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FLOGmall ICO details

Start Date: 2018-2-22

End date: 2018-3-8

    • Category: Platform, Retail
    • Token: MLC
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 3000 MLC = 1 ETH
    • Bonus: DAYS 1-3 20 - 25% BONUS DAYS 4-8 15 - 20% BONUS DAYS 9-12 5 - 10% BONUS DAYS 13-15 0% BONUS
    • Accepting: BTC ETH Fiat LTC
    • Soft cap: 8,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 24,000,000 USD


FLOGmall is an international e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers with cryptocurrency.

At FLOGmall one can find stores in a new, unique format – LiveStore. A live store is a collection of video content and blogs about sellers, stores, goods and services.

Available content which gives the opportunity to show you in the LiveStore format.

  1. Video presentation of the storeShow your store/office/production and increase the trust index in your business and in what you do. Do you have a nice and beautiful ShowRoom, on the interior of which you worked so hard? Shoot a short video for everybody to know about it!
  2. Video message of the store owner to the audienceDeclare yourself to the whole world! Tell us what and how you do or sell. Make millions of users fall in love with your business!
  3. Video ads for each product/serviceAccompany your announcement with a short video that will tell about your product better than any words and prompt the customer to place an order.
  4. Video blog for reporting on important events and promotionsDo/have you have/had an important event that you want to share? Do it in the usual format of social networking services, accompanying the text with photo and video materials. Fans from all over the world will be able to follow you, and newcomers will be more loyal to your store when choosing competitors.
  5. Online video sales (streaming), video auctions, game modelsArrange video sales of goods in real time through streaming video. This type of video nowadays is rapidly gaining steam, and in the coming years a huge outbreak in this industry is expected.
  6. Video ads on the platformPresent your brand or product through video advertising directly on our platform. Promote your live store or specific product to millions of users from around the world and immediately convert them into sales through video advertising.Each video uploaded to FLOGmall is automatically protected by a watermark. This video is much more difficult to steal and remake than traditional photo-content and text descriptions of goods.

Opportunities of flogmall

FLOGmall provides wide opportunities for customers, sellers and participants. Let’s consider the basic ones.



  1. Exchange of cryptocurrency for First Marketed Consumer Goods (FMCG) and ServicesFMCG – a variety of electronics, household appliances, clothing and everything that every person needs every day. We used to buy these goods in regular online stores and retail chains.Among services it is planned to launch such areas as real estate (rent, sale), digital-marketing, financial services and so on.
  2. Access to goods and services from around the worldOur platform serves as a single aggregator of a large number of sellers and stores from around the world. This will save a significant part of the funds on purchases, as the seller will sell the product or service directly to the customer, bypassing intermediaries that are large retail chains, as well as aggregators of various services, including financial institutions and payment systems.
  3. Transparent and safe purchasesFLOGmall offers the customer a fundamentally new look at faceless online stores and e-commerce sites with thousands of sellers.Each customer repeatedly encountered the fact that when viewing the catalog of goods/services on the site, he/she cannot get a real idea of the store/seller. We see pages of absolutely identical images and descriptions for the same goods.With online purchases, in most cases, we cannot come to the seller to another continent to see the goods live or evaluate the service offered in person. Many purchases have to be done almost with your eyes closed. Of course, the issue of trust in the seller at the time of purchase has always been and will be relevant.

    Thanks to the unique format, FLOGmall allows to follow the assortment and events of the store, and crucially – to make sure clearly that the seller really exists and it is exactly who claims to be.

    The e-commerce industry and video blogging has been going hand in hand for many years. Now both these industries are used on a single site. The era of impersonal online stores with gray catalogs is a thing of the past, they are being replaced by live stores with real people.

