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Flying Money ICO details

Start Date: 2018-1-31

End date: 2018-4-30

    • Category: Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform
    • Token: FML
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 FML = 0.50 USD
    • Bonus: First 10m FML Tokens - 0.50 USD Next 10m FML Tokens - 0.67 USD Next 9m FML Tokens - 0.75 USD Next 9m FML Tokens - 0.90 USD Next 9m FML Tokens - 1.00 USD
    • Tokens for sale: 36400000
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Soft cap: 2500000 USD
    • Hard cap: 35000000 USD

Flying Money – Global Tokenization of Financial Assets

Over 1,000 years ago in China Emperor Tang issued the worlds first paper money. It was a promissory note to replace gold and silver and it was called Flying Money. In the age of the internet Flying Money is issuing the worlds first ERC20 digital asset and currencies.
flying money
We aim to be the direct competitor to Tether. Tether has over US$4 billion in transactions daily and assets of US$2.2 Billion and is the settlement currency for some of the worlds largest Digital Exchanges.
Flying Money will develop a range of digital currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD) that will be 100% backed by the fiat currency customer’s deposit to buy the currency tokens.

How it Works

The money received for the Flying Money currency tokens will be deposited in an independent trust and protected for investors. Processes will be audited monthly by one of the world’s largest Accounting firms with the bank statement published to confirm that the tokens in circulation match the fiat deposits backing each currency token. The Flying Money Trust is independent to protect investors.

The Flying Money Tokens (FML) issued in the ICO are the transaction tokens used to buy and sell Flying Money Currency Tokens that will be issued after the ICO. The utility of the FML Tokens is that they are used to pay for transactions. Once used they are destroyed and therefore reduce the total number of FML Tokens in circulation.

Customers have a choice of paying their transaction fees in Fiat, BTC, ETH or FML. If customers pay their transaction fees in BTC, ETH or Fiat the proceeds are used to buy back an equivalent amount of FML tokens which are then destroyed. The tokens will be bought on the digital exchanges that list FML Tokens. There is a constant demand for FML Tokens and a diminishing supply.

Difference between FML Token and Currency Tokens

The currency tokens that will be issued after the ICO are designed to represent the value of the underlying currency token. For example, a Flying Money €1 Euro token (EURf) will have an asset backing of €1EUR backed by a cash deposit.

The FML Tokens issued in the ICO do not represent any currency. They are used to pay for transaction costs. They will change in value as the demand for FML tokens increase.


  • Audited monthly by world’s largest accounting firm
  • Independent trust to legally protect customers
  • 100% cash backed – held by leading global bank
  • Legal and regulatory managed by global legal firm
  • Senior management – IT, Blockchain, Banking, Payments, Telecoms
  • B2C and B2B (cryptocurrency exchanges) application

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Russell James Hatton

Managing Director

Karl Vizvary


Ravi Prakash


Prashant Thakur

Advisory Board Member, Blockchain, AI, IoT

Patrick Choi

Advisory Board Member, Capital Markets

James FitzSimons

Advisory Board Member, Legal Counsel

Sean Birchley


Yong In Cho

Advisory Board Member, VP Payment Gateways

David Diamond

Advisory Board Member, Audit, Trust Structures

Sadie Hutton

VP, Marketing Strategy

Graham Doggart

Advisory Board Member, Blockchain and Fintech

Adam Serra-Sanfelin

VP, Social Media Marketing


31 January 2018
30 March 2018
May 2018
FML Tokens issued
June 2018
FML Tokens listed on global exchanges
July 2018
USD currency token issued USDf
August 2018
EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD currency tokens issued
August 2018
Flying Money Digital Wallet enables currency FX in seconds with no intermediary
Q4 2018
Launch Flying Money Credit Card to 42m online and physical stores
Q1 2019
Smart Contract for tokenization of equities and commodities
Q2 2019
Swiss Banking License

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