by career paths of large centralized organizations.

The Informal Linkedin

We break the limits of the formal labor market. Acting as an informal reputation validation system in a transparent, appropriate and immutable way, the Jubs platform allows you, as a professional, to have the opportunity to validate your informal experiences previously neglected by the traditional market

The Uber of the Services

As a client, you benefit by quickly finding trusted professionals within your own network of friends and region to outsource simple tasks or even to perform services that require qualification and complexity, with the assurance that the services will be executed with excellence or that you will have your money back

A Payment Hub

As customers, using the platform-integrated Jubs portfolio, we can pay for professional services in any crypto-currency, fiduciary currency, or up to 12x on the credit card. In the professional position, we receive the amount paid for spot work up to 3 business days after completion in Honor or cash

The Smart Contracts

Say goodbye to service frauds, late payments and false warranties. With Jubs, you can pre-define service contracts or informal jobs that act independently and transparently in a simple, fast and secure way, ensuring transactions and good relationships of trust between clients and professionals.

JUBS is launching the HONOR (HNR) cryptocurrency with the main objective of making it the main source of payments for the purchase and sale of services between clients and young
professionals in Latin America in the following segments:
honor segments
Over time and maturity of the platform, any currency can be automatically converted into HONOR for contracting service providers. 

Under this view, HONOR will be established as a pure, fixed, fractional, divisible and non-inflationary long-term, as well as other currencies, are transferable and fungible, and may be traded in the criptocurrencies exchanges. It will be issued under the ERC20 standard, compatible with the entire Ethereum structure. 

About JUBS

JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA is a Brazilian startup company idealized in 2015, selected by the largest accelerator in Brazil – Inovativa Brasil – among the 300 most innovative Brazilian startup companies in 2017.

This document presents the new HONOR cryptocurrency as a fundamental basis for payments and rewards for reliable indications of platform professionals JUBS, the first service-based recruitment community based on nominations and reputation work.

JUBS was released in its version 1.0 in the form of a services marketplace application after extensive market research and product validation.

Throughout the process, it has established solid partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, and today undergoes a strategic transition of decentralization, migrating from the competitive business model to the cooperative.

The JUBS platform initially emerged as a solution for anyone needing professional help to complete a task or perform a service, be able to find reliable people among your network of friends and region, bringing the process of contracting offline services to the technological environment, with a focus on needs of the average user.

Faced with the development and consolidation of the Ethereum blockchain technology, the new concept of decentralized applications offers the most promising path to JUBS dream of creating a sustainable future for modern working relationships.

HONOR emerges beyond being only a transactional cryptocurrency, but also a token utility that powers the entire JUBS platform. That includes:

A decentralized market for the supply and demand of work, services and tasks. The conversion of bank credit, installments and fiduciary currencies in crypto payments of recurrent or recurrent services. The permanence of the informal history of work and professional identification unchanged. The maintenance of rewards, punishments and professional reputation in a transparent manner. A trustworthy and conflict resolution in online and offline services. Immutable records of communication and collective liability insurance. In addition to intelligent provision of services and execution of extended guarantees.

It was developed under the vision not only of feeding the JUBS platform, but of building the decentralized community of service exchange between clients and professionals of the Latin America, with the main objective being to make it the primary source of revenue and between young self-employed workers.

The HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) will be distributed at a ratio of HNR per 1 ETH to participants – based on the daily rate – in the initial contribution period, which is beginning on January 15th, 2018. The initial contribution period will be run for 4 weeks or in less than 24 hours if the 15M USD ceiling is reached.


Gustavo Reis

Founder and CEO of JUBS

Matheus Simas

Co-Founder and JUBS CMO

Elton Carvalho

Co-Founder and CTO of JUBS

Daniel Marques

FULL-STACK Blockchain of JUBS

Ricardo Lima

JUBS Commercial Head

Honor Advisors

Thiago Noronha

Juridical Advisor

Anderson Marques

Financial Advisor & Tributary

Satoshi Sakuraba

Technology & Research Advisor

Ewerton Ferreira

Investor Relations Advisor


Idealization Formation of the Heterogeneous Team Market and UX Study R&D
Jubs Platform Mobile Alpha Acceleration at Inovativa Brazil Release in a closed ecosystem Launching and Integration of the Jubs Wallet Integration of Token Honor to the Platform Product Market Fit - First Subscribers
Sales Token Rewards Machine Brazil Expansion - Growth Token Listing on Exchanges Jubs Marketplace 2.0 + Web Launch Customization of UX by Segment + TokenID Services smart contracts - Beta Version
Participants Court - Beta Version Civil Liability Insurance - Beta Version Consolidation in the Brazilian Market Automatic conversion of other currencies into Honor
Latin America Internationalization R&D interaction with IOT via Bluetooth 5 Continued Marketing and Brand Development Beginning of a new cycle

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