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Start Date: 2018-1-15

End date: 2018-3-26

Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. The network shifts the way readers, critics, and authors communicate and connect with one another.

Using the Gilgamesh platform, users can gain and transfer knowledge in a protected environment that encourages widespread learning and education, and incentivizes the human race to become more thoughtful and information-centric.

Productive interactions and engagements on the Gilgamesh platform earn users GIL Tokens, on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts. They can spend GIL tokens on in-app goods and services, or to vote on the governance of the platform.

Gilgamesh Social App
gilgamesh platform
The first-ever knowledge-sharing social network platform based on Ethereum blockchain

  • Social
    Connect, engage, learn and share knowledge with book readers & authors
  • Secure
    Sensitive data is encrypted and securely stored on IPFS and Ethereum smart contracts
  • Privacy
    No censorship, sensitive information is securely stored on decentralized & distributed network
  • Simple
    Clean, simple, friendly, and cohesive user experience removes cognitive load on book readers and authors
  • Earn
    Receive ERC20 GIL tokens for meaningful platform contribution & engagement
  • Purchase
    Spend GIL tokens to purchase books and services

Gilgamesh Service Providers Marketplace

gilgamesh platform

The Gilgamesh self-publishing platform is a marketplace for industry-related service providers to advertise, gain new opportunities, and contribute to the success of an author or publication.
Authors can browse the service providers by type, fee, or rating to identify recommended editors, printers, and distributors on the platform. They can directly hire service providers on the Gilgamesh platform and pay for services using GIL tokens.

Essentially, the self-publishing platform and marketplace removes the middleman (publishers) from the publishing process, creating an efficient and lucrative resource for authors who want to maintain control of their work. Service providers are charged a small fee based on the income they earn on the platform.

Authors can also use the self-publishing and social platform to create a secure eBook on IPFS & Ethereum smart contracts, register a copyright, or place an in-app advertisement.

  • Service providers are copywriters, copy editors, cover designers, illustrators, layout designers, printers, distributors, and marketers
  • The Gilgamesh platform is a secure resource for self-publishing an eBook, registering a copyright, or advertising a book to users
  • Authors will have full control of their work and will no longer have business partners
  • Authors will enjoy more freedom and a higher income, resulting in more books getting published


Mahdi Pedram

Founder & Software Architect

Atefe Mosayebi

Software Engineer & Project Manager

Ali Rasekh

Director of Operations & Security Manager

Mo Vahedi

Product Manager & Solution Delivery Lead

Gilgamesh Platform Advisors

Kumar Gaurav

Blockchain & Business Advisor

Douglas Park

Legal & Business Advisor

Reza Dibadj

Legal & Business Advisor


2016 Q2
Skiral Inc. Established
2016 Q4
Gilgamesh Concept
2017 Q1
Gilgamesh Market and Technical Research
2017 Q2
Gilgamesh IOS app Design completed
2017 Q3
iOS core development completed
2017 Q3
Gilgamesh white paper & smart contract
2017 Q4 to Q1 2018
Gilgamesh Platform token sale & brand awareness
2018 Q2
Plato Alpha Release
2018 Q3
Plato Beta Release
2018 Q4
Plato Final Release
2019 Q1
Shakespeare Beta Release & Homer Alpha Release
2019 Q2
Shakespeare Final Release & Homer Beta Release

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