  4. Payment by any altcoinsImagine the following situation: the buyer has traded on cryptocurrency exchange for a long time. As a result, he has left a certain amount of cryptoassets, which are not the most demanded. Cryptoasset does not move on the exchange and remains unused by the buyer. Or, for example, the investor has participated in many other ICOs, purchased their coins, but the issued tokens have not gained or gained insufficient cost at the moment.On the other hand, there is a seller who is not against selling his/her product/service with this particular cryptoasset. Thanks to flexible FLOGmall filters, the customer easily finds such a seller. As a result, the customer solves the problem of selling the “hung” cryptoasset, and the seller gets a profit in the cryptoassets that he/she chooses himself/herself.
  5. Fair information on each sellerSmart contract with a secure transaction fixes the interaction of the seller and the customer, so only the person who made the purchase, would be able to leave feedback about the goods.The rating system allows you to evaluate the store on the basis of real statistics on 4 key indicators (the delivery time of the goods, the correspondence of the goods/ service description on the site to the obligations fulfilled, the price of the goods, the friendliness of the seller when communicating with the customer).
  6. Real, detailed responses on each of the productsIf the customer wants to purchase a particular product, then when viewing the product card the system will automatically show all the video reviews and responses on it on the site. And since a review or a response can only be made by a real customer, then such information can be trusted.
  7. Cashback and discounts for internal cryptocurrencyThe FLOGmall site provides customers with increased cashback when paying Mallcoin tokens, as well as the opportunity to receive discounts when purchasing goods for Mallcoin.
  8. Secure purchases using a smart contractListing the fee, the customer can be sure that it will go to the account of the seller only if the goods reach the destination point. As soon as the seller sends the goods, the customer receives a track code to track the shipment and can at any time see at which stage of delivery his/her order is.Based on the executed smart contract, the site automatically transfers funds to the seller’s account only after the customer confirms the receipt of the goods and its proper quality. Otherwise, arbitration on this transaction will be opened.In this case, the customer will be motivated to close the transaction due to the fact that he will receive an additional bonus in the form of Mallcoin tokens and rating as a user of the site.
  9. Simple navigation on offers of sellersThe site provides convenience of searching and studying the product range. The catalog of products on FLOGmall is equipped with filters and division into categories, which makes the search effective for the customer.
  10. Convenient display of prices with reference to Fiat/CryptocurrencySometimes it is difficult for a customer to assess how profitable to buy a particular product/service in foreign currency. It is even more difficult to calculate the benefits in cryptoassets, the volatility of which is much higher than that of fiat money.FLOGmall displays the prices in the selected cryptocurrencies with their equivalent in US dollars, which is most convenient for the majority of customers to perceive.
  11. Purchase of goods/services with cryptocurrency WITHOUT participation and commission of the siteIf the customer makes a purchase from a seller who has collected enough positive responses and estimates, he/she can with minimal risk make payment directly, without the Secure Transaction and the guarantor from our site. Thus, the site does not impose its services on customers and always offers an alternative.
  12. Sellers ModerationAt FLOGmall, bona fide sellers are placed, who undergo an internal moderation before the publication of goods and services.
  13. Multilingual communicationFLOGmall offers tools for effective communication between customers and sellers. Built-in online translator, integrated with Google Translate, allows you to negotiate the purchase of goods/services in a multi-language format, without going beyond the platform.The user and seller can communicate with each other in their own languages, and FLOGmall will automatically translate their correspondence, making it understandable.
  14. The role of the community in the development of FLOGmallFLOGmall allows ordinary customers to participate directly in the life of the project. Customers can vote for their favorite sellers, record detailed responses and earn on it, thanks to the contests.


  1. Access to customers from all over the worldFLOGmall erases international borders. Our site is not limited to the local audience of a particular country or city. We combine the holders of cryptoassets around the world.

    The seller, depending on the features of logistics (when selling goods) or the service provided, independently chooses the geography of work and the language of communication with customers.

    FLOGmall literally makes it possible to declare your business to the whole world!

  2. Economy on commissions of payment systemsTransactions on FLOGmall occur directly from the customer to the seller, which allows you to avoid the services of imposed payment services, and the transfer commission remains minimal.

    The seller himself/herself is engaged in the optimization of tax administration.
    All operations on FLOGmall are the exchange, which from the legal point of view is not taxed in most jurisdictions.

  3. Own live store on the finished platformThe contemporary capabilities of mobile devices, powerful built-in video cameras, as well as the general availability of the Internet around the world, open revolutionary opportunities for the presentation of their own products and services through video.
  4. Quick start of salesTo the service of sellers, an effective and affordable tool for trading on an international level, with a ready interface and loyal customers, extensive opportunities for uniqueness of his/her own online store.

    The seller does not need to create complex and costly IT solutions on his/her own, as FLOGmall already has everything you need to work.

  5. Promotion through bloggersOne of FLOGmall’s priorities is to consolidate a blogging community around itself, interacting with the audience of customers. The seller can order an overview of his/her goods or services of the blogger, receiving live feedback and a massive influx of loyal customers into his/her business.
  6. Free site with minimum charges for additional servicesThe start on FLOGmall is absolutely free. Additional payment is made only for the related services, after when the seller has in practice verified the feasibility of our site for his/her business.
  7. A range of additional services for professionals.The seller has the opportunity to purchase additional services on a fee basis for tokens mallcoin. Advertisements / shops with applied packages of services receive priority in the rotation of the site search.
  8. Access to a new, evolving market of cryptoholders with a highly solvent audienceExchange of goods and services on tokens will open wide access to the audience of customers who are its holders. And since the use of tokens is mainly related only to trading and mining, there will always be a guaranteed number of customers who want to buy goods and services on FLOGmall.
  9. Equal starting opportunities for all types of sellersDue to the fact that FLOGmall is the only one of its kind and is launched only now, all sellers – from small entrepreneurs to large corporations – have equal opportunities to promote their stores on our site. The seller does not face a situation where the market is already monopolized by large players like ebay, alibaba, amazon, etc. FLOGmall is a new platform and a new sales market that gives all sellers equal opportunities.
  10. Multi-language communicationFLOGmall offers tools for effective communication between customers and sellers. Built-in online translator, integrated with Google Translate, allows you to negotiate the purchase of goods/services in a multi-language format, without going beyond the platform.

    The user and seller can communicate with each other in their own languages, and FLOGmall will automatically translate their correspondence, making it understandable.

  11. strong>The role of the community in the site developmentThe seller can create a truly top-content and a description of his/her store, while collecting a loyal audience and getting an opportunity to earn thanks to our promotion system.
  12. Advanced analyticsBuilt-in functionality allows the seller to compose a portrait of their target audience based on the collection of user data: geography, gender, age.

    Key metrics help in time to respond to changes in demand. Tracking indicators and adjusting the business model on FLOGmall is simple and interesting.

  13. Extensive platform supportA business owner can apply for help in a 24-hour support service, and through arbitration, FLOGmall will resolve any problems with customers.
  14. Seller’s anonymityEach of the sellers has the opportunity to make their store anonymous. Data about the store and the seller are a trade secret, and at the seller’s request they are not published in the public domain.


Aleksey Khayrutdinov

Founder and CEO

Alexey Belov

Co-Founder and CFO

Maksim Teleshev

Co-Founder and PR

Alexander Zalogin

Co-Founder and CMO

Simpat Vatyan

Co-Founder and PR

Vladimir Popov

STO and it-lawyer

Arthur Lipatov

Community director

Vladislav Egorov

Head of the Development Department

Daniil Nagikh

Back-end developer

Timophey Nakhai

Back-end developer

Sergey Zubov

Front-end developer

Valery Kabanov

Community in China

Aleksey Serbul

Head of Marketing Department

Julia Arkhipenko

Leading Designer

Aleksandr Chagai

Entrepreneur, investor, co-founder of the project FLOGmall

Vladimir Molchanov

Lead marketing manager

Alexander Timoshchuk

Project team project manager

Vladislav Osadchy

Community manager

Maryna Chobotova


Snezhana Grigorieva

Community manager

Anastasia Zvereva


Nikolay Bogdanov

Interpreter-translator Facebook

Irakly Gagnidze


Gunaseelan Mani

E-commerce Advisor

Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis

Blockchain Advisor


MARCH, 2016
Start of a full cycle of services for e-commerce (dropshipping, outsourcing, fullfilment).
JULY, 2016
Prototyping your own e-commerce CRM system.
Opening of the office in China (Guangzhou).
February, 2017
Preparation of infrastructure for launching the Cargo.
August, 2017
The launch of Cargo 677 in China Entering the world market. Wholesale deliveries of goods all over the world.
Development of FLOGmall lay-out and wireframing of the website.
Integration of the platform and the Blockchain.
December, 2017
Publication of the White Paper. Starting a smart contract. Audit of a smart contract. Development of the basic functionality of FLOGmall. Successful completion of the pre Sale.
February, 2018
Launch of Alpha version of FLOGmall. Open registration for all users. Creation of newsbreaks in the media.
MARCH, 2018
April, 2018
Drawing of lotteries and bonuses for our holders.
May, 2018
The official launch of FLOGmall. Launch of ATES with the installation of an official rate. Attraction of sellers and customers on the site. Initiation of the exchange of the first Mallcoin tokens at a more favorable rate at ATES. The first official sales on the FLOGmall site. The first personal ads on the exchange of goods for cryptocurrency. Creation of massive newsbreaks for publication in international media. Opening of official stores selling goods for Mallcoin at a discount. Infrastructure development. Launch of the user support program.
June, 2018
Launch of requests exchange using the resources of API partners for our sellers in order to realize their inactive altcoins obtained in the course of transactions. The entry of the Mallcoin token to the exchange (Bittrex, Bitfinex, etc). Development of a mobile application infrastructure.
July, 2018
Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - Europe, Russia, Israel). Additional functionality (services) Stream video sales.
August, 2018
Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - the United States, Canada) Release of the mobile application for users and sellers.
September, 2018
Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - Europe, Russia, Israel) Launch of the reward system. Development of platform tools: consulting, marketing, legal support.
Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - South and Latin America).
Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - Africa, Australia and the ocean).
Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - the Middle East and other Asian countries)

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